Al Shabaab Offers Camels and Chickens for the Heads of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Al Shabaab Soldiers

In an hilarious turn of invent, Somalia base Al-Shabaab has responded to the U.S. government USD 33 million bounty on the head of his top leaders by offering its own bounty for President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – 10 camels for Obama and 20 chickens for Clinton.

Early last week, the U.S. offered a total of USD 33 million through the U.S. State Department’s Rewards for Justice program for information leading to the capture of seven different Shabaab leaders.

Fuad Muhammad Khalaf, a senior leader of Al Shabaab with a USD 5 million bounty on his head, mocked the US announcement with his counter offer.

Anyone who helps the Mujahideen find the whereabouts of Obama and Hillary Clinton will be rewarded with 10 Camels for the information leading to Obama and 10 hens and 10 cocks for Hillary

He continued:

There is nothing new in the fact that unbelievers pay to have Muslim leaders killed. They already did that by offering camels for the head of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the dollar is the camel of today… I can assure you that these kind of things will never dissuade us from continuing the Jihad against them

Flag of the United States/Snakes of America

America involvement in Somalia is deemed part of the US so called “War on Terror”. America has a bad history in Somalia. In October 1993, it was reported that a group of 40 Delta Force, Special Forces and about 75 Rangers set off to try to capture Somali leaders supporting General Mohammed Farah Aideed, the Mogadishu warlord, who were meeting in a house near the centre of town.

According to Mark Bowden of the Philadelphia Inquirer, US troops took hostages and murdered wounded Somalis and a prisoner. They also used the bodies of Somalis as barricades.

Bowden also reveals that, far from the official version of the mission (that it was not intended to kill anyone) helicopter gunships began the ill- fated raid by firing anti-tank missiles into houses.

Backed by 17 helicopter gunships, the US troops stormed the building where the Somali leaders were meeting and took 24 prisoners. They planned to drive the three miles back to the US base but could not get out of the area. Two US Blackhawk helicopter were shot down and without a back-up force the convoy ended up going in circles, trapped by hundreds of Somali gunmen firing AK47s and rocket grenades from rooftops or moving with the crowds.

Before rescue could come, the invading US troops was involved in their biggest fire-fight since the Vietnam War and their discipline and organisation had disintegrated. Rules of engagement were off, the US Rangers started blasting and shooting their way through. In one incident, the Rangers took a family hostage and when one of the women started screaming at the Americans, she was shot on her head.

The US marines also shot dead one of their prisoner because he was praying one of the Muslim five daily Prayers (Salat) aloud and another was clubbed into silence.

While Canada, Italy and Belgium all held inquiries into the excesses of their troops in Somalia and even put some of them on trial, the US has never held any public investigation or reprimanded any of its commanders or troops.

At the time, the world’s media concentrated on dramatic television footage of the naked bodies of US soldiers being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, and the drama of a helicopter pilot taken hostage.

The Somali dead were a sideshow, a bland figure, estimated at about 200 at the time, but according to Ambassador Robert Oakley, the US special representative to Somalia, more than 1,000 Somalis were killed.

Fast-forward, for almost 20 years later, US is still involve in Somalia. America drone attack in the country have killed several al Shabaab Leaders, fighters and innocent Somalis.

Today, Somalia is referred to as a failed state because foreign powers, that wants to force their perverted civilisation on Somalis, will not allow them attend to their own affairs themselves. If its not the Americans, it is Ethiopia or Kenya.


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