NOW THIS IS HARAM…An Open Letter to Aisha Wakil and Sahara Reporters

Let me start by apologizing for writing a single letter to two persons so unrelated. What is conventional is an open letter to a person or a group of persons related but with the fast pace at which ridiculous things happen in our country I believe you both will forgive me.

I am a Muslim and I believe Islam is unique in a number of areas one of them being the concept of sin. Some say sins are equal, Islam says the one who steals meat from his mother’s pot and the one who murders innocent people have sinned but they have not sinned equally; the murderer is a greater sinner. Some say sins are only what affects another person, Islam says even when you wrong your soul you have sinned because your soul, your body and everything about you belongs to God. Others say one who sins in public is better than one who sins in private, but Islam says shame is part of faith, if you have a defect you do not advertise it so that others do not copy, you conceal it and fight it till you get it right. This is why as Muslims we take public disobedience of Allah and His Prophet double seriously hence you could imagine my surprise and that of the Muslim ummah when we saw you our beloved and respected sister and mother Hajia Aisha Wakil shaking hands with President Goodluck Jonathan during the inauguration of the committee for peace in the north whereas Islam considers driving a nail down one’s head a lesser error than shaking hands with a man who is not related to you.

Islam clearly forbids any physical contact between a man and a woman who are not related and this is from another uniqueness of the religion which focuses on preventing sin rather than an arrogant disposition of “I am too holy to sin”. This is why when we say men and women should not free mix and we are called holier than thou it is actually the case of pot calling the kettle black because those who say fornication is sinful yet mix with women are by that saying they are too holy to fall into sin no matter how close the opposite sex is.

Now we understand that you are a respected and responsibly married woman our dear Hajia Aisha but our concern is with the message your mistake must have sent more so when you are honoured to be wearing the highest form of Islamic dressing the Niqab. The message is one which gladdens the heart of the hypocrites as the sharia is ridiculed. The message is the one which misguides those who dress as honourably as you do and it is one message which gives Goodluck Jonathan the effrontery to stretch his hand for another handshake with a Muslimah so honoured whereas in Islam we believe women are too valuable to be touched at will in the name of shaking and hugging like the perverts do under the pretense that they “have nothing in mind” whereas we have always ask: how can a man who drives a vehicle and still manage to look lustfully at women say he feels nothing when a woman’s hand and his rubs each other?

It is upon this lie that men have lured women into their prison wherein the woman is simply a tool for sexual gratification so that they are the object of live pornography in the name of fashion, music videos and lewd stage performances. I know that the realisation of all these is part of the reason you have chosen the highest form of Islamic clothing; the Niqab. That Muslim clothing which the Sahara Reporters, in what can be described as a gigantic show of ignorance, thought was a Mask.

This ignorance that made a reporter of a respected Media house not know what a Niqab is is the same ignorance that made a supposedly educated Nigerian refer to my Mosque as “Hausa Church”. The same ignorance is the reason whenever I recite my Qur’an which is revealed in Arabic I am told by the non Muslims around me that I am speaking hausa. And it is the same ignorance that made someone tweet in anger that Muslims are terrible because we say “Eid Mubarak” during our festival whereas “Mubarak is an Egyptian tyrant”. Nobody told her that “Mubarak” means “blessed” and Muslims have been saying Eid Mubarak before the great grandfather of Hosni Mubarak was born. It is not so much of a crime to be ignorant if you will agree to shut up
Obviously we cannot be comprehensive when we list what these ignorance have caused world over but we can say for sure that it was again on display when you, the reporter at Sahara Reporters, on the 24th of April 2013 referred to what Hajia Aisha Wakilu was wearing as a Mask via your facebook page. But if you had stop there we would have assumed the individual who made the post on your behalf forgot to take his drugs hence his dementia was resurfacing but you didn’t; you went ahead to say she was wearing a “mask” for the fear of Boko Haram. For a news media which have earned our respect over the years this was just insanely ridiculous and we deserve your apology

One hopes to hear from you soon so that the mystery of why you, Hajia Aisha, had to disobey the Prophet, and why you, our esteemed editors at Sahara reporters, had to allow this ridicule of the Islamic dress code, will be unravelled. But in the meantime if I was to let you into my mind I’ll be finding a point where both of you meet afterall and that will be excessive attempted to please people. One did it so that a President will not be offended forgetting that it is better to please the Creator and displease the created; the other did it so that those who read their page are entertained forgetting that they are what they are for the truth and not the lies they told. Both did not consider the implication of their actions, both where selfish and both need to repent to their Creator and apologize to the people they have hurt.

