Shari’ah System the Antidote to Global Problems

All praises and adoration is due only to Allah the Lord of all that exist. We beseech his benediction on Muhammad ibn Abdullah (SAW), his household, companions and generality of Muslims till the end of time.

A World in Crisis

The world today is plagued with challenges that words can’t accurately capture. We live in the darkest of ages ironically called a civilised age. Things have never been this bad in the history of mankind. Man lives today, the most wretched of life, a life without purpose or sense of direction, a life devoid of peace, a life of uncertainty, pain and poverty. We live today, in a world in crisis.

Since the industrial revolution, the world has witnessed astonishing progress in sciences. Things that were never thought possible, is possible today. We see sky scrappers competing with the mountains in height. Man can travel round the globe in hours, visit the moon, live in space, and with the most sophisticated of satellite technology, we can observe the galaxies and explore vast areas of the universe. The dreaded deep ocean has been demystified.

Obviously, the achievements and the super-fluency of resources available today have not made the world safer. The technology that was supposed to advance us has degraded us. Morality is at low ebb. Poverty is now a way of live for billions. The rich are ever getting richer and the poor poorer. Criminality, prostitution, pornography, incest, alcoholism, homosexuality, religious intolerance and wars define the world today.

Scientists have become demigods, without limits, they want to do and undo. With the advancement of cloning technology and atomic science, our future as a race is uncertain. For the first time in the history of mankind, we have the capacity to end our own existence with just the push of a button…..booooom.

Approximately, $780 billion is spent on military, $105 billion on alcohol and $400 billion on narcotics annually. In a year also, perfumes used in America and Europe is said to cost $12 billion.

Meanwhile, in this same planet, 8 million people die of hunger annually, 121 million children have no access to functional education, 400 million have no access to safe drinking water, 270 million have no access to health care services and 1.8 million children die of diarrhea.

The global economic system only benefits a few. It is a case of “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop”. Political leaders have become public relation officers who talk their people into sleep or terrorize them into submission. The real power is in the hands of the bankers; those who control the banks. The present interest generation system is designed to impoverish the poor further and further enrich the rich.

The family units have been greatly eroded. This is regarded as the greatest undoing of our age. Marriages are no longer limited to man and woman, same sex marriage is gradually gaining ground. An alien and perverted (western) culture is propagated through media outlets all over the world and the world gradually moves to adopt this evil culture.

Under the illusion civilization and freedom, women are sexually exploited, bought and sold like market commodities. They have been reduced to sex object by a system that claims to be liberating them. They are today, victims of prostitution, pornography rape and incest.

The various political and economical systems of the world have failed us. Socialism, communism have failed us, capitalism is failing big time.

Shari’ah’s Antidote

The solution to the problems of mankind lies solely with Allah, the Creator.

Allah has mercifully given guidance to humankind for all aspects of life through Islam. This guidance covers not just acts of worship but everything from economics and business ethics to marital relations, international relations, ethics of warfare and so forth.

The Islamic religion is built upon the principle that God Almighty is One, without a partner, son, daughter or wife. It is a comprehensive religion that does not leave anything unattended to. It provides solutions relevant to man yesterday, today and the future. Allah’s guidance is based on His knowledge, wisdom and justice.

It is on this basis I submit, without any iota of doubt, and without fear of contradiction; that Islam is the only religion capable of salvaging mankind from its misery and despair. Islam is the only guarantor of man’s happiness.

The divine law, Shari’ah, guarantees for those who hold fast unto it perpetual bliss, progress and development. It illuminates the darkness, raise man in honour and liberate man from servitude to man to servitude to the Creator. Islam honours man and encourages man to goodness and righteousness. “Those who have faith and do righteous deeds they are the best of creatures.” Qur’an 98: 7

The uniqueness in the Islamic approach is enhanced by its clarity in its approach to issues. Take for example, Islam emphasises strong families, brotherhood and neighbourliness. In Islam, the family is a divinely inspired institution. The family unit is regarded as the corner stone of a healthy and a balance society.

The primary aim of marriage in an Islam is summarised in Qur’an 2:187, where Allah says “you are a garment to them, and they are a garment to you”. Its primary essence is to provide warmth, comfort, and protection and to beautify. The family unit ensures that children are conceived and trained in a stable and secured environment. Marriage forms the sole basis for sexual relations and parenthood in Islam. Celibacy and sex outside marriage is forbidden by the Shari’ah. Islamic law emphases extended family because it has the advantages of stability, coherence, and physical and psychological support.

The man is considered the head of the family. This leadership comes with certain responsibilities. He has the economic responsibility of maintaining the family. The women, on the other hand, take care of the homes.

The Shari’ah particularly uplifted womanhood. They are to be loved, respected and treated kindly, to the extent that success in the hereafter is dependant, among other things, on a child’s goodness to his/her parents, especially the mother. Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be God’s Peace and Blessings, also said that the best of believers are those who are best with their wives. Under the Shari’ah, Women are not to be objectified; they are not to be used for entertainment for men as we see today in modelling, advertisement, movies and music videos.

On the global economy, Islam recognises the great harm that the interest generation system has done to the world. If world leaders and policy makers in the global financial sector were prepared to adopt Islamic principles on business and economic management in their day-to-day affairs, the issue of poverty and every ill associated with it, will be done away with.

Islamic economic principles are base on an interest-free banking system, productivity, Zakat, low enforcement investment and attitude to work. Muslims have an economic system to flaunt and some of the principles also include profit sharing arrangements on a basis that is fair to all the participants. Allah Says:

Those who consume interest cannot stand [on the Day of Resurrection] except as one stands that is being beaten by Satan into insanity. That is because they say, ‘Trade is [just] like interest.’ But Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest. So whoever has received an admonition from his Lord and desists may have what is past, and his affair rests with God. But whoever returns [to dealing in interest or usury], those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide eternally therein. Allah destroys interest and gives increase for charities. And God does not like every sinning disbeliever.” (Quran 2:275-276)

Regarding science, Islam encourages holistic science whereby scientists are regulated by the rule of Allah and not by their devilish desires.

Lastly, Islam has a Social justice system that is base, primarily, on the Qur’an and Hadith and which mirrors fairness, equity and good morals.

Conclusively, Islam has shown that it is the only solution to the problem of the world. Islam teaches that God is One and to Him alone we should direct our attention to, in total surrender to His Will. Islam also tells us to show mercy to our parents, and that our neighbours, Muslims or not, has a right over us. Islam instructs us to be modest, fair, just and kind. And as a community we must live in harmony, peace, security and stability.

“It is He (Allah) who hath sent His apostle with guidance and religion of truth (Islam) to proclaim it over all religions even though the pagans may detest (it)” Qur’an 9: 33. “Say: Truth (Islam) has come and Batil (falsehood i.e. Satan, polytheism, immorality, oppression, exploitation) has vanished. Surely Batil is ever bound to vanish” Q 17: 81

May Allah accept our work, effort and make our intention for his sake, remove our weakness and make us supporters to one another in His cause. Amiin


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