When Boko Haram Became Christians….

Indeed wonders shall never end, at least not in Nigeria. There is an old saying that says that “it is easier to convince a man to burn his own house than to convince him to give up his prejudice”. I never for once thought that the adage can be taken literally until I read, yesterday that nine bombers, believed to be Christians, were apprehended when they attempted to bomb a Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) Church at Miya Barkate, 20 kilometres along Jos-Bauchi Highway in Bauchi State.

The suspected bombers are Lamba Goma, Filibus Danasa, Joshua Ali, Danjuma Sabo, Joseph Audu, Simon Gabriel, Bulus Haruna, Yohanna Ishaya and Daniel Ayuba (who was the immediate past Secretary of PDP at Tilden Fulani Ward, Toro LGA, Bauchi State).

The suspects are members of the same COCIN Church, Unguwar Rimi, a new and small Christian settlement between Tilden Fulani and Shere Hills. The suspects who were thoroughly beaten by the public were rescued by Police and then detained at the Toro Divisional Police Division before they were transferred to Bauchi State Police Command, Bauchi.

At about the same time this morning in the neighbouring Plateau State, a bomb explosion was reported at the headquarters of the same COCIN Church during a Sunday service. The pastor of the targeted COCIN Church in Bauchi is Ishaya Izam, who recently arrived on posting from the Cocin headquarters in Jos, which was bombed this morning.

It is not clear if the two bombings are related. A statement on the event in Bauchi State is yet to be issued by the Police.

According to AFP, about three (3) persons were reported killed in Jos from the blast. The attack sparked a riot by Christian youths who went on a killing spray. At least two (2) Muslims were killed by the rampaging agreed Christian Youths. The two men were dragged off their bikes after being stopped at a roadblock set up by the Christian Youths, police said. Also, a row of Muslim-owned shops was also burned, an AFP reporter at the scene said. The report from Jos this morning however indicates that over eight (8) Muslims were mindlessly killed by the rampaging youths.

Back in Bauchi, the spokesperson of the Bauchi State Police command, Hassan Mohammed, confirmed the incident but said he would only provide details later.

“The suspects are in the police headquarters but we give full details after investigators have ascertained the full situation could not be reached for comments” Mr. Mohammed said.

This is however not the first time Christians has been implicated in attack on Churches and Christians. It will be recalled that a Christian, Wisdom Kings, dressed in Muslim attire, was arrested attempting to set fire to a church in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Also, in Adamawa Yola, weeks ago, three people were killed in a Church and Muslims were accused as usual. But Police investigations point to a family feud between a Christian family.

Last year a Christian woman, Lydia Joseph, went to her own parish church in Bauchi and tried to set it ablaze. In Plateau State, a man purported to be a Christian was arrested while trying to bomb a church. Armed men gunned down a group of Christians meeting in a Church and now it turned out that those who have been arrested and are under interrogation are in fact not Muslims and that the story is more of an internal crisis.

As usual and as expected, the media is playing down the Bauchi incident because it does not fit into their propaganda against Muslims and the religion of Islam. “Christians cannot be terrorist, terrorism is a Muslim thing” while all facts points to the opposite. Vanguard and other mainstream media in the country are reporting the incident as a rivalry between church members.

Since when did Church members start using explosives to settle dispute? Can we be right to assume that Mandala Christmas day bombing and other attack on Churches, including that in Jos, were also done by rivalry within the Christian community?

For more on Nigeria Media Bias see: The Sun Phenomenal Bias in Reporting the Jos Crisis and Boko Haram, the Media and the Threatened Imminent Genocide of Niger Delta Muslims by Christian Terrorists

As the ‘nigeria wonder’ continues, Vanguard reports that Boko Haram has already claimed responsibility of the Jos bombings. Boko Haram allege spokesman, Abul Qaqa, who is in SSS custody claimed responsibility on behalf of the group:

    “We carried out the attack on COCIN church in Jos today and we did what we did as part of our resolve to avenge the killings and dehumanisation of Muslims in Jos in the last 10 years.”

How did Abul Qaqa verify that truly it was his group that was responsible? I am sure that if the Christian bombers had succeeded in Bauchi, he would have claimed responsibility for that also. Is it not obvious that Boko Haram leadership has no means of verifying the acts of all its members. Boko Haram may in fact not be responsible for some of the attacks that they claim responsibility to.

