Boko Haram, the Media and the Threatened Imminent Genocide of Niger Delta Muslims by Christian Terrorists

I have always had the impression that the most stupid of people in human history are living in Nigeria today.  I was amuse, but not surprised, when I read a report few days ago that a militant group in Niger Delta, Joint Revolutionary Council, JRC, has threatened TO KILL ALL MUSLIMS LIVING IN THE NIGER DELTA STATES as retaliation to the series of bombings and killing of southerners and Christians in the North by members of the Boko Haram.


“The continuous killings of Christians in the North are unbearable to us now. Boko Haram has been leaving bombs around churches and other places with clusters of the innocent,” the group said in a statement.

….. LEAVE NIGER DELTA NOW!!! Your failure to leave…, we’ll start to kill any MUSLIM WE SEE IN THE NIGER DELTA REGION full stop and no going back,” the statement reads.

Muslims can’t live in our land freely while Boko Haram will be killing our people in their land. This is our message, If you like stay and test our ultimatum and see what will happen. We are fully ready to kill if Muslims test us…. Every Muslim should leave now or blood.

“These Boko Haram live among you and pray in the same mosque. So you can’t claim that you don’t know where the Boko Haram is.”

The Statement further urged Niger Deltans living in the north to return home and that the threat will be implemented immediately. Just as Boko Haram, they promised to deal with any person that makes inflammatory statement about them.

The Statement was bursting with grammatical slip-ups and I was saddened by the level of intellectual bankruptcy that has visited my tribe’s men. How can you threaten to kill a Muslim, let alone all the Muslims, in the Niger Delta because of the action of some few individuals in another region? Only comedians talk like this and Niger Delta seems to have a lot of them.

As a Niger Deltan Muslim, I was in doubt where these Ali Baba comedian militant terrorists expect me to go if I should leave my home. Should I migrate to the north were ‘our people’ are allegedly being killed or should I just go to the moon?

What is the reason for the promised and impending genocide of Muslims? We are all bearing the burden of the crisis, more Ibos and Yorubas have died from the violence than Niger Deltan indigenes, but nobody is making threat of genocide. As of fact, more Northern Muslims have been killed since the crisis started.


Over the last couple of years, the mainstream media in Nigeria have done a good job in demonising Muslims, especially Hausa and Fulani Muslims. They have convened in the minds of the average southern Christians that Muslims are some sort of Christian haters who would kill just for the sake of killing.  A classical case in point of such media prejudice is lighted in an article Sun’s Phenomenonal Bias in Reporting the Jos Crises by Bello Umar.

While the facts on ground shows that over 90% of Nigerians killed from the crisis are Northern Muslims, the media have nurtured the idea in the minds of Nigerians that the Boko Haram crisis is about Christians.

No doubt the most hated group of people in Nigeria today are the Hausa Fulani Muslims and by extension Muslims in general, courtesy of the media. The same goes for every other region of the world. People look for the most flimsy of excuse to mass murder Muslims.

If you want to kill Muslims in the Niger Delta, do it, your slave masters and friends are doing it in Iraq and Afghanistan, even your fellow countrymen have done it Southern Kaduna and Plateau State on several occasions, but don’t hide behind Boko Haram to justify your hatred for Islam and Muslims.


Below are the facts that our Christian and southern dominated mainstream media and religious leaders have conveniently failed to adequately depict pertaining to the current Boko Haram crisis:

The group popularly referred to as Boko Haram official name is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad meaning “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad”. The group was dabbed Boko Haram because of their strong opposition to the conventional education system, which they blame for the corruption among Muslims and Northern Leaders in recent times. Those who had contact with the group leadership attested that their only desire was to be free to practice their faith without interference from others.

Problem started when Boko Haram members were on a procession to bury a dead member early in 2009. They had disagreement with some police officers over the use of motorcycle helmet, in the police usual fashion, they descended on the mourners, shot and killed a number of them. The followers thereafter vowed to retaliate.

Between the 26th of July and 1st of August 2009, hundreds of the group members and other innocent Muslims were rounded up and summarily executed in the street of Maiduguri by officers of the Nigeria Police Force. The group leader, Muhammad Yusuf, was captured by security operatives; he was interrogated and thereafter executed. You can read the transcript of his interrogation here.  Alhaji Buji Fai, the former Commissioner of Water Resources and Baba Fugua community leader and Father-in-law of Muhammad Yusuf, who visited the police station on a peace mission, were also publicly executed by Police officers.

While the government gave Niger Delta armed bandits amnesty and special budgetary allocation for destroying public infrastructures and killing members of the armed forces, the same government conveniently swept the massacre of Muslims under the carpet, because the blood of the Muslims do not worth a penny, as they say. Nobody stood for the victims because they were not wealthy to buy Lawyers, the mainstream media ignored them because they were ‘savage Muslims’ and ‘bloody northerners’.

