Update: Muslims Lawyers Association of Nigeria 6th Annual National Conference Opening Ceremony

The 6th Annual National Conference of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria is currently on going at Ilorin.

The Conference Started yesterday 28th June, 2012, with a cocktail get together hosted by Mallam Yusuf Olaolu Alli, SAN. The Conference is expected to end on Sunday, 1st July, 2012.


The Opening Ceremony is on going. Follow this page and we will keep you updated.


Alh. (Dr) Ibrahim Sulu- Gambari (CFR) humbly represented just gave an opening remark. He described Ilorin as a City of Scholars and Lawyers. He also stressed the rich history of providing great scholars who are of religious, academic and intellectual prominence.

He talked about the multi religious nature of the country as opposed to a secular state. The word “secular” is not found anywhere in the constitution.


Welcome address is being given by Alhaji Saka A. Isau SAN. He said it is paramount on this gathering to offer suggestions on the way out of the Boko Haram menace with the extensive review of the existing laws and polucy on terrorism considering our background as a peace loving people. He also described as “uncomfortable” the attitude of our Judiciary to terrorist suspects.


Welcome Address by Alhaji Tajuddeen Olaseni Oladoja, National President MULAN.

He said the theme takes into consideration the security nightmares that the country is going through and will address terrorism considering the law and religions, response there to and whether reconciliation processes are more effective than force.

He said most of the threat to our security stem from Boko Haram, Niger Delta Militants and other ethnic groups whose activities are organised with far-flung operations. Others are independent actors in terrorism, narcotics trafficking, trafficking in weapons of mass destruction. And other organized crimes.

He also said that it is undeniable that the country is in a state of anarchy and lawlessness and that its a shame that the aggressive posture of Boko Haran, Niger Delta Militants, armed robbery, paid assssins, pipeline sabotage, kidnapping, drug trafficking, advance fee fraud (419), Unemployment, inflation, and the threat of a military recidivism into politics are all realities being faced in the country that requires urgent remediation. If we are to judge by the current state of affairs in the country security appointees have failed Nigerians.

The President of MULAN also decried the state of corruption in the country. That the problem is not just corruption but the impunity with which it is carried out. And that its like a cancer that spreads rapidly. Today they are really no sanction for corruption in the country, it is glorified, he said. He said that there is no anti corruption fight, that the only fight is the fight on anti Corruption.

On the Almajiri School system, the President of MULAN observes that the various state Government are paying lip service to the formalization of the system thereby increasing the level of illiteracy in Nigeria.

He noted that Northern Nigerians are not illitracy as it is generally believed. They can read and write other than in English. He praised President Jonathan for his idea of merging the Almajiri System with western education. He condemned in strong term the Christian Lawyers Association of Nigeria ( CLASFON) for condemning the action of President Jonathan, saying the Almajiri Children are Nigerians whose parents pay taxes and have the constitutional right to education.

He said Leadership and good governance are very essential aspect of our religious and secular lives. The concept of leadership in Islam is that of a “trust” from Almighty Allah, which will be accounted for on the Day of Judgment.

On the violation of the rights of Muslims students in Lagos State as to the Use of the Hijab, he called on the Lagos State Government to rescind its decision to ban the hijab in public schools in the State. He notes that it is a paradox that the Lagos state that has a large Muslim communities and Lawyers in the state cabinet will disregard the clear provision of the constitution and plethora of judicial authorities on the Hijab to prohibit it.

He urge that the constitution be amended to expend the jurisdiction of the Shari’ah Court of Appeal to include Criminal Jurisdiction and not just Islamic personal law.

The President also praised the Lagos State government for the enactment of the Lagos state Customary Court Law 2011 which has partially met the yearnings of Muslims in Lagos State.

Section 22(3) of the Law reads:

    “The Commission may designate a Court to adjudicate on Islamic Law and matters in relation to marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance as it deems fit”

He however stress that the law contains some flaws because it defines Islamic law as part Customary law.

He rounded up by calling on other states in the South west to borrow leaf from Lagos State and pass Law for the establishment of courts where Muslims will seek relief in matters relating to Islamic personal matters from court of first instance to appellate court.


The Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Ilorin, Governor of Kwara, Lagos, Osun and Katsina where all represented at the occasion. The Hon. Justice Idris A. Haroon, Grand Khadi of Kwara State and other distinguished personalities were also present.


Jummah Prayers at the Kwara State Shari’ah Court of Appeal

The Imam urged Muslims to evaluate their duties as lawyers and judges, that we all owe our Creator the duty to discharge our duties the way we should.

He further said that the people of Kawra are peaceful people. The Christians knows their limits the Muslims knows their limits. And that if Allah (SAW) wants to make all of us Muslims he could have done it. But he choose to let us be the way we are.

He emphasised the need to be honest, keep trust and don’t tell lies. “We must represent Islam with our Character as lawyers” he said. He prayed for peace in the country.



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