OH George I was just about to commend your effort until my eyes fell on an equally callous and insensitive statement that you are pretending to be castigating, until you started with the typical Nigerian statement that has become a cliché now in the ears of many Muslim especially in the North which has directly or indirectly showed us that this stupid Lord Lugard,s idea of a “united Nigeria” is nothing but a hoax, a delusion and a fallacy. Call me unpatriotic if you like. I just learnt to become one from the statement of your likes on facebook who have come to make me and many other detest this suffocating entity called a united Nigeria

Where were you when Boko refused to heed to sultan warning and declare their non allegiance to him practically saying they donot have any allegiance with the million of Nigerian Muslim who heed to the sultan’s call. Where were you when they were calling all the million of Nigerian who do not share their ideology apostate and infidel and deemed it fit to shed the blood of such Muslims

Where were you when clerics and their follower in Maiduguri were gunned down in their homes and mosques because they were openly condemning boko haram even in their Friday sermons? Where were your types when Jaafar was gunned down in a state of prostration during the Morning Prayer for insisting that Boko haram is an anti Islamic ideology? Where were you when jaafar invited Muhammad yusuf over to Saudi to sort out the issue of boko haram with Saudi cleric who further castigated the ideology and demanded that Muhammad yusuf goes back to Nigeria and retrace his step. If you don’t have that information, look for the tape “shin boko haramun ne and boko ba haramun bane” a sermon of Jaafar castigation of the sect shortly before he was killed in the mosque.

Where were you when Isa panatami and his family fled the country because he declared boko haram a perverted ideology.

Where were you when sheik Albani declared boko haram as khawarij and called upon Muslims to bring any known boko haram to face the capital punishment where they deserve it. If you are not aware go and search for the 3 series cd “ karen bana magani zomon bana”. I have them for free if you wish to listen.

You may never here such news because they are not fit for consumption until and only when a police headquarters or a church is boomed that people go gaga about the sanctity of human life. The whole nation didn’t not care about the the plight of the people Maiduguri and the cleric who were bold enough to condemn bh until the police head quarter was bombed, because you and so many others believe that the lives of these voiceless people whom you consider as illiterate is not worth that of your stupid and castrated criminals that you call the police .

Boko Haram Kills Islamic Cleric in Borno and Traditional Ruler in Yobe

Boko Haram Kills Sheik Bashir Mustapha

And for blaming bh on implement ation of Sharia why are there no bh in zamfara. Why are Christian still going to their church, dressing the way the like on the streets of Gusau, talata mafara and co.

Before you chide muslims for not doing enough tell us what they enough should be and tell us how a people can do better than. If you want the msulim to curtail Bh, they can only do it best under the sharia sytem which will be tasked with fishing, hunting, fighting and punishing this guys and even have them face the capital punishment.

When churches are attacked and Christian are killed innocently and we always rise to condemn it, our clerics rise to condemn it evn though they do not have the media to air such sermon but it always falls on your deaf fault finding ears despite the fact that we don’t demand or hear hear your own condemnation when Muslims were cannibalize on their praying ground or when Muslims women were raped in yelwa and shendam.

Barely one week ago, 4 youth were killed in the southern jungle of Aluu community. There was no single word of blame or reproach against this youth by any Muslim or northerner even as they were slandered as cultist. Instead we all shared the pain, strongly condemned the barbarism and called for justice in our various walls and pages because we saw them as human and not as Christians or southerners as most of you do. If you had accorded the same to the plight of the innocent people of Maiduguri without rubbing in blame with your insensitive statement, I would have declared you free of the bigotism that has eaten deep into the fabric of the senses of many of you in the southern jungle of Nigeria.

By: Dialog NG

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  1. Its my first time of visiting the site I’m really really impressed by what i read, We need many of your type to stand up for Islam, propagate the religion using social media for those that see nothing good in Islam to see. Jazakallahu kaira

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