“Goldie Harvey Situation”: AN EXTREMELY EDUCATING RANT….Answering the Rejoinder

boehm_pWhen a grown up man dances naked in the market square and you ask if he has mental problem you have diagnose yourself of a more chronic mental problem. But when a little child acts funny you may think he is just being a child more so when he displays symptoms of Visual Dyslexia; a learning disease that makes one arrange words wrongly.

It is this learning disease that the laptop and modem journalist called George Onmonya Daniel suffers and this is why in writing a rejoinder to my earlier piece on Goldie he refers to my article as “the ranting of an educated extremist” whereas he meant it was an extremely educating ranting.

Away from the man’s disability, allow me to look at his concerns:

Firstly, much of his article was just a repetition of what I have said and one wonders if he is billed for every original sentence he makes. He however managed to make a claim that my article says no musician should be immortalised because all they sing about is immorality. Well, I don’t know where he saw that the whole article but let’s assume I said that for the sake of argument; George’s response was as follows:

Just few weeks back on the day the Super Eagles played and won the Nation’s Cup, we all saw D’bang singing at the closing ceremony. That song was in a sense senseless. But it sold millions of copy and won many awards. Who says everything must make sense before it makes an impact

So this comedian agrees D’banj’s songs are senseless but insists that because it sold millions then it is praise worthy. Who will tell this badly brought up child that China makes 27 BILLION DOLLARS in sales of Pornography and it is banned in that country. Who will tell this road side comedian that the annual value of small arms and ammunition imports to the United States is reported to be over 1.5 BILLON DOLLARS….Mr. Ibu, things are not good just because they sell.

Secondly, this fellow had the effrontery to make the “point” that since other people died unnoticed on February 14 then whoever was noticed was a worthy “ambassador” and celebrity who “represents” his/her country. So let me make a list of “worthy” ambassadors by his standard and the countries they represent: Adolf Hitler (representing Germany), Slobodan Milosevic (representing Yugoslavia), as well as a “famous” guy like Clifford Orji the cannibal representing Nigeria. SERIOUSLY, WHO THINKS LIKE THIS?

Thirdly, the Ward 2 Patient in question explodes as thus;

We should learn to give honour to those who deserve honour. What is wrong with singing about love, sex and booty?

If honour is due to those who sing about “booty” (a woman’s buttocks) what is due to those who make scientific discoveries even in a country without the needed equipment for research? What is due on the average Nigerian who manages to smile when he lives on less than 2 dollars a day and knows that 2 hundred thousand dollars is what some politicians give their children from our coffers to hang out with their girlfriends? What is due on your mother who carried you for 9 months and preserved your father’s name for you by not sleeping around; an act promoted by the same characters you so defend….she should really be ashamed of the man you have become.

It was one of such artistes that said as follows: “tonight I might meet my next ex wife”….in other words women are to be used and dumped and this is the same reason they tell them to back the camera and “shake what your mama gave ya”, and you think this is being “worthy ambassadors”?….How can someone possibly be so absent minded?

Conclusively, I’ll advice you to think before you write next time. That’s if there is a next time for you in which case you have not realised that writing even alphabets alone is not your calling. And I do appreciate your confessed love for what you called my “literal prowess”; I did not think that much of myself and still do not. This is why I wish I could return the compliment…..but there was really nothing about your position to compliment and I am not one given to telling lies. Please forgive me.

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

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One thought on ““Goldie Harvey Situation”: AN EXTREMELY EDUCATING RANT….Answering the Rejoinder

  1. Whilst I appreciate almost all of the posts on here I do not think that this is a forum for what I call “verbal wars”. There is a way we pass our message across without actually resorting to insults or impolite remarks. To be a good conversationalist we must talk about our views with others with utmost respect and disagree with them politely. May Allah SWT continue to bless you brother for the good work you’re doing with this forum.

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