naija info-man’s friday note of November 4, 2011

Feed the hungry and visit a sick person, and free the captive, if he be unjustly confined. Assist any person oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

Islam enjoins on us to uphold justice in all our affairs, to speak the truth, to remain faithful and to benefit our communities and society.

The concept of Nationalism, Tribalism, Groupism, Feminism, Sexism and Racism is prohibited in Islam. Be mindful of Allah’s limit and do not exceed it.

True success in life lies with complete reliance in Allah, our Creator. There is no success in the disobedience of Allah. And real happiness and inner peace lies in totally, completely and unconditionally surrendering of your will to Allah in Islam.

”Truly, in remembering Allah do hearts find rest” (Q13:28)

O Allah, to You I commit myself, and in You I believe and place my trust, and unto You I turn in repentance, and for You I fight,and through You I pass judgement. Forgive me my sins, past and future, open and hidden. I bear witness that You are my God; There is no God but You!

Jumah MUBARAK to you all and may the Light of Jumah shine In your house. May the strength of Eemaan (Faith) stay in your heart. And may Allah shower His countless blessings on you and your family. Amiin


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