Coca-Cola, Israel and the Palestinian Question….

The Coca-Cola Company, its an America Multinational Company that produce, retain and market non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. The Company Headquarters is in Atlanta in the United States of America (USA).

The flagship product of the Company is Coca Cola or Coke as it is popularly called. Coke was invented as a medicine, rather than as a drink to stimulate the brain and nervous systems, in 1886 by a pharmacist, John Stith Pemberton, in Columbus, Georgia, USA. The Coca-Cola formula and brand was bought in 1889 by Asa Candler who incorporated The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) in 1892.

TCCC products is present in more than 200 countries worldwide. 1.6 billion beverages bearing the trademark own by or licenced by TCCC is consumed on a daily basis the world over.

In 2008, Coca-Cola made a gross profit of over $20 billion. It makes its money by supplying concentrates, beverage bases and syrups to its bottling partners world-wide. 76% of Coca-Cola bottlers around the world are owned or partly owned by the Coca-Cola Company.

In Nigeria, The Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) holds the franchise to Coca Cola products. NBC receives Concentrate from TCCC and with combination with filtered water and sweeteners they produce the beverages. NBC then distribute the finished product to retailers. The NBC is part of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling company, one of The Coca-Cola Company’s largest anchor bottlers worldwide. 23% of the company’s profit goes to the parent company, The Coca Cola Company.

TCCC, its subsidiaries and products have been subject to sustained criticism by several groups. Consumer groups and watchdogs has criticised the company for the possible health effects of its products, questionable labour practices, poor environmental record, perception of the companies engagement in monopolistic business practices, questionable marketing strategies and violations of intellectual property rights.

Thus, writing about the ills of The Coca-Cola Company, its subsidiaries and beverages will take volumes. This essay is solely concern with Coca Cola’s endorsement of Israel’s apartheid policy and the slaughter of Palestinians. (For more on the Health effect of Coca-Cola click the Link)

Since 1966, Coca Cola has been a staunch supporter of Israel. The Company is actively involve in several aspect of Israel’s economy and has close ties with pro-Israel groups all over the world. Coca Cola is also in the business of encouraging companies to invest in Israel. The Company is also known to have sponsored several anti Palestinian programmes and events.

Every year Coca Cola finance the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Awards which honours companies that have contributed most to the Israeli economy.

In 2009 a Coca-Cola sponsored award went to Israel’s Lobby AIPAC for its lobbying of the US Senate to reject of the UN call for “immediate ceasefire” and endorse the continuation of the Israel military assault on Gaza.

Israel provoked the war after she broke a six months cease fire with Palestinian Hamas. Israel bombarded Gaza for weeks, using banned chemical weapons in densely populated civilian areas, targeted refugees in UN shelters and bombarded homes killing hundreds of women and Children. When the UN called for a cease fire, AIPAC lobbied the US Senate to reject the call and for that Coca Cola awarded AIPAC.

At the end, Israel killed:

    1. 22 health workers,

2. 5 UNRWA officials,

3. 255 police Officers,

4. 926 innocent Palestinian non-Combatants which include 313 children and 166 women.

Victims of Israel Atrocities

In 2009, Coca-Cola also hosted a special reception at the Coca-Cola world headquarters to honour Brigadier- General Ben-Eliezer.

Ben-Eliezer is a wanted war criminal, during the Six- Day War his unit was responsible for the execution of over 300 Egyptian Prisoners of War.

During the 1967 war, Dr. Aryen Yitzhaki, an Israeli Military Historian, reports that Palestinian volunteers in the Egyptian army were executed Nazi-style in El-Arish by Israeli Occupation Forces lead by Ben-Eliezer.

Yitzhaki said the executions of 300 to 400 Egyptian commandos in El Arish was the worse case he knew, given that many of the Egyptians had surrendered.

Gabby Biron, a right-wing journalist who witnessed the murder of about 10 Prisoners of War (POWs) before being forced to leave, confirmed Yitzhaki’s report. Biron says that Israeli intelligence officers put POWs one by one through a short interrogation. If the Israeli Army determined by the prisoner’s accent that he was Palestinian, he was taken behind the building, forced to dig his own grave, and shot. According to Holocaust survivors, the incident bears a striking similarity to Nazi tactics.

In Gabby Biron words:

    On the third day of that war we saw Egyptian POWs being executed after a “court martial”. The explanation given to us was that those killed were Palestinian “Fedayin” fighters from the Gaza Strip who had disguised themselves as soldiers in order to escape from our forces”. I witnessed their executions with my own eyes in the morning of June 8, 1967 in the airport area in al-Arish, Sinai. This was where the headquarters of the brigade commanded by General Israel Tal, in which I had served, were located.

On that morning we heard that hundreds of Egyptian POWs were being held in the headquarters and we had time to go to look at them. About 150 POW’s were held in an open building serving as a cover for airplanes, surrounded on three sides by high sand-bag embankments. They were densely crowded and sitting on the ground with their hands on the back of their necks.

