General Buhari and the Mountebanks of PDP

General Muhammad Buhari is certainly a man of few words and as with such people, their words carry great substance and weight. So the reaction to his comment in Kaduna few days ago came not as a surprise. Those who hate him have been busy, with each one jumping over the other to respond.

Here is the transcript of what he said on Monday, 14th May, 2012 in Kaduna, he spoke in Hausa:

    I have come out to thank you for coming after I have discussed with your Chairman, your Senator, your members of the House of Representatives, State Assembly and the leaders of your party.

    They made remarks, but the Chairman’s statement was written and he has given it to journalists, and since he has given it to them, it has become public knowledge. The others that have made remarks included the man that contested the governorship election, the CPC leader of Niger State lawmakers, Senator Ibrahim and the leader of CPC elders in Niger state.

    In my own remarks, I showed my gratitude because of how you the CPC members in Niger State have reached cohesion by cooperation, and our strength in the state has manifested in the hard work our representatives are doing. They have vindicated our party, because they are keeping the trust reposed on them by the people that voted for them.

    I thank you very much and I apologise because I came late. You that came from Niger have even arrived at my office before me. I apologise. I received two party officials that came from Abuja, they came in the morning that is why I came late, I apologise.

    I thank you very much, I wish you safe journey back home, and you should continue to be patient. I and the leaders of your party have decided that by the grace of Allah in 2015, either there will be fair election or it will be a tough contest where nobody will find it funny.

    I have discussed with Kaduna people recently because of what has happened that took us even to the Supreme Court, but it still happened in Kogi, Adamawa and Sokoto bye- elections.

    In Kaduna, the Igabi case has become famous where they voted senator, voted representatives and the party leaders, just as you are here now, moved and stayed there, until CPC was given her rightful vote.

    Therefore, in 2015, all wards in Nigeria should become Igabi, otherwise we should leave politics and assume we are slaves, and continue living in slavery. Thank you very much, May Allah help us.

But below is the summary of what was reported he said by our incompetent, irresponsible and bias government influenced media outlets:
“In 2015, there must be a free and fair election or there will be a serious crisis…God willing by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way …. If what happened in 2011 should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.”

The Hausa proverb kare jini biri jini which mean tough resistance was mischeviouly translated by the journalists present to mean the baboon and the dog will be soaked in blood. The direct translation is “the dog will bleed and the monkey will bleed” which means a hunter dog that try to catch a monkey definitely will have a tough resistance.

The Southern and Christian dominated media community have been consistent in their attempt to misrepresent General Buhari at every opportunity they get. During the invents leading up to the last General Elections, the media and Jonathan’s campaign strategy was to portray Buhari as a regional leader because of his popularity and love among average Northerners. They also tried to portray him as a religious bigot who wants to Islamise Nigeria even when his running mate was a renowned Christian Evangelist, Pastor Tunde Bakare.

The hate campaign against Buhari is historical in nature, in 2000, Buhari was invited to a book launch in Dan Fodio University, Sokoto. At the event he was called upon to make a comment which he did. The next day they was a screaming headline that Buhari said Muslims should only vote Muslims and all hell went lose. He was castigated and insulted by columnists and writers all over the country. Christian leaders were furious and most of them without verifying rain torrent of insults on the Rtd General. Distinguished gentle man, Rev. Mathew Hassan Kukah, were among the few that took their time to verify from Buhari himself, what he said. It turn out Buhari merely said vote for good men whether they are from Borno, Katsina, Sokoto or wherever. The media reported something else and till today some still use the alleged statement against him despite the fact of the present of video recordings of the event that confirmed Buhari side of the story. See the full text of Rev. Mathew Hassan Kukah essay here

Buhari’s Monday comment in Kaduna once again opened him up for coordinated attacks from the media, PDP, the Presidency and others. (For more on media bias see Boko Haram, Media, and Government: Three Sides of the same Coin , Vanguard Nigeria Newspaper: A Dangerous Tool of Disunity and Religious Bigotry and The Sun’s Phenomenal Bias in Reporting the Jos Crises.

