Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper: A Dangerous Tool of Disunity and Religious Bigotry

Yesterday (19th March), Vanguard Newspaper website published a news item with the caption: Why I won’t mourn my husband, by Haruna’s widow Below is an excerpt from it:

    “Widow of the late Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Operations), Mrs. Olayinka Haruna, weekend, said she would not make ”the enemies” who may be coming over to the family house to celebrate the demise of her husband, happy, by mourning.

    At a Christian supplication service in honour of her late husband, who died along with three other officers in last Wednesday’s helicopter crash in Jos, she said, “Arise for me and my family, Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The enemy is coming to see my tears, but I will not mourn in Jesus’ name.”

In what look like an attempt to unveil the reason behind the grieving widow venting, the picture of the Acting Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Dahiru Abubakar, his wife and other family members were place just below her comment. The picture was taken when the Acting IG visited the family Capt. Garba Yelwa who also died in the helicopter crash.

Let’s go over this again. The wife of late John Haruna in a church service made the following prayer:

    “Arise for me and my family, Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The enemy is coming to see my tears, but I will not mourn in Jesus’ name.”

And just below the statement vanguard placed this picture:

You don’t have to be a genius to understand the antics of the editors of Vanguard.

Why was the picture of the Acting IG and his family conveniently placed just under the widow’s statement?

The picture was gotten when Acting IG paid a condolence visit to the bereaved family of Captain Garba Yelwa, so it has no connection to the news item, so why was it placed just below the prayer of the late John Haruna’s widow calling for God’s help against her enemies who were coming ‘to see her tears’?

What is the relevant of the picture to the news item in question? The picture is relevant only if Vanguard is telling us that the enemies being referred to by the widow is the Acting IG and his company.

Since the appointment of the Acting IG, those who hate and resent Muslims have baselessly accused him of being a religious zealot and a Muslim fundamentalist. They have rain insults and obscenity on President Jonathan for appointing a Muslim from the far north as Inspector General of Police. Like professor Sagay who claimed “the north has nothing to show for its existence” they complain as if the country belongs to them alone.

The ill-fated tragic helicopter crash that killed the Deputy IG, John Haruna, easily played into the hands of those same hate vendors and peddlers.

Vanguard have consistently allowed itself to be used as a medium for those who hate and strives to undermine Islam and Muslims. The comment segments of Vanguard website is a museum for hatred directed towards Islam and Muslims. Their Facebook Page is worse, if a Muslim sneeze, massive torrent of insults is hurled at the whole Muslim race including the beloved Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, upon whom be peace.

Here is an example of the type of debased and sick comments you find in Nigeria Vanguard Newspaper website:

    Gyang Joseph says:
    January 24, 2010 at 9:04 pm

      I must say it again, Islam is fake and Christ is King. I am happy that the Plateau state Government is fully conscious and ready to make a final onslaught on mozlems. Jos and indeed the whole of Plateau should be rid off mozlems. They must be finally exterminated because they are vermin. Governor Jang is our hero and like our new King Richard the lion hearted (who destroyed Muslim in the crusade against mozlems in te the holy land of Jerusalem) second only to Slobodan Mlosovic who helped rid Europe of mozlems. Every Mozlem is a terrorist just like Umar Mutallab and Ahmed (please don’t call him Seyi Olayiwola because I think he is a Hausa-Fulani disguising as Yoruba and tried to blow up Pastor Chris Oyekhilome). See how the mozlems kill each other in Boko haram and the recent Qala kato debacle in Bauchi and imagine what they can do to followers of other faith. I praise our lord warriors in the police and army for doing a brave Job, a true modern day crusade. To kill mozlems that protest anything is to receive abundant Christ glory as well as salvation because mozlems are children of the devil and have no rights. I don’t see those people killed at Kuru Karama as Human being. Great job these warriors that killed even the mozlems babies and dumb them in pit latrine, well and sewage (septic tank). A friend told me how he clubbed about 3 children to death at Kuru. His account of how they convulsed, piss and shit, bit and chewed their tongue before dead was one of the most gratifying information. Unless you want to be a hypocrite you know these children would grow to be mozlems. You must be an anti christ to feel that what was done to them is wrong. Sweet it is the sound of their agony. Mozlems are the most illiterate, the poorest and certainly the most politically incapable people we have the misfortune of living along with in the contraption called Nigeria. Jang is the light and way into the future of Christianity in Nigeria and we must give him all the support both political, monetary as well as more military hardware. The U.S Government is surely going to support us.
      Gyang Joseph

