When Boko Haram Became Christians…. Part 2

This is sequel to the earlier explication When Boko Haram Became Christians… It should be noted that this is not an attempt to undermine Christians or Christianity. It is an attempt to unmask those behind the Boko Haram enterprises that have killed thousands of Muslim.

In a country were truth has become a scarce commodity, lies upon lies are shamelessly propagated against Muslim. Mainstream media outfits in the country have carefully crafted and sold the idea of an “evil Muslims plot to Islamize Nigeria”. Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) are quick to blame every criminal act in the north on Muslims and the president of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, is on record to have called the foremost Islamic organisation, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Boko Haram.

Boko Haram has become a title given to every criminal and armed robber in the north. Every bank robbery, kidnapping and attack on a police post is blamed on Boko Haram. And to the likes of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, all Muslims except some very few are Boko Haram or Boko Haram sympathisers. When I watch his interviews or read his comments I always think to myself “Delta State indeed has the best comedians in the country”.

Maybe some Muslims are Boko Haram, but I’m sure, with the new meaning of Boko Haram, not all Boko Haram are Muslims. This is what was sent to me hours ago:

    “I have followed with attention the recent crisis in this country and some of these facts only made me ask more question on whether security trail is on d right track.

      A. Case of Lydia Joseph who attempted to bomb the St John’s Catholic Church in which she fellowships in Bauchi on September 12, 2011.

      B. Case of Emmanuel King arrested in attempt to bomb the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital while camouflaged in Islamic attire on December 28, 2011.

      C. Case of the non-Muslim Igbo traders that gunned down a dozen fellow Igbo business men of the same non-Islamic faith inside the Christ Apostolic Church, in Adamawa state on Friday, 6th day of January 2012.

      D. Case of the unexplained action of the Kaduna pastor who was shot on February 20, 2012 while attempting to force his vehicle through the security barricade at the entrance of the state’s government house.

      E. Case of the recent blast February 21, 2012 in the premises of Christ Embassy Church Morocco Road, Suleja, Niger state that took place in the trunk of a car mysteriously left unlocked by a fellow worshipper in the same church.

      F. Case of Samson Mangai who was arrested in Plateau state attempting to bomb a church.

      G. Case of Madam Ruth who attempted to bomb the ECWA church, Kalaring Kaltingo, in Gombe state.

      H. Case of the arrest of about eight Christians in Bauchi in an attempt to blast the COCIN church on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

      I. Case of the Christian bomber
      lynched while escaping after blasting the COCIN Church of Jos on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

      J. Case of Gombe in which the police command revealed the arrest of two Christian men, Hassan Ojudu and Samaila Yakubu with a vehicle loaded with explosive devices and ammunitions in connection with the deadly attacks in the state last week.


Those whom you call Boko Haram are ﺟﻤﺎﻋﺔ ﺍﻫﻞ ﺍﻟﺴﻨﺔ ﻟﻠﺪﻋﻮﺓ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﻬﺎﺩ, Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad and they are not responsible for all the bombings and killings you hear and read about. As the brother wrote these are coincidence too many.

As the blame game continues, JNI in a communiqué signed by the Secretary General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu states the following:

    “The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, instead of contributing positively towards achieving National cohesion has rather chosen the path of insinuation and therefore heating the polity….

    “There are so many contradictions and confusion in the way the issue of Boko Haram is handled by security agents and the media. Majority of the media establishment in the country, especially the Christian dominated southern media, have always demonstrated bias against Islam and Muslims.

    “Participants condemn in totality the on-going spate of bombings and killings of guiltless Nigerians irrespective of their regional, religious or ethnic inclinations. JNI calls on Nigerians to shun violence and embrace peaceful means of settling their legitimate grievances.

    “JNI urges the Federal Government to call the president of CAN to order before he causes religious crisis in the country, through his unguided utterances which has started eroding the long built mutual respect between Muslims and Christians. CAN president must stop his people to stop mischievously disguising as Muslims in perpetrating acts of terrorism.

    “The meeting calls on Federal and affected state governments as well as all security agents to, as a matter of urgency, investigate the several reported cases of Christians who disguise as Muslims to burn churches. JNI can no longer tolerate this double face attitude. Thorough investigations must also be made to unveil the sponsors of those Christian terrorists.

    “JNI calls on Muslims to be vigilant and always report to the authorities any case of injustice and maltreatment meted on any Muslim either by Christian extremist or bad elements among the security agents. Copies of the complaints should be sent to the state offices of JNI attached with a comprehensive report of the incidents.

    “… We want to remind all Christian zealots in Nigeria, that our love for peace must not be mistaken as a licence to make us second class citizens in a country where we constitute a majority.

    “We condemn in strong terms all acts of terrorism perpetrated by any group in Nigeria. As we remain confused regarding whether the Boko Haram members are known by the government as clearly stated that they are in the government or there are faceless (as claimed by the NSA).