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

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37 thoughts on “NOW THIS IS HARAM…An Open Letter to Aisha Wakil and Sahara Reporters

    • I don’t share a common perspective wit d writer as an independent Quran & hadith researcher though a non muslim. Aisha’s picture here jus depicted what islam is all abt – hypocrisy. Covering such as hers does not go beyond religious extremism which is all futility. A lot of women who dress like her in northern nigeria (perceived islam stronghold), have been embrassed severally when caught shoplifting to hide under their religious garment of hypocrisy. what a religion! So outward appearance can only make meaning when there is a heart (inward) transformation, which only Jesus can do this. One wonders why should somebody go thru such a punishment of covering frm head to toe in rain or sunshine? Is it a religious command? Going by d Quran,if somebody,in d name of prophecy, had once snatched an adopted son’s wife, why should others not take caution by providing a mean to protect their own wives from such a ‘prophecy’? So, my dear muslim friend, i don’t see any reason to boast in outward appearance.

  1. Masha Allah
    We pray with this your write up our Ummah will not comtinue into the sad delusion we are now
    It like the well digger with every progress into the digging he continues to go deep into darkness and he digs happily
    May Allah in His Infinate Mercy continue to lighten that which is dark

  2. Faruq. When Allah made you a Muslim, He knew what he was doing. Keep up the da’awah. Am moved to tears on the confusion in our land. A Niqaabite shaking hands with a KAFIR NON-MAHRAM MALE TYRANT!!! That is what happens when a reconciliation committee involving Islam is set up by a Kaafir. Why not pull the Niqaab so that your mission will be clear. Perhaps you can go home and boast to your friends that you shook hands with the President. May Allah forgive you.

  3. She was wearing a mask(Nikab clothing of fashionable material not to say that it has designs,I dey laugh), hence she forgot her duty as a muslimah not to have physical contact with a non-mahram,so sahara reporters were correct,unfortunately and rather ironically some people will think she was right because of her wears and the rest of us are on the extreme side, it could be that she is that kind of woman who were forced by their husband to just wear nikab without any concrete knowledge about it ,so they don’t even know the responsibility and image they carry

  4. Please my brothers in Islam,enlighten us,is it a sin/crime in Islam for a lady to have a presidential hand shake in public with a president,be it Nigeria preseident or otherworld leaders.I have witnessed a Vice chancellor that refused to have a hand sake with a muslim lady during a convocation ceremony but had a hand shake with others.

    • When Allah and his messenger says a thing, so it is. If it is right, is right & if it is wrong, it remains so forever.

    • It is wrong for both male and female to touch a non-mahram (a marriageable person),except of course those they are already married to…so it doesn’t matter whether it a president,a vice-chancellor or a janitor

    • There is nothing like a ‘presidential handshake’ as far as islam is concerned. For what purpose? it is an illusion of the highest order. what do u gain from it? must you cringe a human being while you disobey Allah your creator?

    • Don’t be funny, read the article again with an open mind, then you’ll understand the teaching and position of hand shake between a Muslim woman and any other male who is not her husband, son brother uncle or relative in general.

  5. As far as I am concerned, it all boils down to insufficient proper knowledge of Islam. Trying to practice Islam with half knowledge of it can be disastrous as Muslims all over the world are continuously illustrating. Islam is not only the five pillars, it covers all aspects of a Muslim’s life to the smallest detail. Hence the Hadith Qudsi “Search for knowledge about Me before you worship Me. How will he who does not know Me worship Me correctly?” means a Muslim is not supposed to take even a single step (in any aspect of his/her life) without knowing Allah’s ruling on it. Allah knows best.

