Goodluck Jonathan Carricature

Goodluck Jonathan Carricature

The State’s pardon on Diepreiye Alamieyeisegha, ex-Bayelsa State Governor, shows that those at the Presidency are not only suffering from severe cluelessness, but arrogance and shamelessness.

Just as Mr. President admitted on national television that he does not give a damn that Nigerians wanted him to publicly declare his assets, he has demonstrated, once again, that he does not care what Nigerians think as he shamelessly abused his constitutional prerogatives by pardoning a convicted thief because in their community of darkness they answer only to “Ceaser”. So he does not give a damn what Nigerians thinks, he does what he likes and damn the consequences if there is ever any. One thing you cannot missed from the President who once had no shoes is his unmistakable arrogance in speech and disposition.

I am sure some foolish Nigerians will reward him with their votes in 2015 when he starts singing with his supporters the song of tribalism and bigotry. In excitement, the hypnotised lot will foolishly dance along.

Shame on all those who supported, campaigned, voted and rigged for Jonathan. Buhari wept and they laughed and mocked him, today I am sure nobody is laughing except, of course, those who get rewarded after looting our treasury.

When we shouted and warned against supporting a man just because his name is “Goodluck”, we never thought the man would easily prove us right within a short period of time that there is no good in him.

Jonathan vindicated us, but sadly and unfortunately, the man is even worse than we thought for he represents all that is wrong in the country.


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One thought on “Shameful Pardon: HOW JONATHAN VINDICATED US

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