Bola Tinubu on APC, Jonathan and PDP

“(we) do not hate anybody or oppose nobody. But we oppose injustice, poverty, and bad governance. We also oppose anyone in power whose activities create condition that allows corruption, injustice, poverty, unemployment and insecurity to lives to thrive.

“ ….(we have) witnessed their (PDP) empty history. Only three days ago, the US Department of State in its annual country report identifies pervasive impunity and corruption as the hallmark of the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. Impunity remains a reference at all levels of government.

“That is what the state department said. The opposition has consistently passed the same message about this government. It is pitiable to see presidential aides trying to tell a different story. They embellish facts. Where there is none, they attack the massagers rather than heed the message

“APC is the storm to effect the needed change in Nigeria. We stand for something. It is for this reason we oppose those in power. We do not oppose for the sake of opposing.”

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu


2 thoughts on “Bola Tinubu on APC, Jonathan and PDP

  1. That is true, I see PDP and President Jonathan as people that don’t take heed to advice and what the Country is going through during their administration, what the US reported about corruption and poverty in Nigeria is true. Its shameful to see Jonathan and his Aids struggling to defend the true, but it is plain that we are dying in poverty and corruption in Nigeria.

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