O Nigerians, You Let You Down

The day Jonathan was declared winner, those who supported him because of their unjustified hate for Buhari, came to my Facebook wall to celebrate while I grieve the death of a country.

They did not celebrate long because they quickly realised that there was actually nothing to celebrate about. It was like a peasant celebrating being robbed by a King.

In the past 7 days, I have been or pass through 7 states plus the FCT making 8, through my journey I saw more than 30 accidents on the road and I saw not one road that is worthy.

For every shock and sadness you feel when you read of bomblast, criminal massacre of people baptised “reprisals”, kidnapping, armed robbery, accidents on the highway…..

I felt it April last year

Every frustration you feel when power goes out, the noise from your neighbour’s generator, on the time it took rescue workers to get to Dana plane crashed site knowing that could have made a different, on the N20 bribe you see Police officers collect, on the tip you have to pay a Civil Servant to do what he is suppose to do….

I felt that April last year

Any rational person that thought that they was anything good in Mr. President must by now have seen that they is nothing.

O Nigerians!!!

How could you not have seen that this man is no good? Where you blind? The man you said was humble said he doesn’t give a damn about publicly declaring his assent even when you want him to.

The man you said will fight corruption is fighting anti-corruption.

The man you said should be given leadership because he had no shoes now spends One Billion Naira on food annually, at your expense.

The man you said is a breath of fresh air has contaminated your air with foul, stinking and sullied air.

O Nigerians, YOU LET YOU DOWN. Your Children shouldn’t forgive you and neither should your children-children forgive you.

Your crime is that you let them rob and steal from you and you stood back and did nothing.

O God bring your wrath on those who plunder and rob us.



8 thoughts on “O Nigerians, You Let You Down

  1. man those who stupidly voted with media connivance will not see any good falling to their lot in God’s name

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