The National Publicity Secretary of the Criminal Club, PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, were among the first to respond to Buhari. His response was mainly full with obscenities and blackmail calling the General “blood thirsty”. The clown interpreted the General’s statement as “a shameless call to spill blood of innocent Nigerians”. Sometimes its hard to believe that these PDP people can read anything other than Naira figures.

If, for example, I say Government should come out with policies to check carbon emissions otherwise the effect of global warming could have negative consequence on us all, only a drunk will imply I want earth to burn.

Chief Olisa built his case on a defective premise and went on a voyage of obscenities, affronts and foulness in an attempt to blackmail the personality of General Buhari. At worst, Buhari’s comment was merely a warning for those who wants to rig elections in 2015, and from the reactions, it is clear they hope to rig again and get away with it as usual. One is left to wonder how a member of a debased and infamous organisation like PDP could shamelessly accuse Buhari, of all people, of being blood thirsty.

PDP was the party in power when Soldiers massacred innocent Nigerians at Odi, Bayelsa State because they stood up against Corporate injustice and destruction of their environment, an incident that exacerbated and escalated militancy in the Niger Delta. The same murderers accused Buhari of over-throwing a grossly corrupt and undisciplined administration of Sheun Shagari in a BLOODLESS coup.

The same PDP was in charge in 2009, when Police and Military officers went on a killing spray in Maiduguri. When security officers acted like criminals with licence guns lying people with beards and jumping trousers on the ground and executing them in the street on mere allegations of being Boko Haram members ( see Critical Appraisal of the Boko Haram Insurgence and Boko Haram, Media and Government: Three Sides of the same Coin ). This incident and others marked the genesis of Boko Haram insurgency that have claimed the lives of hundreds in Nigeria today. These crop of debased murderers and incompetent heavyweight accused Buhari of post election violence which they caused themselves, encouraged and benefitted from. How can you blame Buhari for violence that killed over 1000 of his supporters in Kaduna alone? See the report of the massacre of Buhari supporters in Kaduna here. He was rigged out and his supporters were killed yet halfwits and dunderheads blame him.

On the part of the federal Government, Reuben Abati started by describing Buhari’s Statement as unfortunate. It is indeed unfortunate that for 13 years PDP have violated everything that could have be held sacred in the country with their corrupt, visionless and purposeless leadership. It took them less than 24 hours to reply Buhari, but they have shamelessly stayed quiet for several days over the National Judicial Council (NJC) recommendation for the reinstatement Justice Salami.

Just as expected, the cartoon character, Reuben Abati, went into the realm of fairy tails about how Buhari did not compaign in some states blah blah blah nonsense. It is people with failed memories that believes in such garbage. Buhari was in the South for compaign as he was in the North. You can only blame him for not having stolen resources for massive Campaign. In the North all he did was rent a venue and made paid announcement on BBC Radio and the people turn out in thousands to meet him. This was the same thing he did in states of the South, but due to the peculiarities of the Southern regions, it was not as effective as was witnessed in the North. Buhari obviously was not having the resources to do more than he did, yet he was schedule to win until the PDP had to massively rigged the Election.

During the last Voters Registration and General Elections, I was a Corp member serving in Lokoja, Kogi State and I was posted to Dekina Local Government Area of the State. I personally witnessed how PDP shamelessly rigged the elections in the very large LGA. PDP agents were on our neck to register children, and on the day of elections, to inflate votes. The much talked about Election Observers were boys on the payroll of the presidency. “Observers” were pressuring INEC staffs to allow PDP thumb print unused ballot paper in favour of Goodluck Jonathan. I was personally approached by INEC accredited election monitors to rig for PDP, I was threatened by PDP agents because unlike others I refused to give in. So if a person says to me that the last General Election were free and fair, I just think of him to be another dishonest PDP member or a stupid Nigerian.

Even in Jonathan’s Bayelsa state, PDP had to rig to be sure of winning. See this link for accounts of how some elections were rigged in Bayelsa.

