JTF Assaults Medical Staffs, Patients and others at University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital

Joint Task Force (JTF) aka Jonathan Terrorist Force today wreak havoc at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Maiduguri, the Borno state capital. The soldiers reportedly demanded to have space for some dead bodies to be put in the Hospital’s mortuary and when told of constraint of space fired several shots and physically harassed members of staff of the health facility.

Many of those beaten include doctors, nurses, the private security operatives guarding the facility and even some patients.

UMTH Attack

A doctor who was beaten had his leg cast in POP, surrounded by his colleagues

UMTH Attack1

Bullet hole from shots fired by the JTF who came to the hospital in a JTF van

UMTH Attack2

Bullet hole

UMTH Attack3

Property of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital damaged in the attack by JTF

UMTH Attack4

Shots fired tore through and broke the louvres in an office (UMTH)

UMTH Attack5

Door of the Heamatology laboratory, UMTH rid by bullets

Picture Source: Newsbytes

The New York Times days ago gave yet another account of criminal actions of Jonathan Boys.

The report recounts how large numbers of bodies, sometimes more than 60 in a day, are being brought by JTF everyday to the hospital. The corpses were those of young men arrested in neighborhood sweeps by the military and taken to a barracks nearby. Accused, often on flimsy or no evidence, of being members or supporters of Boko Haram, the detainees are beaten, starved, shot and even suffocated to death.

Then, soldiers bring the bodies to the hospital and dump them at the morgue. The flood is so consistent that the small morgue at the edge of the hospital grounds often has no room, with corpses flung by the military in the sand around it. Residents say they sometimes have to flee the neighborhood because of the fierce smell of rotting flesh.

The bodies come in even when there have been no bombings, clashes or battles between the military and Boko Haram fighters, making it unlikely that the dead were killed in combat, terrorist attacks or similar circumstances.

“Mostly they bring the corpses from Giwa Barracks, the J.T.F.,” said one hospital worker. Most of the young men died “from beating, bullets, maltreatment,” he added. “You can hardly see a corpse here from sickness. Sometimes it is up to 120 corpses they bring.”


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