Obama and Eminem

The Prophet (Muhammad) sallallahu alayhi wa salam said:

By the One whose the soul of Muhammad is in His Hand, the hour will not be established until obscenity and stinginess become prominent, the trustworthy will be mistrust, the betrayal will be trusted, the Wa’ul will perish and the Tahut will prevail”.

The companions asked “who are the Al-Wa’ul and the At-Tahut?” And he replied

Al-Wahul are noble people and the At-Tahut are despicable people who people didn’t use to regard.

(Recorded byAl-Hakeem and At-Tabaarani. Declared sahih by Albani)

According to Muhammad Al ‘Areefi, Al-Wa’ul are people considered noble because of their moral standard, religious knowledge or progressive achievements in the society while At-Ta’ut are low class people in terms of moral standard and religious knowledge and they have nothing positive or progressive to offer to the society. He said many people today have little regard for noble people like scholars, academicians, historians, scientist and inventors. Instead people who take up baseless activities as their profession become the most famous and have the media serving and promoting their activities.

Sheik faisal likened At Ta’ut to celebrities like film, television, sport and pop stars who promote vices like fornication, adultery, and homosexuality and even shirk. They are perceived as rebels, breakers of rules or outcast. Madonna became famous for rising up her skirt for public to see and for kissing females on stage. Rihanna’s pornographic clips are increasing her in fame by the day, rap artist become famous for their vulgar songs that often depict women and sex in the most violent and animalistic terms., Angelina Jolie’s fame soured up when she began to have babies outside wedlock and Lady Gaga is famous for her monster (satanic) make up and hairdo for which she is nicknamed “mother monster”.

Megan Williams, 10, was dancing to Lady Gaga songs when she put the belt to her dressing gown around her neck. The cord, which was tied to a bunk bed, tightened as she danced around and strangled her to death.

These people who do not possess any value worth emulating but yet they often idolized in an obsessive and addictive manner. Monster Gaga‘s has a rabid and growing cult of fans that has surpassed the 10 million mark, the highest number of fans for a living person, more than Barack Obama, more than Oprah Winphrey. In 2012 she become a feature of a temporary exhibition titled “The Elevated: From the Pharaoh to Lady Gaga” marking the 150th anniversary of the national museum in Warsaw. Gaga wore a meat dress to the 2010 MTV video music awards which was supplemented by boots, a purse and a hat that were all made from the flesh of a dead animal. She was awarded in recognition of the dress. uk named her one of the best dressed people of 2010 while time magazine’s named the dress the fashion statement of 2010.

Millions are also hooked to the lifestyle of the celebrities and subscribe to channels to keep themselves updated with the minute details of such obnoxious character that do not have anything positive to offer. An example is “meet the kardashian” a programme that follows the life of a spoilt and conceited family with fame and wealth but no substance, who only put emphasis on their looks and appearance.

We also have the Big Brother Africa, a show that follows the activities of housemate with morally objectionable behavior like excess smoking, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, idleness, wasteful feeding habits, gluttony and often portrayed with exaggerated tattooed bodies, nose and tongue rings for girls, ear clips and shabby hair styles for the men. This programme has more vices to teach than positive value to young people all over the African continent

In another hadith, Abu Hurairah narrated that the Prophet said the

Ruwaybida will speak

And when asked who were the Ruwaybida? He said

they are the fools who speak about public affair” At-Tabaraani.

According to some scholars, these people who follow their whims and desires will occupy positions of power and influence and will speak for the masses. Today we witness how the power and influence of these people even goes beyond their realm of their talent. They often come Popular TV shows to give talks ranging from parenting, relationship and health and people take their words hook line and sinker.

Actor George Clooney

Despite their perverted lifestyles, they also influence world leaders on the field of economics, environment, world peace etc. A typical example is in 2006 when George Clooney was given the opportunity to address the united nation security council about Darfur crises.

Madonna who is considered a gay icon in the gay community was rated as one of the 25 influential women in the world. In 2011 she urged her fans to support same-sex marriage in New York, posting the following message on her website: “New yorkers your voices must be heard. Tell your state congressmen to support same sex marriage bill. All you need is love.” And the marriage equality act was passed one week later.

Lady gaga has been involved in the debate surrounding SB 1070, Arizona’s recently-enacted anti-immigration law. She also appeared at Europride, a pan-European international event dedicated to LGBT pride, held in Rome in June 2011. She criticized the intolerant state of gay rights in many European countries and described homosexuals as “revolutionaries of love Angelina Jolie another gay advocate is a special envoy and former goodwill ambassador for the united nations high commissioner for refugees.

Era of Strangers

Written By: Dialog NG

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  1. It’s a nice composition but I implore that Nass of the first quoted hadeeth be preserved well, plz check hadeeth no 3211 in As-Silsilatu as-Saheehah of Ash-Shaykh al-Albaany

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