Adjoining the prison compound, guarded by military police, there were two men sitting at a table. They wore Israeli army uniforms and steel helmets with faces almost entirely covered by sun glasses and khaki- colored handkerchiefs. Every few minutes, the military police took one of the POWs from the prison compound and escorted him to the table. A short conversation, which we were not able to hear, was then conducted. Following it, the POW was escorted by two military policemen to a place behind the building.

I followed the procedure. The POW was escorted to a distance of about 100 meters from the building and given a spade. I watched the POW digging a big pit which took about 15 minutes. Then the policemen ordered him to throw out the spade. When he did so one of them pointed his Uzi gun at the POW inside the pit and shot two short bullet bursts, consisting maybe of three four bullets each. The POW fell dead. After a few minutes another POW was escorted to the same pit, forced to go into it and was also shot dead. A third POW was brought to the same place and also shot dead. Since the process was repeated a number of times, the grave was filled up. I witnessed about ten such executions.(source )

It is estimated that about a thousand or more Egyptians and Palestinians POWs were executed by the Zionist troops.

Another Israeli historian, Uri Milstein, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, said there were many incidents in the 1967 war in which Egyptian soldiers were killed by Israeli troops after they had raised hands in surrender.

    “It was not an official policy, but there was an atmosphere that it was OK to do it…Some commanders decided to do it, others refused. But everyone knew about it.”

The Third Geneva Convention protects the rights of POWs. They are not to be maltreated, tortured or killed. But what the hell? Israel can do anything and still get rewarded for it.

Under Sharon, Ben-Eliezer also served as Defence Minister presiding over the massacre at Jenin.

During the Jenin Massacre, Israel prevented reporters access into the area while the massacre was perpetrated. Israeli forces bulldozed the homes of Palestinians with families still inside, helicopters fired indiscriminately into civilian areas, ambulances were prevented from reaching the wounded.

There were also stories of summary executions of Palestinians and bodies being driven away in trucks or left in the sewers and bulldozed.

Ben-Eliezer was the defence minister under the monster Sharon when this massacre took place, and for that Coca Cola honoured him.

For years, Hitler carried on his extermination project of Jews, Jehovah witnesses and others and the world watches. Vatican and the most of eastern Europe was complacent in their silence.

For decades, the apartheid regime of South Africa subjugated and oppress the blacks of south Africans. And the world was silence.

For centuries, Africans were taken from their homes in chains and taken to Europe and the new world as slaves. And out of about 20 million Africans that were taken to the New World (The Americas) as slaves to be exploited, 11 million were killed and dumped overboard in transit.

Now you ask, where were the good people? Where there any? Just like today, they were lot of good people, but they all kept quiet. (For a more detailed account of Coca Cola and Israel relationship see Link)

Palestinians deserves nothing less than to be treated like humans, because they are human beings. They reserve the right to a peaceful life in security in their homeland.

This is a call to well meaning Nigerians and people of the world to take a stand today, against Israel and her supporters for the evil they have done and are still doing. History is always on the side of the oppressed. Take a stand against Coca Cola and boycott its products.

Nigeria Bottling Company has the franchise of over 33 Coca-Cola brands and they include Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Eva Water and Five Alive etc. Nothing less than 23% of the profits of these products goes to The Coca-Cola Company, a company that aids and supports apartheid and murder.

Taking Coca Cola products is like drinking the blood of Palestinians. Boycott Coca Cola Products.


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6 thoughts on “Coca-Cola, Israel and the Palestinian Question….

  1. hatred of what u dont know and ahistory u dont know when it started is driving you. u are a nigerian an urhobo man and not and will never b an arab (they will never even regard u as one ) .

    • @ Chibuzo…. You are so daft and stupid. I am sure foolishness flows in your veins like blood. From all that is in this article, the only thing you saw was my tribe, stupid imbecile. Do you think I am dumb as you are that I will write an article without knowing the history behind it? How will any history justify support for a “country” that targets and kill women and children in their homes?

      Foolish boy, alcohol and pig meat have clearly damaged your thinking faculty.

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  4. What do you expect from chibuzo? Lunacy controls his thinking. Stupidity flows from his actions.

    Some one wrote an article of innocent soul taken violently all the time, you are talking tribe. What do i expect from a tribalistic nonetity like. People are killed, you are talking rubbish. Tomorrow, you with your dumb brain will claim ibo were violently killed during the civil war.

    Your atitude is of doom if you don’t throw it away.

  5. What do you expect from chibuzo? Lunacy controls his thinkin.stupidity flows from his actions.

    Some one wrote an article of innocent soul taken violently all the time, you are talking tribe.what do i expect from a tribalistic nonetity like u.people are killed, u are talking rubbish.tommorow, u with ur dumb brain will claim ibo were violently killed during the civil war.

    Your atitude is of doom if u dont throw it away.

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