Are Muslims Terrorists???

Let us have a look on history..

1. In Greco – Turkish War (1919), 2.5 million civilian non combatants killed by Christians British, Armenia and Greek forces (source wikipedia)

2. In Azerbaijan, 12,000 Muslim Civilians were systematically killed by (Christian) Russians. (Human rights watch)

3. Buddhist mongols killed about a hundred thousand Muslim civilians in Baghdad in liberary siege in 1919(source The new Yorker martin sicker)

4. During Balkan Wars, there was ethnic cleansing of muslims by Christians. About one million ordinary Muslims were killed (Mark Levene).

5. Between 1821-1822, five million Muslim civilians were killed in Christian Europe ( Justin Mc Carty)

6. According to the 1912 Car Negie Endowment Report, between 1910 to 1911, Bulgarian, Armenians and Greeks Christians killed 1.5 million civilians Muslims including Children and Women. Five million Muslims were also forcely converted to Christianity.

7. China, after dungan revolt 3 million Hui Muslims were killedbecause of their faith (wikipedia)

8. Iberian peninsula, after conquest of Granada by Christians about a million Muslim were slaughtered by Christians (wikipedia)

9. India…. During the partition violence, an estimated Nine Hundred Thousand muslims were killed by Sikh and Hindu mobs. During operation polo in hyderabad between 50,000 to 200,000 Muslims were killed by Indian army. About 300,000 Muslims in Kashmir and Gujrat were Killed by Indian army. Killings is still on going in Kashmir. (wikipedia)

10. Mosques and Holy Muslim Shrines are Being Demolished by Sinhala Mobs in Sri Lanka (BBC)

11. 4 Million Bosnaik Muslims are being Genocided by Serbian (Christian) Black scorpian Army and about 400,000 Bosnian Muslim Women were raped my Serbian Christian army between 1992 – 1995.

12. Thousands of Royingya Muslims have been killed in Myanmar by a Buddhist in the past century.

The slaughtering of Muslims continues in Europe, Middle East, South Asia, China, South east Asia and elsewhere.

Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia, Chechania, Xian Jang, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Jordan etc have emerged as new genocide hotspots of Muslims.

Somewhere veils are banned, somewhere minarets of Masjids, at some places Qur’an is burned, Muslims are facing increasing discrimination at places of education work, and travel, they are repressed, subjugated,and terrorised…

Yet you call them terrorists!!

Tell me What they have Did? They only wage war against the Injustice to them, is this called Terrorism? Then George Washington is a Terrorist, Lincoln, Nehru, Gandhi, Ferdinand, Mahinda Rajapakse, che, Lenin, and Every one who considered as Leaders are Terrorists!


5 thoughts on “Are Muslims Terrorists???

  1. They are not after the Muslims, its Islam they want to wipe out, cos after killing all the Muslims, Islam will be no more,may Allah confuse them, disgrace them and put sickness in their midst, amin, proudly a Muslimah. ma salam

  2. I see, so everywhere Muslims invaded and slaughtered the natives you are saying Muslims were killed. OK, maybe Muslims should stop attacking others??

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