    “We also call on the media to always be fair in their reporting of issues as that is the only way we can understand issues as there are and take appropriate measures to address them.

    “Worried by the recurrent reported cases of abuse of fundamental human rights of Muslims of various conflict areas, JNI strongly call on all security agents to consciously do their job of protecting the lives, property and integrity of Nigerians as opposed to intimidating, harassing, and harming innocent Muslims.”

Truth is sacred and a defence against falsehood. The truth is that our problems in this country is never going to go away in an atmosphere of injustice, hate, slandering and mutual suspicion. We can live together in peace and mutual respect in we want. We will benefit nothing with propagandas of lies, demonization and injustice. We have to stop group blame.


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34 thoughts on “When Boko Haram Became Christians…. Part 2

  1. Majority of the churches in nigeria, like their US counterparts, are business entities. They propagate religion like a pyramid scheme. They can do anything, even bomb their congregations in other to cry victimhood and attract more gullible Christians to their folds.

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  4. May ALLAH reveal them and punish those christian who cheating the name of Islam, with those wicked muslim who support them.

    • Ameen thumma ameen!! we re going 2 luk 4 Allah’s Assistance 2 expose those evil planners in dis country.

  5. Below is an excerpt of what I just read in the New Nigerian newspaper….

    “The District Church Council (DCC) Secretary of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Zaria that was attacked on Sunday by suicide bomber Reverend Christ Dariya said they got information few days before the attack that members of the Boko Haram in Zaria, met Friday and that they would strike on Sunday. According to him, Chairmen and Secretaries of Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) were invited for meeting on the issue. On Saturday, the military personnel that were drafted to maintain peace around the church were withdrawn and they became apprehensive.
    “…We were cautioned on the fact that Boko Haram were already in Zaria. we heard vividly there was a meeting on Friday and the Chairmen and secretaries of CAN Zone 1 were actually invited for a meeting and that Boko Haram were already in Zaria and that they were going to strike Sunday. Some of us were very concerned and thinking of what possible thing to do to avert such happenings.”
    He stated this yesterday when Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa paid a sympathy visit to the church premises in Wusasa, Zaria.
    “I came back on Sunday from a meeting and drove into my office which is just behind (the church), that is the District Office. There were soldiers that were actually patrolling and guarding the area, I saw them packing their things and I drove there and ask two of them that we had this report which I am sure you had. You are packing your things and it does not speak well for the community and for me as a religious leader.”
    ” I was told that the community was disturbing them, and that is why they have to move. I told them it was not the community that kept you here but it was the government. But they told me there were orders but I don’t know where the orders came from” ( Source, New Nigerian, Tuesday, June 19, 2012).
    Draw your own conclusions.

    • @ABC, who is d person dat brought d information 2 u b4 BH strikes? Dat means u have someone close to them or u r close to them. Let be sincere, d Christian leaders knows who BH are. How can a Muslim be BH when nearly all dat were killed r Muslims & their clergymen? Does that really make sense? Nigerians, Use of ur mind pls.

    • @ABC, who is d person dat brought d information 2 u b4 BH strikes? Dat means u have someone close to them or u r close to them. Let be sincere, d Christian leaders knows who BH are. How can a Muslim be BH when nearly all dat were killed r Muslims & their clergymen? Does that really make sense? Nigerians, make Use of ur mind pls.

  6. may ALLAH reveals all those that are behind these mess in nigeria ,and surely i believe truyh shall reing in new future .

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  8. Sacred truth, injust leadership, bad attitude, lack of patriotism, e.t.c. Are what bring’s today’s mortal combat amongst ourselves. Killing the innocent citizens in the name of religion and regionalism. I believe the multi-emanated Boko Harams might have contact with foreign and national organization that wanted to disintegrate the nation and bring misunderstanding among its citizenry religiously so that we will keep denumbering ourselves for no reason. Religion is about to lived not to kill, to bring peace not to initiate crisis, unit the people not to bring misunderstanding, to socialise and civilized people not to psychologically divert the focus of ordinary man as it happen today in our great country due political and personal of some portion of our population which today bring insecurity in the country. I hope my dearest brethren will focus not the focal of this mentally animalised rulers we have in this mistakly and unknowingly amalgamated regions into nation that hadbeen initiated with political crisis not patriotism and brotherhood as well as instituted with incompatible compartmentalisation of words or NATIONAL CONSTITUTION inconsiderable with our variability in religion, tribe, culture, population as well as geographical location. Today i believe the key word to REAL change is to change the constitution not amending it. to CLEARLY state the responsibility of each and every region, giving them right to develop themselves while the upper leadership serve as an “Umbrella for all to rest under its shade” . My fellow Nigerians I am one of u wanted to bring a change for reality as from grassroot level so that our mothers will sleep two eyes close and our fathers get out for scavenging with peace of mind and tranquillity. I thank you all.