In Imo State, it was Home Video, in the hotly contested Governorship election between Rochas Okorocha, Ohiakim and twelve others, the result indicated that about 50% of the registered voters came out to vote, that is about 800,000 people. By any standard this was considered high. But earlier, during the Presidential Election, INEC told us that about 83% of the registered voters came out to vote and almost all voted for Jonathan alone. So the clowns wants us to believe that around 1.4 million people in Imo State came out to vote for Jonathan during the Presidential Election, but in the Governorship Election that was hotly contested and held more significant, only around 800,000 people voted for the 14 candidates. Cock and bull stories.

I do not believe in fairy tales, to believe Jonathan genuinely won the last Presidential Election is to believe in anything from Super-Man to Hallow man.

What Reuben Abati and others don’t know is that, Buhari is more than a Politician or a Statesman to most of us, he is our hero and a living model to exemplify. He is a man with exceptional qualities and he is acknowledged for his simplicity, honesty and discipline. When he spoke that Monday, he spoke for me, a Niger Deltan, as well as Millions of others all over the Country and beyond.

Buhari floated a Political Party (Congress of Progressive Change (CPC)), without the usual funfair that is associated with it, but his unblemished record endeared it to people from all works of life, tribe and faith. The party grew from strength to strength, because of the goodwill and trust millions of Nigerians had on him.

Who are the buffoons that dare to speak ill of Buhari? Who dem bi? Buhari is most certainly the most beloved Nigerian today. Those who love him do so unconditionally and wholeheartedly, while those who hate him do so out of prejudice, bigotry, fear, ignorance and foolishness.

Buhari is a man of honour, a selfless,
consistent, patient and discipline
General, in my heart I hold him dearly. The names of those that prosecute Buhari unjustly, will one day be lost or be written on the dark side of history, but the name “Muhammad Buhari” will, God’s willing, be engraved in the heart of history as his love is engraved in the heart of millions.


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22 thoughts on “General Buhari and the Mountebanks of PDP

  1. Educative and enlighten piece, worth reading. An academic article, supported with facts, figures and statistics. Well presented article by a youth of reputable character. May almighty Allah add this excellent work to your scale of good deeds

  2. I am highly impressed that this was written by a Southerner like me and a youth at that. It is more edifying in the face of the glaring decadence of the large majority of our youth population whose only principles are those dictated by the mercantile instincts of their godfathers in PDP and it’s affiliates. Nigeria has a long way to go and the only kind of people that will make sure the compass points us in the right direction are people with the innate qualities of GEJ. I dont hold out much hope of him ever getting the opportunity (the way the system is currently configured), but I pray that in my lifetime, a Daniel will come to judgement.

  3. This is indeed an honest and unbiased article. Who ever wants to know about GMB should go and read his records of service. Can anyone show me a Nigerian who held the positions of a Minister of Petroleum at the height of the oil boom, a Military Governor, a Head of State and Chairman of the well-funded and semi-autonomous PTF. Yet when the Obasanjo govt came they wanted to implicate him for serving Abacha and not pleading on their behalf, they could not. Infact the team they assigned the role ended up neck-deep in corruption just 6 months after its inauguration. As you said these lies against him shall never last.

  4. Buhari lived by concise, let the world be witness to that. Thank you Mr Igho for x-raying the picture of the peoples’ general.

    • Truth bitters.I lack fitting words to describe ur frankness.U’re sincere,detribalised Nigerian.U’ve said it all.Gen Buhari is my no.1 man of God in dis country wt impeccable xter,no known stain.let’s pray 4 God’s blessings on his health

  5. Sentiments has made most of us 2 love someone even when that person is the worst 4 us. Buhari is a Nigerian that if we are all like him in character, by now no country in the world will be better than Nigeria. This I said but U have your lies to tell if U wish.

