Quote: 228 Killed and 4000 Houses Burnt in Baga, Says Senator Maina Lawan

Senator Maina Lawan

Senator Maina Lawan

“I do not intend to join issues with Nigerian military spokesman over the authenticity of his figures, but the fact is that I visited Baga and visited the three graveyards where the victims were buried. I had interacted with the aid agencies which did some of the burials, I had interacted extensively with the victims and their families.

“At one of the three graveyards called Makabartar Waya, 130 graves of victims were counted; in another graveyard called Makabartar Arewa, 60 graves were counted; then in Budumari graveyard another 30 graves of victims were counted. And inside the town, the aid agencies said they buried eight corpses which could not be evacuated evacuated to the graveyards”

“We have a serious humanitarian crises at hand in Baga and the people are at the risk of epidemics because over 4000 households have been displaced in the upheaval of fire disaster that trailed the military operation in Baga. The world should understand that a house does not necessarily mean mansion. A small peasant farmer’s house could be covering a space of 50 square meter and there he lives with his wife and two children – but that still is his house.

“As a matter of fact, anybody who walks the kilometres of houses burnt will shed tears no matter how harden his heart is,”

“I spent two says in Baga and all the while women and children were seen sitting under scorching sun because the two tents erected at the aid camps could not accommodate a quarter of the displaced populace. We plead to both humanitarian and spirited individuals and Nigerians to come to the aid of these people because the situation is very, very bad,”

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