    • u ar vry stupid for saying dat.hw can u say muslims ar behind wat is happening today in nigeria,hw can u say dat for goodness seck.islam is a religion of peace der is notin like crisis in our religion.mind d way u post ur comment,mtwsss

  9. I really wanted reading your article with all interest but when I got to item (C) on some of your questions about the incident in Adamawa state, I got discouraged because it clearly shows that you did not do your research well enough. Igbos were not killed in apostolic church yola, they were killed in mubi a different local government at a funeral gathering. You brought two different incidences and merged them as one. On one igbo was a victim of apostolic church Incidence. I seriously doubt the source of all your supporting facts. Let’s write please base on true facts and read and gather true facts before posting anything online. Am a son of Yola adamawa state, a true fulani’. No on can divide us in adamaa state please don’t mention Yola in your lies.

    • If I’m to respond to you, I would have replied asking if you have a brain in your head. Because if you do, you would have noticed that what you referred to as my lies were not my words, but were quotes of which I gave credit. But I guess you’re to dumb to have noticed. Moreover,

      The reason why I would ordinary not respond to you is that you are gay. I don’t like homosexuals and thus, you are disgusting and nauseating.

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  12. this article is nothing but crap. Ever wonder why senseless killings will never stop in islam? because the founder of islam killed to establish islam. so don’t be surprised, it is the culture and tradition

    • May we know where your facts are coming from? In this era of information, it is surprising to have people thinking like this…It will do the forum good if you can come up with your evidences rather than resorting in verbal volleyball…

    • point of correction go and read history those got killed refused to believe in oneness one God that is why. but that your ignorant idea need to stop

  13. Pls The writter should go and sleep.What is Happening in Borno,Today is perpetuated by christains.I marvel when some so called religious leaders open their mouth to talk.Christains now carry guns and bombs around and be shouting Allahu akbar..Fix the problems in your zone and stop pointing accusing fingers.

  14. The issue of boko haram was made public some years ago when some over zealous Muslim are killing people going against western education in midst of this, the controversy on Sahria law and all that. Killing people that do not believe God is wrong will killing them bring them to believe, but I think keep them alive give them the opportunity to change their mind to God, more so no one is born with believe that “there is God or Not” we all grow to it, by knowledge through parent, friends, reading, community etc giving them a chance is the way of Christian not killing. To be candid everyone have a choice to believe what they want. range from Jesus, Muhammad, Obata, Ogun, Sango etc.
    Your article is bias, you just want to prove that Christians are boko haram, which is 100% not true, presently boko haram has over grown from ideology of jihad’s which I believe it came from, to be kind of political, now boko haram don’t bomb church alone but do kills Muslim too, which brought me to the conclusion that we do need to investigate deeply, to be sure that some people are not hiding under boko haram syndrome to carry out their evil plans.
    Note no member of a church will take bomb to church and bomb other Christian, is not possible, which I believe a real Muslim will not bomb fellow Muslims, your response to peoples comment, with foul words make me doubt if you are a true Muslim, I do have a muslim friends who will never speak like this privately not to talk of public. The pastor you said was shot, do they find anything in his vehicle NO, there many behind the scene that will never come to public to avoid religious fight, the said person with weapons is an arms dealer, there are Christian/Muslim who de(als in arms illegal in Nigeria, it does not have nothing to do with Christian/Muslim been a boko haram, there are arms dealer before boko haram and after boko haram they will still be.
    The issue of boko haram will soon come to an end, and you will be dazed of most findings, if they will make it public, am 100% sure you won’t be encourage at what some Muslims have done and still doing in this boko haram issue.

  15. Maybe you are also a boko haram yourself…all you do is talk a little part of a story and place all the blames on christains…most muslims are heartless hell fire candidates…i liv in kano(hotoro) and i know wat am talkin about…you lie like a demon sent directly from hell and your tounge will be cut out on the last day if you dont repent…muslims take humans(even their fellow muslims)as chicken for slaughter…they all walk about with knives and swords without fear nor sympathy…killing every body that comes their way…dats why you are in support of those demonic boko harams…calling them one useless name(JIN)…The last day shall be really terrible cause on dat day we shall know who is who…And as for boko harams dont worry-your end will still come.

    • That is why a prostitute who was not a Muslim was promised heaven for using her footwear to give water to an extremely thirsty dog and a someone else will go to hell for starving a cat to hell.Islam has sanctity of life for not just humans but animals. PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM

  16. I do not blame Christians who make derogatory remarks out of sentiment or blind ignorance. I will only blame their pastors who have succeeded in deeply indoctrinating them.

  17. I find it extremely difficult to imagine what some Christians perceived about Islam.They say it repeatedly with confidence that Islam was spread by sword and force. This is not just a fallacy but illogical.
    For your information Muhammad was not the founder of Islam as you may have been misinformed. Islam is a divine religion that has been in existence even before man was created. That is why the more u try to extinguish the light of Islam,the more it will continue to bloom. The reason why the peaceful religion of Islam has a lot adherents is that far from being spread by sword, it was the inherent force of truth,reason and logic that was responsible for the rapid spread of Islam

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