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41 thoughts on “When Boko Haram Became Christians….

  1. This can’t come as a surprise because, it is not the first of its likes that non-muslims are caught detonating/planting bombs under the guise of ‘Boko Haram’. I now begin 2 wonder who these Boko Haram really are? If the said bombs happened 2 have exploded, the story would have been: ‘extremist Islamist sect, Boko Haram bombed a church…’ May the good God continue 2 uncover the reality of this Boko Haram debacle!

  2. This news is baseless. It is an information to us dat some Christian were unduly persecuted in Bauchi yesterday to shamelessly cover jos explosion. Daily Trust shame to u.

  3. Is only God that will judge them, people are doing so many bad things in the name of boko haram
    May the almighty see us through we need prayers in this country

  4. My hearth bleed when ever the media refers to boko haram as terrorist islamic sect, islam preaches peace, transquility, righteousness.

  5. Allah(swt)have answered our prayers.things have started to unravel for the murderous bastards.the way their socalled spokesman is talking i know he doesnt know the basic tenets of our religion one of which is ‘iman’.ayo whayhisname, the CAN president or whatever should be arrested over the actions of his flock.

  6. Abul Qaqa (Boko Haram Spokesman) is FAKE, if not then how many Abul Qaqa did we have in Nigeria? One in SSS cell while the other outside. It seems 9ja has turn to CHOCOLATE, may Allah see us through, Amin.

  7. Is only God that will jurge them, people are doing somany bad things in the name of boko haram
    May the almighty see us through we need prayers in this country

  8. I see highly literate people trying to polish sane lie into mad truth. Don’t cover boko haram on bomb treats too. By the way this may be true but the papers are sane liars too.


  10. On a close view u will know that they were given money to do that and their quest 4 money have landed them to trouble bût all the same their sponsors should also be brought to book.

  11. Yes some bomb blast that occures some body from no where claimed to be the boko haram member has the responsibity of such acts ,but honestly every body used the phone and claim it.

  12. Unless we the masses stop deceiving ourselves, see the truth, believe it n say NO to all these nonsense, we shall remain to fall victims frm the evil of this cult formed n named by those we called our leaders. Therefore nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion must not blame or accuse each other. This people that we are forced to call BOKO HARAM are neither muslims nor christians, they are made and sponsored by this govt, we therefore must say no or else we shall watch helplessly as we are murdered in cold blood by those we elect to power.

  13. Are those people truly Christians or people Sponsored to say they are Christians or Sponsored to even attend the Church for some time before executing their plans. Tell me, how long have those people be members of that church as claimed?. Or is it still the politics of divide and rule. Let me ask you this question, did any Christian group claimed the responsibility of such act? Are you saying that the so called “Christians” are also fighting for the enthronement of Sharia Laws in Nigeria. Haba! Lets stop all this sponsored politics and Call a Spade a Spade.

    Those who throw stones in the Market risk hitting their loved ones. One day monkey go go market and ino go return

    • The Bible in no place sanctions the killing of unbelievers, because God is willing that they repent and become saved. UKATA UKA

      I can’t blame you because am very sure you don’t read bible, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted this ignorance and biased comment here.

    • Brother, your bias is evident here. May be the Boko Haram we are talking about are also sponsored Christians wearing the Muslim garb to create division in the name of Islam. The good thing is that we all will die sooner or later. We all will appear in a place where there is no hiding barrier. Then Allah will surely ask everyone to defend his/her actions when they lived. Let everyone prepare the answer, for, the questions will definitely come. And this world is only but a transit camp, we are all travelers waiting for daybreak to continue our journey to a real and everlasting abode. Comfortable if we make so or uncomfortable if we choose to make it so. How much will it take the government to monitor all likely targets with CCTV cameras? Why is not a single one deployed for this service. Or are some people afraid their agenda will not be achieved if the truth of who the perpetrators are is known.

  14. pls felow nigerians i want to point out that all the blabing about whether the suspects of the purpoted crime were christians or muslims is not important. The fact is that anybody can commit crime, hence we are human, and as such no religion has the monopoly of being violent or peaceful. Lets stop shifting blames but rather join hands to evict these bad eggs in our midst. Thank u

  15. i am sure no true believer(islam or christianity) likes the heinous acts of this in-house killers. That it started as an islamic sect does not mean that members of other sister religion cannot join. Believe me a nigerian can go any length to achieve his or her desires. If somebody can use his own body part to make money what then is so important about anybody that wil stop him from doing same to another person?

