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Death, Death, Death,
Everyday I ponder about you,
Everyday you arouse in me depression,
without restriction,
Harboured by the pain of collision,
Of my thoughts without omission,
Causing feelings of oppression,
Drowning me in depression.

Who can erase this depression,
Flowing in my veins without regulation,
Leading to a breakdown of my emotion,
Causing in me feelings of demotion,
Everyday without hesitation,
Drowning me in depression.

How will I be saved from this depression,
Powered by clutches of regression,
Causing much havoc without conciliation,
Leading me to no destination,
Leaving me in much contemplation,
Of events without hesitation,
Without exclusion,
Drowning me in depression.

I no longer tango with procrastination,
I act without hesitation,
For death strikes without notification,
With ability to reach any location,
Unconcerned with your aspiration,
And that fact causes in me depression.

I smile amidst the anticipation,
Of death for there is no time for preparation,

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