The group believed that the government orchestrated and provoked the slaughter of innocent Muslims, and the government disinterest to hold those responsible accountable for the atrocities made them further complicit to the murders and illegal detention of innocent Muslims.

The failure of the government to make sure that the victims get justice, lead to the Boko Haram uprising.

Boko Haram aim had never been to forcefully impose Islam on Christians as our mainstream media and some deceptive Christian leaders had deceitfully tried to portray. Their primary target had always been Police officers and anybody who stands on their way.

Several Muslim Scholars in the north who dare to speak against them have been killed, likewise some pastors. It is also very important to note that over 90% of people killed by Boko Haram activities are northern Muslims.

While we recognise and condemn the excesses of Boko Haram, we must understand that our corrupt and irresponsible government and their thugs with licence gun, Nigeria Police Force, brought this upon us. On what basis should JRC want to take out revenge on Muslims in the Niger Delta?

This write up should not be construe as intended to elicit sympathy or a plea to the scoundrels who threatened to kill us. While we have no doubt that this state finance reprobates can, to some extent, carry out their threats, they should realise that we are Muslims and we cannot be threatened. If we survive this, we will thank our Creator. If we are martyred, we meet our Lord. Innaa lillaahi wa innaaa ‘ilayhi raji’uun. It is a win-win situation as some will say.


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34 thoughts on “Boko Haram, the Media and the Threatened Imminent Genocide of Niger Delta Muslims by Christian Terrorists

  1. This is a good one. The media in Nigeria are always bias in reporting events coming from the North especially on the muslim folks. They dont report events as they occured. Their reports are mostly hearsay and unsubstantiated. Let them start with us the sons of the soil.Because Nigerians do not know the amount of money that goes to the militants monthly, there would have been crises in Nigeria

  2. Alhamdulil lah ala kulli halin’ am a muslim and am proud to be one, let the so called JRC go on with thier plans as they wish for all we know is d prophecy of our belove prophet is come being, muhd(PBUH) say’s there will be a time when the whole world will throw their attacks upon muslim,these wil happens not because the muslims are small in number but because of what is called ‘hubbud duniya wakarahiyatul maut'(love of worldly materials and afraid of death…’ the time is near i dont think we had much time ahead of us.but let me make this clear we are not afraid, we dont care about you in power for what we believe is we dont have a government in our country we dont want any trouble for islam is a quiet religion with full structure of entire human act,if you want it, we can play it save else ‘WE HAVE A RELIGION WITH FULL STRUCTURE’.

  3. The funny part of it is that government and security personel already knows those behind BH but because they have a hidden agenda over the issue that is why they refuse to tackle it.

  4. Ur accent betrays u, and it beholves u as one of them (Boko Haramist). As good citizens we are obliged to be law abiding at all times and equally seek legal redress when our fundamental rights as citizens is infringed upon by any one( Nigerian Police inclusive) and not to resort to violence against the state. What i stated so far indict both those monsters that erupted from Niger Delta.

  5. Whatever ur intention is for writing ur bind story, ur blood sucking faith nd bind propt will fail, amesty is not for dogs, its an english word not for does who hate western educatn. In d next 8yr HE Our Noble President will d oil money where it belongs. We are looking up to our own Repoblic, we are don will d blood sucking abokes nd their blind god.

    • Everytin abt u is ‘blind’ i wonder if u urself ar nt blind. No wonder u can’t c d truth in d article. U don’t av God bt blind god as u wrote n u do av God bt lack d sense 2feel Him.idiot,full,moron.

  6. Nice write up! You almost convinced me! The only problem is that with how sympathetic this article is towards the boko haram, i seriously wonder if the author is not a member

  7. Alhamdulillah,Islam teaches peace. JRC or what ever you called yourself. It may interest you to note that Muslims suffered much Boko haram casualties than any religion in Nigeria,and i want to believe who so ever die in course of your killing is destiny to die by ALLAH,

  8. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi Rajiun.
    We should not blame any one but our selves.
    Don’t forget, it was a Muslim, then the president who ordered the massacre of fellow muslims.
    Now our so called elders are meeting with the same accusers on how to deal with Boko Haram.
    We should know that Allah promised to defend His religion with or without us. Its left to us to either help in protecting Islam and fellow Muslims or else the disbelievers will wipe us out and Allah will replace us with better ones.

  9. one more hypocritical, bias and stupid Nigerian. Oh God, please save us from those who justify the killing innocent Nigerians on flimsy excuses like the everyday police excesses. Amen.