  16. I have never seen a biased report as this. Any body who is arguing about Boko Haram being Islamic or not, does not read Qur’an or is simply deceptive. There is no denying the fact that Boko Haram is an Islamic Sect. We are in this country and have seen how some Muslims have wasted the lives of innocent Nigerians in the name of Religion. The Bible in no place sanctions the killing of unbelievers, because God is willing that they repent and become saved. But a sincere Muslim should tell us what the Qur’an teaches about unbelievers, about Jihad, about how somebody can go to Paradise straight from earth, about the blessings that awaits a faithful Muslim who dies fighting Jihad. The Jos case most often have been a reprisal attack to defend themselves and their lands. I challenge Muslims to give us one instance in this country where Christians started a riot because of one Muslims action against Jesus Christ.

    • Hmm…. Am sorry @UKATA UKA, but i must say u are the greatest liar of the century or you are one of the most ignoramous ppl who do not know the true teaching of Christianity!

      Christians have been known for their hypocrisy for long! They claim to be the lovers of peace but inside them is evil! For instance, christian are asked to love their neighbours but ironically they can still kill this same neighbour silently with poision! In the ‘holy bible’ Deutronomy 14 verse 21, christians were asked not to eat a dead meat for it could be poisinous but they can give it to their neighbours or strangers nothwithstanding if they die! I wil come back to this but let me clear something first;

      Any verse in the Qur’an that talk about fighting or killings, its either it was revealed during the time of War to fight those that fight them or they are revealed for protection! Anyone that kills unjustly will be casted to hell-fire according to the teachings of the noble prophet Salla llahu allaihe Wasalaam. In Qur’an 4:29, Allaah said, “Do not kill urself or one another” Similarly, in Qur’an 2verse 191-193, Allaah said Unless pagan fight you do not fight them. I will expanciate more if need be pls….

      Now, coming back to u @Uka, u said and i quote “The Bible in no place sactions the killing of unbelievers, …..” hahaha indeed u are either an ignorant or a liar! Bible order christians to kill non beleivers in many places;

      Firstly, u shld know that Jesus said he did not come to abolish or destroy the law but to fufil it (Mattew 5:17-19). In the same vain, Jesus never came for peace but Sword according to the book of Mattew 10:34, Luke 22:36

      Talking about killings; christians are to kill every ‘non-beleivers’ even if they were to be their wives, sons, neighbours and even bossom freinds that serve another God diff from their own! See Deutronomy 13:6-9!

      For more killings of non- beleivers according to the bible, see Deutromy 18:20, Deutronomy 20:10-17, Exodus 22:20 and many more…..

      Who is deceiving who?

    • What is your concrete proofs that BH are really Muslims-name, claims (that are bogous) etc. Lets call a spade a spade BH is political.

    • Nobody is saying Boko Haram are not Muslims, they are. What we are saying is that not all the attacks we read about are done by Boko Haram or even Muslims. Armed robbers robbed in Ajaokuta days ago, and the media claimed in was Boko Haram meanwhile it wasn’t. And since you’ve tied Boko Haram to Islam, it then means that even when Christians robs, Muslims will be blamed.

      The facts on ground shows that:

      1. Not all the atrocities attributed to Boko Haram were actually done by them.

      2. Boko Haram leadership claims responsibility for attacks they cannot verify as theirs.

      3. Atrocities by Christian groups and individual are blamed on Boko Haram.

    • The point here is muslims never go against jesus but against liars that have adulterated christianity. In fact a person cant be a muslim without believing in jesus.

  17. Let us 4get abt it. May be muslis/chrt are doing bad ting is lie bcoz if u look at it 4rm begnnig u wil no dat dis teriorisinm dey come 4rm political may be some bom d church or not dis 4rom thir sporsor see kaduna &kano bom last time if u look at it u we no dat dis one is nt boko haram is politician work thing b4 answer

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  20. The act of bokoharams, bombers or what ever they call themself is unislamic. Allah did not said we shld kill humanbein. Its the work of evil, or those who needed manupulating 2015. We all know that.

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