I was almost sure the CNN Newscaster was thinking to herself “what in the world are we doing, this is ridiculous” as she cast the news about one man who killed another on the street of London with the outrageous headline “Terror on the Street of London”

You won’t understand how much of a samasualted moron the person who choose this headline is until you consider that there are 350 knife crimes committed in England and Wales EVERYDAY, one every 4 minutes. How did just one knife crime amount to “Terror on the Streets of London?”

When you add this to the fact that David Cameron cut his trip short you are almost laughing in a bad situation. The same David Cameron’s UK sent 46,000 of such young soldiers to Iraq on a pack of lies which has now been exposed and today the same country which pretends to care about this soldier that was killed has 9,500 soldiers excluding special forces in a supposedly sovereign country called Afghanistan dying pointlessly in an immoral war aimed at forcing evil down people’s throat. Since when has the UK start caring about the likes of Drummer Lee Rigby?

All of these drama from CNN to Downy Street are all done because it was discovered the attacker had a Muslim middle name. Now when they play politics with a man’s life in this manner a dangerous world is created because there are a number of us who see no reason why we should join the worldwide grieve over the death of a soldier in the hands of a civilian in a world where the rape and murder of little Afghan girls of ten years old by soldiers of the same breed is not even discussed. A number of us cannot understand how the world find it shocking that a soldier is killed and do not find it the least worthy of concern that the same country, the same military this fellow represents sniffs life out of innocent people in their hundreds of thousands from Iraq to Afghanistan

I am not in the habit of “condemning” individuals or groups that went berserk. I am however in the habit of looking at the reason they went berserk with the hope that if we gather the humility to accept the truth no matter how bitter it is perhaps this will not happen again

When we fall on top each other in the nauseating competition to out smart ourselves with regards to the tough words we use on the “Mujaheed” guy, we just come off as hypocrites. Hypocrites who think Mujaheed is a terrorist for killing a soldier and Obama is not a terrorist for killing little girls his daughters age and even younger through drones twice every week. Hypocrites who pretend that the death of a member of a rogue bandit that kills innocent people grieves us whereas between June 2004 and September this year, according to research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drone strikes killed between 2,562 and 3,325 people in Pakistan, of whom between 474 and 881 were civilians, including 176 children…who cries on the occasion of the death of a soldier and care less when 176 are killed except a wretched notice me hypocrite with a complex?

Some people say must it be violence? I say what other option have you left? How do you frustrate peace, perpetrate more violence and then turn around to make big deal out of a fallout of your actions? Did your own “peaceful” John F. Kennedy not say when peace is frustrated violence becomes inevitable? Why do you pretend to be surprise? Do we not say people who perpetrate the evil the UK has perpetrated “have murdered sleep”? Why do we act surprise over this kind of incidence?

Yes Islam does not support Michael Mujaheed’s action neither does Christianity support David Cameron’s action of killing innocents so why expect every Muslim to be a model Muslim when they are dealing with people who are not model Christians?

It is high time we stop this excessive attempt to please people and tell ourselves the blunt truth because in the end God is only the side of truth hence truth will naturally bring peace

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

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12 thoughts on “WHEN A MAN KILLS A SOLDIER

  1. This article is well written. The fact of hypocricy is quite conspicuous. Unfortunately, most ppl are not aware of these facts and evidences. God bless u. U are an asset to Islam and a liberator of d poor ppl of this world.

  2. Now I wonder, the Iraq of yester years and the Iraq of today, the Afghanistan of then and now, the Libya of Gaddafi and the present Libya, the Egypt of Mubarak and the Egypt of today, the Syria they met and what they turned it into. The list is endless. Think of everywhere the evil coalition stepped their feet on. They found peace and planted evil, so much evil that such countries may never be peaceful, ever again because they would not allow that to happen but they want to live peacefully in their homes. The greater evil is that, they always misrepresented the facts, telling people lies as truths and building all their actions around those lies. They sent soldiers to kill and destroy other people right in their countries and homes, even using drones to achieve maximum effects. They cry when one of theirs is killed. think of the feelings of all those who are losing their innocent kin on daily basis. Well, I guess it is one those signs of the end. We Muslims have to find solace in the fact that we will certainly be set free sometime, it may be here or there.

  3. Boko haram kawai, waaaawaaa!!!!! you and you friends will continue to praise ur stupidity and you will die a useless death you terrorist.

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