  10. it is so sad dat our nation after independence hav bin divided so much by greed,religion & tribe.also love to see ur fellow country man in suffering,which of course hav been transfered to our generation that hav been transformed into something disastrous..i am a Muslim.however,wat is wrong is clear,so is what is right.boko haram has made severe & un4givable mistakes 4takin d lives of innocent pple & also is d govt/police 4 their evil & tracherous actions to d sects,family members & all innocent

  11. I like your article but my question is this;are you justifying the actions of the boko haram. I have been following this boko haram issue for the past one year and you and I know that majority of their victims have been innocent Nigerians. a most notable attack is the bombing of the UN building in Abuja. Whatever it is that they want,i guess the best way to have it is the incessant killings of Nigerians. My opinion is in as much you try to clarify the objectives this group, I think you were a little bit bias

  12. @Ayomide…

    I’m not defending Boko Haram. Let me quote from the article

    “While we recognise and condemn the excesses of Boko Haram, we must understand that our corrupt and irresponsible government and their thugs with licence gun, Nigeria Police Force, brought this upon us.”

    The problem is that we spend too much time condemning Boko Haram than actually facing and addressing the problem.

    Boko Haram was not created by the Nigeria State to protect lives and property, that is the duty of the police force. So when those that are suppose to protect lives and property go around burning houses and executing people because they wear jumping trousers and grow beards then we have a real crisis on our hands.

    If I may borrow the words of Barrister Patrick Obayangbon, “let us put culpability were culpability belongs”. The Nigeria Police is the root cause of the crisis and we should address that root cause. Our Police Force needs reform, but nobody is saying anything about that because we spend all the time raining abuses on Boko Haram.

  13. Abdul,
    Well done. Problem is most of us do not read between the lines and so misunderstanding your piece is likely.
    Allah knows the true picture. However, while we collectively condemn the killing of unarmed people by both the police and Muh’d Yusuf’s followers, the atrocities committed by the police and its impact on the escalation o events must be said and addressed. May the Lord guide all of us in this country towards developing open minds.

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  17. I ran into this page accidentally, surprisingly, this really is a fantastic site. The web site owner has done a fantastic job writing/collecting articles to post, the information here is actually insightful. You just secured yourself a guarenteed reader. 975271

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  20. Why are muslims always so delusional ?
    it is like this evereywhere in the world. You people keep talking about conspiracy. You are blind to the truth, your brains don’t work very fine because you can’t see or do anything without mentionning your religion. In debates such as this I would advice you to put your religion aside and really use critical thinking. For example when you say that 90% of those killed by boko haram are muslims: I would like to ask the numbers in order to verrify and I would also like to know how many muslims are in the churches boko haram likes to blow up ? You say boko haram’s main target is the polices then how come the leader of boko haram said in a youtube video that his main target are christians ? Moreover I was there when events were happening before the death of muhamed yusuf, his followers were killing policemen and distroying police stations. Why do you keep liying ? Do you lie on purpose or out of faith ? Put you religion aside for one minut and use your brain !

    • I think the problem in the world today is that Muslims have to constantly deal with idiots like you. What is the conspiracy in this whole article? I gave you hard fact you are talking conspiracy theory. That you call something conspiracy theory doesn’t make it untrue.

      You people don’t read, the only thing you can do very well is to swallow the nonsense you’re feed with in the media and from your pulpits on Sunday.

      The figures are not in dispute. Far more Muslims have been killed than Christians. Several Muslim scholars, politicians have been assassinated and targeted. Thousands of innocent Muslims have been killed by Boko Haram and JTF.

      If you can properly navigate your way around the web, I urge you to take a look at the last Amnesty International report on the Boko Haram crisis.

      • If you are so sure to the extent of saying 90% of the victims are muslim then please provide me with the numbers and with your sources. Moreover I haven’t watched TV in 8 years now, I get my info from comparing different sources of information and from delicatly finding out which one is liying and which one is saying the truth. My only interest in this is Nigeria, I don’t give a *** of religion. I think you don’t insult boko haram enough because you consider them as fellow muslims. I do agree, the police needs to be reformed, but that is already being done by the new IGP, who is also a muslim ( a real devout one). Stop acting like if the police was actually worse than the terrorists.

  21. please dont use amnesty international I checked their record, they almost always defend terrorists and diffame legally mandated armed forces.

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  23. nigerian christians are fools with low iq. they think that they can destroy islam with lies and evil designs.they invented and sustained maitatsinism before to blackmail islam, but the plot woefully failed being exposed. now boko haram plot that will fail too. christian missionary did the same thing in india where they sponsored ahmad ghulam qadiani to claim prophethood to cause confusion among muslims in india and weakene them for the benefit of british colonial power.

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