This comment was made under the news report contain in this link

As sad as it is, Vanguard is not the only news outfit in Nigeria working to slander Muslims and make mockery of Islam. The Sun Newspaper bias in reporting of Jos Crisis has been question on occasions. See The Sun’s Phenomenal Bias in Reporting the Jos Crisis

Just yesterday again, a guest on Africa Independent Television (AIT), one Egbe Akparakwu, was suggesting that if dialogue fails with Boko Haram, the government should tag everything living in the Boko Haram active areas as ‘Boko Haram’ and exterminate them. In other words, the guest was calling for an Odi like massacre in Borno and probably Bauchi State. The guest was calling for genocide and the interviewer just pretended not to notice. Just imagine if somebody from the north had said something similar during the heat of the Niger Delta crisis. The reaction would have be such that one cannot imagine.

Compare to Channels TV, AIT is moderate. The level of insensitivity and bias nature of programming, interviews and discussion programmes leaves nothing to admire in Channels TV.

The mainstream media in Nigeria represent everything that is wrong in the country. Regional, sectarian and religious affiliation holds supreme over truth, equity and fairness. There is almost no media outfit in the south of Nigeria that is not irresponsibly bias. But from all, Vanguard top the list.

Professional Journalism in Nigeria, as in most part of the world, have been traded for sectionalism and mediocracy. There is nothing excellent anymore in Journalism. The extent to how low Journalists can go should grieve anybody who cares.


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26 thoughts on “Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper: A Dangerous Tool of Disunity and Religious Bigotry

  1. It is not surprising all these hatred chun out to Muslims, it had been conveyed to us that xtians (people of the book), can never be trusted. What only sadden me is that our Muslims leaders are still sleeping and giving these infidels opportunity. But let them try their best and we see where it will take them. Our living with xtians should be a tit-for-tat. I hate them too with all sense of seriousness.

  2. This is trash. It is shocking how people like the author of this piece have all the time in the world to make an issue out of nothing. I am surprised you do not realize that by over flogging this ‘petty issue’, which at worst could just be the usually ‘soft sell style’ which Nigerian tabloids are known for, you are trying to generate hate. You are a fundamentalist and I won’t be surprised if start detonating explosives. Funny thing is that the world will never be short of ‘martyrs’, because there are so many gullible fanatics like your follower who just commented above. Nigeria will be better without men like you who quote people out of context, paint stories that suit their wicked purpose and pretend to be objective just like you started with the Vanguard story before going into the IGP’s appointment and so on. If you had something better to do, you’ll know that life in this world and in the world beyond is not just about seven virgins.

  3. Alhamdulillah for granting us ppl like u, abdulhakeem. Am not surprised by ur comment above, u’ve said it, this is insane, you are the insanity itself.

  4. @Isane, i do not suprise by your unscruplous uttarance and myopic comment. Let me tell vanguard had never be objective about their report infact it is their conventnal idea to blaspheme and bias in the report relating about Islam and muslim at large. Vaguard is vaguard of trouble and chaotic in d society.

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  7. Well I dont know when our Muslum leaders will learn. What happened in the Balkan where generals in the Army pay $200 4 every Muslum an officer killed is what CAN & Nigerian Govt are doing 2 the Muslums in the North. The witter is just big mouth, he is not expected 2 xpose them yet even though we know. The killings in Jos & the rest are all the makings of CAN the anti-christ. Because it is well stated, the fake religion will force U 2 join them or kill U so they keep killings arround the world with the help of USA. Now that we know our govt is helping CAN 2 kill muslums, I hope they will not cry fouls when the music change?

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  16. the most corrupt masters of this country are the religious leaders.They are there to preach the word of God to people but now,they hv involved themselves in politics bcs of worldly wealth,where are we going in this country.

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