To All Haters of Islam…

I want to say to haters of Islam , to everyone who try to tarnish our religion , to everyone who try to convince people to hate Islam, to every country that use their media against Islam and try to sell thousands of books to tarnish our religion:

    “Our Ummah falls ill but does not die.

    Our Ummah weakens but it does not end, and will not be defeated.

    Our Ummah is a sunrise and not a sunset.

    Our Ummah is an Ummah of Khayr and Goodness, and the Qur’an is preserved by Allah, and the purified Sunnah is preserved, and Islam will be revived – no matter what.

    And when it comes down to the great moment of choice… humanity will not choose anything but Islam.”

And Allah the almighty promised us that Islam will the dominating religion:

    “It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion, although they who associate others with Allah dislike it”Surat At-Tawbah_33

Also, Allah the almighty says:

    “”Here you are loving them but they are not loving you, while you believe in the Scripture – all of it. And when they meet you, they say,”We believe.”But when they are alone, they bite their fingertips at you in rage. Say,”Die in your rage. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of that within the breasts”” Surat’Āli `Imrān_119

By Bello Nana Fatima


10 thoughts on “To All Haters of Islam…

    • Don’t worry your head off darkxtian,we muslims are musafir in this world and we are winning the converts war and when we met on the other side we will see who is laughing.

  1. Truly Islam stands tall among all other religious and shall surface then all. Praise to Almighty Allah who endowed us with peaceful religion.

  2. Well said…

    The world will continue to fall
    Unity will fade leaders will loath
    Hatred will grow
    War will spread
    Faiths will split
    The world will be tired
    Of running and dying
    Of lying and killing
    And would have to choose
    The truth but only the truth..

    The whole world shall chose Islam
    Jesus shall not build a single church on earth
    He shall destroy all crucifix and its resemblance
    Order the killing of pigs
    And the mosques shall be filled to the brim with worshippers
    None shall be worshipped but Allah.

    Today people still run
    Lie,hate and sadly
    Die without Islam…Sad!

    But thou shall not kill a soul
    That which do not attack and
    That who do not accept Islam
    Must not be forced to….

    But Jesus
    Shall come
    Live a Muslim
    And die a Muslim
    He shall’
    Prays in the mosque
    And order the killing of pigs
    And the worshipping of the crux

  3. Dark xtian,u shud knw Islam is d only true religion of God coz Islam has bearing is straight forward non like xtianity sorry 2 say,wia u don’t even know who you are worshipping,”jesus “holy spirit”God”.bt islam teaches us 2 worship only 1 God hu is d creator of ol. And follow d teachings of his prophets n d messenger(pbuh). And mind u ol dis tings that are hapnin nw n wat wil hapn in d future is mentiond in holy book”Quran”.n olso al dis scientic innovations n inventions r olso dere,so islam is d true religion of God in ol indications.

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