2012 Budget: N280 Million for 2 Bullet Proof Cars and N1 Billion for Food for Jonathan/Sambo

During the 2012 Budget Presentation delivered by President Goodluck Jonathan to the joint session of the National Assembly earlier this month, there was a lot said about fiscal responsibility and prudence in spending. However with the Presidency likey to acquire two bullet proof vehicles next year for N280 million, as well as spending N1billion on meals in 2012, Nigerians have got to be wondering: how fiscally responsible is that?

Recent reports from the Nation revealed that under the “replacement of aged vehicles of the presidential ground fleet (PGF)”,  N280 million is set aside for two bullet proof vehicles for President Goodluck Jonathan and his right hand man Vice President Namadi Sambo.

According to the report, the budget proposes purchasing “two treated (bullet proof) Mercedes Benz saloon 600 E Guard for use by the President and Vice President at N140,000,000 each”.

In fact, the budget calls for a makeover for the PGF, setting aside N356,724,300 to replace “aged vehicles” in the fleet.

Here’s how the money breaks down:

>5 Mercedes Benz Saloon 350 (semi plain/partial bullet proof) at N25,000,000 each

>10 SUVs (assorted – Range Rover, Prado and Land Cruiser) at N10,000,000 each

>Accessories and maintenance equipment for guard vehicles at N25,000,000.”

Besides the new fleet of cars and accessories to go with them, the President is also proposing an upgrade of Villa facilities.

>The Villa gates – numbers 2, 7 and 11 need “extension” and the price tag on that is N75,960,819.50;

>Nigeria’s epileptic power supply also affects the State House Central Store, so in the 2012 budget, N35,913,032.40 of the nation’s money will go toward extending power supply to it; extension of UPS power source to (the popular) Presidential Guest House No. 7, Villa, at N57,427,205.20”.

>Also working on the power sector of the Presidential villa, the 2o12 budget proposes setting aside  N127,500,000 for the “overhauling of power house generator sets 1and 2″;

>Furthermore, renovation and refurbishing of the family wing of the main residence at N512,375,533.00;

>Land reclamation at the State House Medical Centre at N385,350,320.00;

>Rehabilitation of transformer sub-station in the Villa at N101,671,574.78;

>Extension/expansion of State House car parks at N97,950,710.50

>Provision of communication equipment for the Villa, Dodan Barracks, Marina and Vice President’s guest house in Lagos at N 108,000,000.00.”

These upgrades amount to N1,502,149,195.38… that will be over N1.5 billion, and don’t forget the 38 kobo.

>Take a deep breadth and dive right back in: The Nation also reported that under the on-going projects, provision has been made for the acquisition, upgrading and furnishing of the Vice President’s guest house at Aguda. The cost: N230,132,579. Last year, the project was earmarked to cost N400,000,000, but perhaps this year the same guest house needs even MORE refurbishing.

>Travelling can be such a hassle, so in order to ease the experience for the President and top government officials, N36,876,378 of Nigeria’s 2012 budget will go toward revamping the presidential/ministerial chalet at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport, Abuja. Again the 2011 budget set aside N48,000,000 for this same project.

There’s more on this aspect of the budget on the Nation. Now that you know what the president’s transportation, housing and electrical needs will cost you. Let’s move on to feeding. Premium Times (shameless plug: it’s a brilliant site, check it out) wrote an article yesterday revealing that the President will be spending N1 billion on food in 2012. Nutrients are essential and for the low, low price of a billion, the President and his Vice can get all their proteins and vitamins on a polished silver platter.

The Times got a copy of the budget, which is yet to be approved by the National Assembly, and according to their report an estimated N18.34 billion budgeted for the State House, about N1billion would be spent on providing food for the president’s household as well as that of his deputy.

Just how do they intend to spend a billion on food? Here’s how:

>N477million is set aside for grocery shopping and “catering materials supplies” for the president’s office.

>The poor masses of oil-rich Nigeria will also spend an additional N293 million to provide “refreshment and meals” for the president’s comfort at his home and office, and yes, that is different from the grocery shopping mentioned above.

>N45.4 million would be needed to buy canteen and “kitchen equipment” for the president’s household; they bought some of the same stuff from the 2011 budget, but those equipment might need replacing now.

>The office of VP Sambo will also need foodstuff, catering and materials supplies totaling N104 million, while cooking gas and cooking fuel will consume N6.2 million.

>Refreshments and meals at Mr. Sambo’s office and home are estimated at N20.8million.

>Another N45.4 million has been allocated for purchase of kitchen and household equipment at the state house headquarters.

At N70,000 a month, the N1billion budgeted for presidential feeding would pay the wages of 1,200 Nigerians for a year, the Times noted.

Courtesy: Pilot Africa


5 thoughts on “2012 Budget: N280 Million for 2 Bullet Proof Cars and N1 Billion for Food for Jonathan/Sambo

  1. This is outrageous. This aspect of the budget should be re-eveluated. Me personally demand 60% reduction from this so called budget.

    • Why won’t he buy a bullet proof car when he’s a wicked man. If he were to be a good person,he won’t have had that thought of buying it. Obama does not mind using a non-bullet proof car cos he’s a good president. No one will have the intention to kill him cos he has always been good to his citizens. He listens to the voice of the people and carry out what they want. Unlike our callous and selfish Jonathan, he’s eating alone and he’ll die alone. Jonathan has proved himself a big time failure,he’s selfish,callous,wicked and doesn’t care for any citizen. This money he’s spending for budget this year is huge enough and more than to repair the refinery. He’s not fit to be our president. He’s a bloody opportunist.

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