Alhaji Asari Dokubo

Alhaji Asari Dokubo

Some weeks back I saw the actor Jim Iyke wearing a suit top on a knicker: so I wondered why someone will not be satisfied with the attention an expensive suit gives without creating a scene by making the trouser a Knicker. Just today I saw a man, who in Benin city would be described as “akatayrian” (someone who is just back from overseas with pride), dressed “to kill”, riding a neat jeep and yet he still had to cut his beards in a zig zag pattern to draw attention to his face.

So I wondered why fame and mighty positions are not enough and suddenly it hit me: people who are where they don’t deserve never get satisfied and this is why when they become President they want to eat food with billions of state funds and have 17 ambulances parked in front of their office in case of emergency health needs which they already spent millions of state funds to prevent via foreign medical check-ups. When they are actors the fact that they are famous and cannot walk the streets without someone turning to look at them is not enough fame they must wear ridiculous clothes to draw more attention. And when they are thieves who make millions from illegal bunkering they still ask the government how they will feed their children if they don’t get special payments from being jobless. Indeed the Qur’an was on point when it said it is only in the remembrance of Allah that the heart finds tranquillity
This restlessness explains why Asari Dokubo, who I think has free access to Aso Rock, has been desperately trying to get my attention for some days now via facebook postings where he mentions me and talks so much incoherence you’ll think Wiston Bunnet was making sense when he said “I’ve never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body”.

I finally decided to ignore him when I discovered he was dragging me into the dirty waters of self-pride because this is a fellow that calls whoever does not agree with him poverty stricken and one wonders how this is possible of a Muslim for the following reasons:

Firstly, the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (SAW) use to sleep on a mat so poor that marks would show on his body yet he was in custody of the wealth of the Arabia. His wife used to say for months fire will not light in their house in the name of cooking and he wore a cloth so much that a companion of his bought a new one for him and when he put it on another companion said I like this and he went in, changed into the old one and gave the new one in charity. How does a follower of this man insult others with poverty?

Secondly, according to the faith Asari is sometimes loud about, there is something called Qadar (i.e. divine predestination). It is said that a number of things have already been stated in the destiny of a person and this includes what he or she will earn in his/her whole life. The beauty of this belief has two implications for a man like Asari. The first one is that he did not have to be a thief to get all these money he boast of because whatever reach him by stealing would have reached him if he did legitimate business even if it was “pure water” he sold. The second implication is that there is just no room for boasting about wealth because whoever will have it will have it and whoever will not have it will not have it so even if he had gotten wealth after hard work this wealth is supposed to mean he thanks Allah not that he becomes arrogant because not even hard work alone can give you wealth otherwise the brick layers will be some of the wealthiest persons in the country.

We can go on and on stating why Asari cannot be loud about Islam and be hater of the poor at the same time. We can also go on and on stating why you cannot name yourself Mujaheed and your wife Mujaheedat whereas the only Jihad you are interested in is the struggle to feed your children off haram wealth. One of the greatest Jihad is to speak the truth in the presence of the tyrant, so says the Prophet. A tyrant it was who, as Governor of Bayelsa State, took 150 million naira from poverty alleviation money to give to his friend in Lagos to bring in Jay-Z and Beyonce to a party all in the evil struggle to corrupt our youths and create the dream in them that they should have enough money to, as Jaz-Z puts it, “ship a meal”. This money would have taken a thousand Bayelsan youth off the street if they were given a loan of 150,000 to start something. Where was Asari when this evil was done and exposed in his backyard? No, Asari needed to be loyal after all the then Governor was a man who when he later became President paid Asari 1.4 billion naira yearly and Barrister Nurudeen Asunogie puts this in perspective when he said:

“Now you appreciate their obsequiousness towards leaders who are plagued by spiritual squalor. You now can appreciate that freedom fighting and pathological sycophancy are oxymoron…Ours is era glibness par excellence. Men with no utilitarian value get so much when our schools and other vital institutions of government suffer from financial anaemia. God will judge these political undertakers” 

One wonders when Asari and his kind will learn that one naira gotten in honour is better than one million gotten from sycophancy, stealing, and treasonable felony. When will Asari and his kind learn that evil is evil so that the fact that the richest Nigerians are from the North and the poorest Nigerians are from the North is evil and the fact that Igbenedion, Ibori, Alameseigha, and countless others who were not Northerners stole us blind is also evil.

This crazed bigotry wherein people are derogatorily told off as being “gambaris” worthy of beer parlour style bashing is senseless and the assumption that whoever corrects Mr. Asari is seeking for favour from the North is even more senseless more so for a Muslim because the Qur’an prohibits calling people offensive nick names as well as suspicion even worse when they are baseless. It also prohibits arrogance and tribalism which Asari represents as the reason for our being created into different nations is not for superiority or inferiority struggle but simply for identification so that we can say “do you remember Asari? The Ijaw brother”, not “don’t mind Asari, he is a bloody Ijaw man” as is common with Mr. Dokubo. Are there some northerners who do not see things in this manner? YES. Are there some Yorubas who do not see things in this manner? YES. Are there some Urhobos who do not see things in this manner? YES…tribalism is everywhere, it is lunacy aided by the stupor of natural stupidity to think the solution to tribalism and ethnic bigotry is to be a tribalist and ethnic bigot yourself.

Let me close with the words of the man of honour I quoted earlier:

All of those masquerading fighting for the “good” of the people of Niger Delta are today parvenu while the people are still in squalor. No dubiety of any sort this is the same situation with those who dominate others. The idea that evil is good for as long as it “benefits” us is the worse of evil. Let us be reminded that we will all meet with our Lord who takes no gratification. Let us fear God. We shall all be evaluated by what we say and do

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

Note Bene

The views expressed by the author are the views of naijainfoman. And I expressly endorse every word of the author who happens to be my younger brother. Perhaps Asari had the impression that he can get away with saying nonsense, insulting people’s family on Facebook and get away with it. The World Wide Web is too large for Asari alone to dominate and we will return whatever he throws at us intellectually and decisively.

AND we are not afraid…..

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