Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa

I was probably among the last few active internet users to have heard of the death of Governor Ibrahim Patrick Yakowa. I did not get the report of the crash up until around 8pm of the said day. The Governor was said to be humble, gentle and had a very good relationship with people around him.

With his death, his good nature became more obvious. I came to the conclusion of his good nature from updates, posts and comments of people living in Kaduna and elsewhere and from information gathered over the past few years.

Meanwhile, as usual and as expected, the social media community went viral with allegations from the Christian community accusing Muslims of being behind the crash. These deranged “warriors” proposed several outrageous conspiracy theories that has no basis in reality.

Some have accused the pilot of purposely crashing the helicopter in hope of getting 75 virgins in Paradise. Others alleged that the decision to kill Yakowa was taken at the gathering of northern leaders at the wedding of Vice President Sabo daughter. All these very serious allegations where made without any tread of evidence.

Then they started spreading rumours that Muslims were jubilation and celebrating in Kaduna over Yakowa’s death. And of course, this also turned out to be false from the bearers of falsehood.

These uncultured soldiers for Christ have rained barrage of insults on the whole Muslim community, Islam and the Prophet of Islam صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ as a result of Yakowa’s death.

Abacha died and its on record that the Nigeria Christian community celebrated. Abiola, a Muslim, was killed or died to give way for a Christian President, Obasanjo. Yar’adua, a Muslim, died in office and Jonathan, a Christian became president. In all this instances, nobody accused Christians of being behind the deaths, nobody rain abuses on Christian, Christianity and on Jesus Christ.

My advice to Christian Pastors, Ministers and Evangelists, rather than spend all the time preaching prosperity and imaginary Muslim plots, they should take few minutes out every Sunday and teach their followers tolerance and respect for other faith and beliefs.

Conclusively, I once wrote an article I never had the time to conclude and publish on the aftermath of the Post Election Violence of 2011 in Kaduna. And unlike the Plateau Crisis, there was no indication that the Yakowa Government played a role in the massacre of Muslims in Southern Kaduna (I however stand to  be corrected).

So I had always had great respect for Yakowa. Unlike his evil colleague in Plateau State (Jonah Jang), I have had no reason to dislike him. Our sincere condolence goes to his family and the people of Kaduna State.




  1. Unfortunately, this is a very disappointing piece.
    If the false rumor is expected and unusual (as the writer said) in our society, I wonder why he spent all the time to denounce it.
    More disappointing is that the writer chose to insult people who had a different opinion from his, calling them ‘uncultured soldiers of Christ’. Whatever informed his conclusion that these people are of Christian faith ??????
    The writer showed much more religious bigotry by attempting to relate people’s emotion (or joy) of Abacha’s death to religious differences. Even though I will not like to speak ill of the dead, a few things is worth mentioning; this was a president that killed many innocent Nigerians in the quest to remain in power, Muslims inclusive, eg, Musa Yar’dua, Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, Balguda Kaltho, and many more. All over the world, people jubilate at the death of a dicatator and cruel leaders and Nigerians cannot be an exception. It is perhaps worthless to mention that Muslims alike also jubilated at the death of Abacha as saying so will reduce me to the level of this writer.
    The argument that so many Muslim leaders have given way for Christians to assume office has no place here. Patriotic Nigerians except the like of Igho Hakeem (the writer) do no care who governs or rules them. We only want to be led well. This is why the whole nation (Muslims & Christians) voted for a all Muslim Presidential Ticket of Abiola and Kingibe in 1993.
    Whereas, the death of Abiola was greeted with much protest from the Christian dominated south, his death umpired by a Muslim president (Abubakar) heralded the new democratic era in Nigeria.
    Mr Igho should keep his ‘advice to Pastors’ to himself. If he is disturbed or jealous about the prosperity message, he can accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour so that he can partake in the commonwealth of Abrahamic convenant. No Pastor has the time for any ‘Muslim plot’ or has he heard of any violence or civil disruption after a Sunday service ??? But there have been countless bloodsheds and rampage after Juma’t service killing innocent Nigerians and Muslims. So, who should preach tolerance and respect for other faith as advised by Mr. Igho, Pastors or Imams ????
    The conclusion according to Mr Igho speaks volume about who he truly is – a religious bigot. By attempting to justify that the in-fighting in Plateau and the killing of Muslims is by Christians and supported by a Christian Governor in Mr Jonah jang whom the writer admitted to dislike shows that he is not informed. All opinion leaders (including Muslims and Christians), government white papers (state and Federal), NGOs, independent commentators etc have time and time again said there is no religious coloration to the Plateau crisis instead it was due to settler – Indigene dispute, which is not peculiar to Plateau state alone in contemporary Nigeria. The insincerity on part of some leaders and comments made by the likes of Mr Igho is what makes the Plateau case unresolved. Remember that the Ife-Modakeke war was all about indigenes and settler and this case has been resolved.
    In my own conclusion, I don’t care who succeeds who or who becomes what. I am only interested in a person that will reduce avoidable road accidents due to poor roads in Nigeria, reduce child mortality rate, guarantee adequate security and protection for all citizenry, fix the epileptic power supply and create conducive atmosphere and policy that will engender job creation and above all set Nigeria on a platform to attain her full potential in the comity of nations.

    Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • I love ur reply, the best answer for people who do not think before writing articles. And may I remind you, that the whole nation was grief stricken at the death of Yar’adua, and majority of people, Christains inclusive voted for him.

    • Firstly, this article was not written to make you or anybody feel good. The sole intend is to call Christians, especially Nigeria Christians to put their house in order.

      Christians are on social media and every other place harassing Muslims. And its unfortunate that you cannot read very well. The issue here is not about differences of opinion, it is about the peddling of unfounded allegations and rumours by Christians against Muslims.

      The issue is as simple as ABC

      1. Why have Christians unleashed their anger on Muslims on social media because a Christian Governor died on an Helicopter crash in far away Bayelsa State?

      2. Why where Christian propagating the rumour that Muslims where celebrating the death of Yakowa?

      3. Why do Christians use the slightest opportunity to insult Muslims, Islam and the Prophet of Islam?

      These are the questions the article raised. And this summarizes my problem with the Christian community. I never said I had problem with Christianity. I merely implore you people to put your house in other.

      This is not a referendum on General Sani Abacha or MKO Abiola. The only reason I mentioned Abacha, MKO and Yar’adua was to make the point that Muslims never accused Christians on being behind the deaths.

      Your intended lesson in history is not necessary here.

      There is nowhere I justified the in fighting in Plateau State. I do not like Jang because he is a bad person. The recent Amnesty Internation report also pointed to the fact of a possible culpability of Jonah Jang in the atrocities committed against Muslims in Plateau State.

      Lastly, I am not Jealous about the prosperity massage of your Churches. What is there to be jealous about? The prosperity message have turned your sons to armed robbers and kidnappers and daughters to sexual objects and prostitutes.

      Have you ever seen a man who eats up his own vomit?

      Asking me to “accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour” is asking me to eat up my own vomit. I can’t do that.

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