  6. You guys should just shut the fuck up! Stop rambling… Why are you playing God? Let him handle his judgement, this is an example of unintended blasphemy! P.s am a muslim! Not a blinded farcade wearing fake ass like you people…!!

    • And you are a fake bastard muslim! An ignorant muslim! Tell us one verse of the Qur-aan – if you believe in that – or one hadith of the prophet supporting your what you just said!

      • And you are a fake bastard muslim! An ignorant muslim! Tell us one verse of the Qur-aan – if you believe in that – or one hadith of the prophet supporting what you just said!

  7. Dre, must you insult people to pass your message across. Superior argument should count here and not embark verbal vituperations. God bless the writer of the piece for the detailed and incisive write up. If anyone disagrees with him, please feel free to crticize constructively and maturely.

  8. It is presumed that Sister Aisha was on the committee not only to represent Islam, but to represent the sanctity of Muslim women as well. To have easily fallen prey to unislamic machinations is simply unimaginable. I therefore agree in whole with Aukasa, Sahara Reporters may have been right that Sister was wearing just a MASK, and not niqab. Wallahu a’alam.

  9. Salam dear brother. May Allah increase you in knowledge. But never judge! Leave Allah to judge. I am sure Sister Aisha would have realized what she did and would have asked for forgiveness. Ma shaa Allah. Please save her the embarrassment.

    • Walakum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu

      Haija, the issue is that, when somebody does a wrongful act in public, we have a duty, as Muslims, to publicly correct such action so that others don’t imitate such wrongful act.

    • No fatima, this kind of don’t judge any body, though the article is not about judging her but correcting her and at the same time pointing out the pit-falls which many Muslims knowingly or unknowing got-cut up in. is what makes other religions what they are today, for instance, allowing homosexual and lesbian marriages in their places of worship, all in the name of don’t judge the person. But as Muslims we are address as the best of mankind ever evolved, because we incur rages what is good and forbids what is evil and we believe in Allah (SWT)

  10. it’s worriable and saddatic, an act of ablegation of mental faculty whc is commonsensically nonsensical, it riots against common sense. Hajia u r to repent

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    • Blacre, backward like Priest raping small boys in the monastery, like marrying Homosexuals and lesbians in Churches, backward like Pastors and Priest Laundering drugs money in Churches and above all backward like promoting Slavery. Civilized religion indeed.

      • See lili, if islam is all about d life of mohammed as muslims purported, then we have d ground to bring out fact which malams will not tell u s essential dat muslims shud not assume dat christians are jus trying to be difficult when they imply that mohammed was a licencious man of no immaculate quality. “O believers enter not d house of d prophet except leave is given to u for meal without watchin 4 its hour. but when u re invited, then enter. when u had d meal do not linger 4 idle talk,dat is hurtful to d prophet & he is ashamed before you.” Quran 33:36.i did not quote d above to slander mohammed,but try to balance d hypocricy picture that has persisted in islam down d centuries. Can an honest muslim wit sense of justice & righteousnes see any quality reflecting divine inspiration in such a manner? comparing d report above wit d reports of d life of Jesus, can any christian be blamed to prefer being a christian with d knowledge of d above fact?

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  17. Though i dont believe in nudity as one who believe in d Holy Bible, but that of muslim covering is a bondage that emerged as a result of seeking for cover from d spirit of lust that dominate & rule inside them.That s why apart from four wives,muslims men are allow to keep sex slaves,which they coined a better name today as concubines. The temporary marriage called ‘mut’a’ in arabic is another mean thru which muslim men enjoy sex. Authentic hadith has it that, one day Hafsat came back home and what she saw going on in her room beat her imagination,her own huband(sorry, their husband) was riding on (having sex with) a slave girl he got from Egypt. He married Aisha at d tender age of seven,so senator yerima & others who married minors at the teenage years have exhibited in no small measure ‘self control’. Can somebody now see how every muslim seek refuge for his wife, daughter,or sister as d case may be,by insisting on her to cover like “Lagbaja” and not go near or even talk to a man.

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