Yet Another Massacre of Muslims in Maiduguri

Bodies of victims of JTF 2009 in Maiduguri

It was with horror this morning that we read about (yet) another massacre of Muslims in Maiduguri last night (1/11/2012).

According to AFP, members of the dreaded Joint Task Forces swarmed into Kalari area of Maiduguri late Thursday and ordered Muslim males in their teens and early 20s to separate from others in the neighbourhood. They told the young men “to lie face down on the ground,” then asked the rest to look away.

All we heard were gunshots. They shot them on the spot,” said the elderly resident, who did not want to be named.

They did the same in three other neighbourhoods (Gwange, Sabon Lamba and Gomboru). We went to the morgue to collect the bodies and we found 48 in all.”

A resident of the city’s Gwange area told AFP that the alleged massacre was:

Like a movie scene …….. (The troops) picked young men from their homes and were shooting them dead before everyone and took the bodies away to the hospital. I have never seen something like this,”

A morgue attendant also confirmed to AFP that they “received 39 bodies yesterday which were brought in by soldiers. They all have fresh gunshot wounds

Weeks ago (Monday 8/10/2012 precisely) the Joint Task Force (JTF), now commonly referred to as “Joint Terrorist Force“, reportedly killed over 30 civilians and burnt down about 50 houses when an Improvised Explosive Device, IED, planted on their route exploded killing a Lieutenant and two other officers. Witnesses and survivals narrated gruesome accounts of how houses, cars, and shops were burnt by JTF. Among those killed were said to be women and students.

Despite mounting allegation of genocide, destruction of homes and other gross human rights violations levelled against members of JTF in the past months, the Presidency and others in authority have completely ignored persistent call to caution JTF, thus the killings have continued unabated to the delight of the likes of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and crowns like the attention seeking Femi Fani-Kayode who have consistently called on the Federal Government to be more forceful in tackling the Boko Haram insurgency.

Amnesty International on Thursday charged Nigeria’s security forces with committing massive rights violations, including summary executions, in their campaign against Boko haram. The rights group documented series of extra-judicial killings, burning of homes and other gross human right violations by the military and police in Maiduguri. Read the full report here

I have compiled some reports and accounts posted on the internet, particularly Facebook, of what happened in Maiduguri on the 8th of October, 2012:


Nigerian soldiers indiscriminately fired on residents of a troubled northern city Monday, killing several, while also burning homes and shops after a bomb blast targetted an army patrol, witnesses said.

Initially, soldiers that came after the explosion harassed residents, whipping them,” said one resident of the city of Maiduguri.

But later they went on a shooting spree and started setting homes and shops on fire” he added, putting the number of dead at about 30.

Another resident, who did not give an estimate of the death toll, said, “soldiers came into the neighbourhood and started attacking people, shooting everybody in sight.

Rights groups have previously accused the military of using brutal tactics when responding to attacks on their personnel…..


It is truly disheartening that OUR OWN military, as represented by the JTF, is now behaving like a force of occupation in our land. No rules of engagement are observed as homes of innocent poor citizens are being wantonly set ablazed without any investigation. Our people are being killed in dozens and hundreds also without regard to any investigation, even though these people can easily be arrested. The JTF behaves as though Borno is a conquered enemy territory. Who sent you here please?

The most shocking thing is that nobody talks against these atrocities. Our highly placed citizens, both in Government and in Business have ignored the ongoing ethnic cleansing in our land. Where are the human rights activists? Where is amnesty international and the rest? Does it mean that the life and property of our people have become so cheap that their destruction will attract no sanction from anyone? We know that Boko Haram is the reason why you are here but don’t you have a civilised way of painstakingly weeding them out of this peace loving society? What happened to winning hearts and minds of the locals? Civilised soldiers go for the hearts and minds of the host community, they are never hostile. At the end, they always get the support they desire.

Shagari and Buhari uprooted Maitatsine without destroying anyone’s home, those who were affected, were adequately compensated by the then Federal Government. It is time to speak out, my dear brothers and sisters. We must not watch by while our people are being obliterated.
– culled from Borno Project.


It is really painful and disheartening the way the media only report that there was an attack by Boko Haram or exchange of fire between Boko Haram and JTF without telling the level of destruction the JTF has done,without saying the exact number of innocent people the JTF has killed mercilessly, without saying the number of cars, shops and many properties the JTF has destroyed! Wallahi (By Allah) the destruction of life and properties done by the JTF here in Maiduguri is more than what the sect has done, sometimes I wonder, are the JTF brought in for peace keeping or for killing and HUMMILIATING innocent people like you and me?? Were they brought to give us peace of mind or were they brought to turn us into scape goats?? Where are the so called Human Rights Activist? Where is the Federal Government? Are we in a Military regime or Democratic nation?Where are the so called elite and literate people of Maiduguri?? By Allah If today you are seeing it happening to other people, tomorrow it will be your turn! All Nigerian please let’s put hand together and bring an end to this MASSASCRE!! Please read and pass it on! A concerned citizen of Maiduguri. PLEASE PRAY FOR MAIDUGURI and rebroadcast to create awareness for our beloved Maiduguri.
SOS from maiduguri

A. A. Ahmed from Maiduguri wrote:

“…..What is happening in Borno will only make headlines if a non muslim is involved. Last week Sunday along teaching hospital I had my fair share of JTF brutality when a mobile police man for reasons am yet to know used his gun to break my headlamps my windscreen and kept on hitting me with the but of his gun until the same soldiers he was working with came to my rescue.

“I always believed I have a strong heart but as we drove past Lagos street yesterday with my team I could not hold back the tears (on seeing what JTF did there), I kept asking these questions if aged women are now members of BH? Quite a number of bodies we saw one can easily tell are students going to the university…..(At) Maikale Shopping Complex. Its horrible as you see women and children by new GRA hiding from the soldiers. Its crazy and unforgivable. We don’t expect such from those brought in to protect us.”

In conclusion, what has become evident from the actions of JTF and the silence of the Government to the criminality of JTF is an intention to provoke ordinary Muslims (especially northern Muslims) to violence in a bid to justify their narrative and atrocities against Muslims and to further distabilise the North, knowing Muslims are not always going to sit back and allow these unwarranted and unjustified killing of innocent Muslims by gutless and godless “supposed security men”.

Projections of 2030 and statistics are against Oritsejafor and his diabolic slave masters across the Atlantic. So they employ all possible means to ensure they maintain their economic, social, educational and political dominance over the North and Muslims, hence they keep testing the patience of the community with the actions of their boys (JTF).

If lessons can be taken from history, this will not profit anybody. If this ship will sink, we are all going down together.


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17 thoughts on “Yet Another Massacre of Muslims in Maiduguri

  1. I believe d@ d govt and d media works hand in hand 2 distract Muslims and distabilize Muslim community as Allah watch dem i know deir harm and eganess shal perish. All hypocrite among d Muslim shal face d wrath of Allah ova careless talk dey use 2 uta. Oh Allah make concious Muslims powerful ova d enemies of Islam. Ameeeeen.

  2. Inna Nillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Raaja’uun!!!
    This is what is happening in Jos, Kano and other muslim states where there is JTF. But that of Maiduguri is getting out of hand and it is high time the so called leaders of the North to speak out before we stand to defend our brothers because we cannot continue this way.

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  15. Stop deceiving yourself. The JTF are made up of muslims too. Falani Muslims had planned that until the reach the atlantic ocean they wouldn’t rest. Stop deceiving yourselves, no one is killing muslims, The cult Boko Haram is killing muslims, the sooner you wake up the better for you.

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