U.S. Democrats and the Jerusalem Vote

Barack Obama and Joe Biden at the DNC 2012

Mitt Romney has consistently stated his belief that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. President Obama has repeatedly refused to say the same himself. Now is the time for President Obama to state in unequivocal terms whether or not he believes Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.” Romney’s spokeswoman, Andrea Saul

The truth is that Obama have always expressed support for an undivided Jerusalem as Israel capital. But in fear of losing Jewish sponsors, the panicked Democratic Party, at their Convention few nights ago, voted to reinstate a line supporting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in their policy platform. But unfortunately for them, the whole scripted process did not go as planned as it ended in a debacle.

The Chairman of the convention Antonio Villaraigosa addressed the delegates proposing a vote to reinstate the line that committed the Democratic party to support Jerusalem as Israel Capital. All that was needed to do this was a two-third majority vote. Villaraigosa then called for those in favour of the change to shout ‘Aye’ and those against ‘No’. It was hard to tell, with the two sounding evenly-divided. Visibly confused Villaraigosa called for another vote, yet the ‘Aye’ and ‘No’ appeared evenly split.

At this point, the very scripted Convention had clearly gone off script and has to be brought back in line. So Mr. Villaraigosa asked for a third and final vote which also clearly went the way of the previous ones, but nonetheless, Villaraigosa declared that the resolution is passed by a two-third majority when it was clearly not. And his declaration was followed by a loud booing in the hall.

In an attempt to legitimise its occupation of East Jerusalem, Israel is demanding that the world recognises all of Jerusalem, as its capital. and whatever Israel wants, they get with the aid of the United States. So wanting to be seen as more Pro-Israel, Democrats and Republican fall over themselves to please their Jewish contributors especially during an election year. In 1995, a Republican dominated Congress past a law requiring the U.S embassy in Tel Aviv be moved to occupied Jerusalem. And since then the issue of occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital becomes a serious issue every election year. In year 2000, while addressing a Pro-Israel group during US Presidential campaign , Bush said:

As soon as I take office I will begin the process of moving the US ambassador to the city Israel has chosen as its capital

In 2008, while attempting to be a more extreme Pro-Israel, Barack Obama said;

“Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel….. It should remain an undivided city…

In the U.S, everything concerning the racist entity of Israel is always surrounded by absurdities and shameful practices. The moment Israel is mentioned America loses her senses.

Sometime last year the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US congress had a public hearing entitled: “Promoting Peace? Reexamining US Aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA)”. While the hearing was about cutting aid to Palestine, not one of the four witnesses was Palestinian-American, Arab-American, or even sympathetic to the Palestinian point of view. The Democrats and Republicans competed between themselves in racist comments directed at the victims of Israel atrocities ie the Palestinians.

At the end of the day, one message that could clearly be taken away from the hearing was that all Palestinians (except perhaps Salem Fayyad, who they didn’t think was so bad) are ungrateful, Jew-hating, terror- worshipping freeloaders who are too lazy to work for peace and who glorify violence.” MEDEA BENJAMIN and ALLISON McCRACKEN (See: Madness in US Congress )

February last year, a resolution sponsored by about 120 Countries was before the UN Security Council condemning Israel illegal settlement activities in occupied Palestine. 14 members of the Security Council voted in favour of the resolution and only America voted against it. The resolution did not pass because of the veto power of the United States.

“The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 explicitly forbids an occupying power from transferring its civilian population into occupied territory. Notwithstanding this ban, almost half-a-million Jewish Israelis with Israeli government support have moved into settlements it has constructed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and formally annexed occupied territory in East Jerusalem, a move not recognized by any other government in the world….

“Israeli settlement policies also violate international human rights prohibitions against discrimination. Human Rights Watch recently documented Israel’s two-tier system for the Palestinian and Israeli Jewish populations in the 60 percent of West Bank area that Israel controls and in East Jerusalem. Israeli policies deliberately withhold basic services from Palestinians, causing tremendous hardships by preventing and punishing the construction of homes and infrastructure for their communities, while providing generous financial benefits and infrastructure for Jewish settlements. Such differential treatment lacks any security rationale, but is meted out on the prohibited basis of race, ethnicity, and national origin.” Human Right Watch

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nation, Susan Rice, agreed then “about the folly and illegitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity” but she said further that the U.S. believes “it is unwise” for the U.N. Security Council to attempt to resolve key issues between the Israelis and Palestinians. This is the typical America arrogance, every other country that voted in favour of the resolution to condemn Israel illegal settlement activities are wrong, only the Americans has the superhuman ability to think it is “unwise“.

White Washing War Crimes

America has arrogantly defended Israel’s atrocities and they do this without any shame. Israel confiscation of Palestinian land, construction of settlements and the transfer of Jewish citizenry to occupied Palestinian territories is a clear violation of international law, but yet United State continuously shade Israel even from a mere UN Security Council condemnation.

In addition, America annually gives a very wealthy Israel, $3 billion as military aid (while over 40 million Americans live in poverty). America continue to financially support Israel militarily despite Israel constant disregard to international laws, war crimes and gross human right violation such as dropping white phosphorous on civilians in Gaza, killing of 10 international humanitarians in international waters, bulldozing of Palestinian homes and orchards, and imprisonment of peaceful protesters Palestinian leaders etc. the list is endless.

So, it was not surprising when Antonio Villaraigosa shamelessly declared that the amendment was passed when even a deaf man would disagree.  Their allegiance to the criminal entity of Israel has made them lose their senses.

 Indeed, as the adage goes, those who the gods want to kill, they will first make mad. 


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