Silverbird Television Yanked Out Islamic Programme Midway for a Christian Cartoon

The Producer of I-Beauty (Islam is Beautiful) TV Show have lamented the yanking off of their programme midway for a Christian Cartoon.

In an online Statement released this morning and signed by the Producer of the Show, they decried the attitude of the management of SilverBird Television towards their show, stating that this is not the first time STV is acting in such a manner.

Excerpt from the statement reads:

    As-Salam alaykum Bros & Sis, STV at it Again!!!

    30 minutes into our Programme: ‘i-BeautyTV Show’ this morning on SilverbirdTV, our programme was yanked off air for no apparent reason and in its place, Silverbird chose to show a Christian Cartoon! We as the Producers of the ‘i-Beauty Show’ wishes all Muslims and viewers of this program to know that this is not the 1st nor the 2nd time that STV has acted in this manner as this is our sixth year of airing Ramadan Programmes on STV. In fact, our Programme was the 1st Islamic programme on STV!

    Once could be an accident, twice a mistake, but yearly and always sounds a bit deliberate to us. We demand Silverbird TV provides all Muslims and viewers of the ‘i-Beauty Show’ a good explanation on why our programme was removed from the air mid-way into the program today the 25th of July. Our program has aired daily for 4days from 5am – 6am, why was it stopped today at 5.30am?!

    Help us put a stop to this yearly embarrassment we suffer on Silverbird TV by rebroadcasting this message until it gets to Ben Murray Bruce himself. We do not ask for our programme to be aired free and never has SilverbirdTV given us an episode free,we demand some more respect out of SilverbirdTV like they do other TV content Producers. More insulting is the fact that our program was replaced with a christian cartoon.

    STV should be aware that Muslims constitute half of their viewers and should be made to know why a paid-for Islamic program was yanked off the air and replaced with a christian cartoon while well aware that this is indeed our most special time of the year!

    We demand an on-air explanation and an on-air apology from STV and a promise not to act so ‘unprofessionally’ again with any Islamic programme on their channel.

    Pls rebroadcast until it gets to the right ears!

    Producer: ‘i-Beauty Ramadan TV Show’

Silver Bird Television is a conglomerate of Silver Bird Group founded by Ben Murray Bruce. The Group also own the infamous Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Pageant. Thus the relationship between the group and Muslims have never been cordial.

Mr Ben Murrey Bruce had brought the Miss World pageant of 2002 to Nigeria, but it was cancelled when an article, ascribing obscenity to the personality of the Blessed Prophet of Islam (SAW) was publish by ThisDay Newspaper (written by one Isioma Nkemdilim Nkiruka Daniel). The article sparked protest in some northern states which unfortunately turned violent and hundreds were killed, with an overwhelming majority of the dead being Muslims. The show was then concealed and moved to England as a result.

The already hostile attitude of major Nigeria Media Practitioners towards Muslims and indeed Islam, became intense from that point on till date. Muslims are vilified and slandered at every given opportunity. Whenever there is religious crisis, Muslims are automatically blamed. The media over the years have conveniently kept quiet when Muslims are prosecuted and even massacred.

Instances are abound of their deafening silence:

    1. May 2, 2004 Yelwa Massacre of over 660 Muslims, rape of Muslim Women, burning of their homes and turning their Mosques into Brothels and Beer Parlours.

    2. January 2010 massacre of hundreds of Fulani/Muslims in Kuru Karama in Plateau State.

    3. Eid Day Massacre and Cannibalization of Muslims during Eid-fitr in 2011.

    4. Southern Kaduna Post Election Violence where over a thousand defenceless Muslims where killed because they were CPC supporters. Till date thousand of the displaced still leaves in refugee camps, abadoned by both federal and Kaduna State government, afraid but cannot return to their homes. All you hear in the media is Eight Christian Corp Members that was killed.

    5. JTF killings of Muslims and burning of houses in Maiduguri. Etc

Silverbird is just acting the same old boring script. In the first place, the company has nothing good to offer except the filth and obscenity they propagate in the name of “entertainment”. Without their America wannabes presenters and anchors, the station is one big empty blank space.


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13 thoughts on “Silverbird Television Yanked Out Islamic Programme Midway for a Christian Cartoon

  1. In d 1st place i was surprised to see stv anchore an Islamic Programme because everyone know them 4 what d station stand 4. 2ndly, u hardly see muslim working in d station except their news editor Sulaiman Abdulkareem of cause, not 2long he started woking there. And lastly, it is obvious dat stv is a clear enemy of islam and we muslims, of course we dont nid their friendship or likeness. Though what they did is wrong and very insulting 2cut off a paid programme mid way, especially during d month of Ramadan. But I will imploy d producer of d programme to take d programme 2another station afterall it is not free. lt is even bad to eat once enemy food. Stv is a clear enermy of islam. A station dat even find it hard 2 wish muslims hitch free Ramadan. Abeg 4get them, they are nothing but kufur.

  2. When will the muslims community come to terms that silver bird tv isn’t ours? In as much as we continue to patronise them, we will never get what we want even though its paid programme. Let’s stop lamenting and act proactive by setting up ours…its simple..enough of this lamentation please..Allah will never change the condition of people until we are ready to change it ourselves…idina siratal mustaqim!

    Allahu Musta’an!

  3. This is a clarion call to our well to do muslims to at least set up a media out fit to propagate Islam and as well refute lies these so called media tell about our wonderful deen. Where are they-Dangote and co. I am not to judge but life should not be wasted amassing wealth u cannot take with u to the grave. Use ur resources to propagate Islam. Abeg does of us wen no get money like dem dangote we fit dey do am in our own little way like hakeem and co. May Allah bless u All. Ramadan kareem

  4. This is just a stupid article. When making comments or writing articles, look at both sides of the coin. AIT, an independent television station doesn’t show Christain programmes in kano. So what are we talking about. The hypocrisy that Muslims show is actually amazing. Allow AIT to show Christain programmes in kano and we would join to carry placards against Silverbird.

    • If I say something harsh now somebody will accuse me of being too aggressive. How will somebody with brains in his head equate Kano, a 99% Muslim state to the rest of Nigeria.

      Is AIT owned by Muslims? Who would AIT be showing Christians programmes to in Kano? And how does that even connect to anything?

      Since AIT is not showing Christian programmes for 99% Muslims of Kano, so Silverbird can cut a paid Islamic Programme on their national tv midway and replace it with Christian cartoon?

      It is amazing that human beings can be this daft to suggest such stupidity.

      • @naijainfoman, your comment is quite shameful, so if Kano is 99% muslim, you are saying that the remaining 1% have no right to any form of programming for them from AIT? That’s quite unfair. As much as you have grouses, let them be well articulated. Most of the instances you even cited as Muslim massacres were retailiations against fulani herdsmen who had attacked defenseless villagers!!!

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  7. Muslims should shut their trap. find a life for yurselves dickens. why would anyone in his/her sensible mind choose to air anything from a terror minded group of persons? i’d rather see an oj simsons than any o’ that. geddit? nullsense bullcrap!!!

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