  6. From Stephen Akuma
    EQUATION 1: Gen. Azazi (National Security Adviser): “PDP responsible for the bombings in Nigeria”

    EQUATION 2: Henry Okah (Leader of the Terrorist group known as MEND): “GEJ is behind the bombings in 2010”

    EQUATION 3: Dr. Goodluck Jonathan (President of Nigeria): “Sponsors and members of Boko Haram are in my government”

    EQUATION 4: Boko Haram Suspect (Captured Terrorist): “Ali Ndume is my sponsor”

    EQUATION 5: Ali Ndume (PDP Senator): “Vice-President (Arch. Namandi Sambo) gave me the number of the captured terrorist”

    BUHARI (performed the simple arithmetic) i.e

    = “Federal Government is the biggest Boko Haram”

  7. Mr. Kola Afere
    I’ve read all manner of reactions to Buhari’s harmless and patriotic warning of what awaits intending riggers of 2015 elections. Some of these reactions emanated out of sheer unpardonable ignorance, others out of childish stupidity, some still out of destructive regional and ethnic jingoism and others still out of criminal apprehension of end of road to their satanic ventures of ballot-snatching and ballot-box stuffing. Except you are a dye-blue armed robber, why should you be bothered about a legislation to tie armed robbers to the stick? Buhari has been state manly in his warning. What crime could be worse than electoral robbery? I dare say not even terrorism. Yet, those who commit electoral robbery with impunity have the effrontery to condemn Boko Haram. Let us make the warning more poignant and very clear: by 2015, it shall be rig and die! Riggers shall be publicly roasted like it did happen in Ondo state in 1983. Enough of this suffocating culture of impunity.
    By Mr Kola Afere

    “If Buhari is a serial loser of elections, it is because PDP is a serial rigger of elections.” ~ Prof. Tam David-West culled from Mr Chike Okonkwo.

  8. Form Ogunjimi James Taiwo
    Those who are criticizing Buhari for saying 2015 will be bloody if elections are rigged are either partial in their views or totally ignorant of history. This is a man with a military background. When Obasanjo called our elections “DO OR DIE”, why wasn’t there a resounding outcry like this. When Atiku said, “THOSE WHO MAKE PEACEFUL CHANGE IMPOSSIBLE MAKE VIOLENT CHANGE INEVITABLE”, why didn’t the media make this kind of noise. People, the man is tired of the way Nigeria is being ruled just like we all are. I’m not excusing his words, but we definitely need to cut him some slack as he won’t be the first person to utter inciting words.

  9. From Timothy Dopeksi Adidi
    From the Office of the New Nigeria Project,

    When the Intelligence report from the United State of America read that Nigeria as entity will split in 2015, nobody raised dust because it is coming from America. Do we know what it means for a Nation to split? It means blood shed. What then is the difference of Muhammadu Buhari’s comment with the intelligence report from the United State of America.

    For a Country to split it means that there must be serious issues and yet no one questioned that report in Nigeria. Now it is Buhari and everyone is throwing dust.

    This is a grand sinister design to water down Henry Okah’s comment and National security Advicer.

    Director NNG

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  15. You don’t sit there and expect Nigerians to believe that Buhari is a saint. Before the elctions in 2011 i witnessed minors been registered in Tudun wada kaduna, same happened in several locations within and outside Kaduna. It was not a new story to hear the supporters of Buhari making statements that indicates how mislead they are and the intention of their leader. I can not count how many times the followers of Buhari will yell at Women on the streets of Kaduna tell them that ‘ the moment Buhari becomes the president, Nigeria will be Islamized and all Christain ladies will be forced to wear Hijab’. They won’t say that if their leader have not said so. I went to Central Market after the Presidential elections, i heard a group of Hausa men discussing about the violence that took place during the elections the previous day ‘ these were their words, when we discovered that Kabala west along Nnamdi Azikiwe were voting for PDP, we had to plant a bomb there immidiately’. These is just a few of the discussions i have over heard. Nigerians are not stupid, we won’t buy that sorry story, we know the truth. We know who is behind all the violence in the country. We are only waiting for the right time.

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