It was with amusement that I swallowed and absorbed the news that the United States Government had placed a $7m bounty on Abubarkar Ibn Muhammad Shekau, the alleged leader of the Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah Lid-Da’awati Wal-Jihad referred to in contemporary society as the Boko Haraam.

My amusement was not because I was taking the US bounty unserious but because a key point was ignored by everybody who at the time were talking about it; America did not consult with us before taking upon itself the responsibility of interfering in Nigeria’s internal affairs. To further buttress my point, our president as usual quickly like a very obedient dog dutifully came out in support of this unwarranted foreign intervention in our sovereign national affairs.

The Boko Haraam issue is a matter of national security not international security. It began as a result of internal factors not related in any way with the US and its government. It exploded to its current level because of our government’s ineptitude and lack of a defined counter-insurgency strategy, and it has not in any way or manner threatened the US or its interest whether directly or indirectly.
So the question becomes, what is the interest of the United States and its government in the current situation in Nigeria?

Anybody with a brain in his head knows that today America is the most hated country in the Islamic and Third World countries because of its imperialist policies, its overthrow of populist governments during the Cold War because of a fear of their becoming Soviet allies, its invasion and rape of Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and Grenada, and its campaign to impose deviant practices like homosexual marriages and legal abortions, and its unfair economic practices.

Also anybody with awareness and knowledge of the current situation in the world today knows that the easiest way to persuade foreign ‘Islamist’ militants to join the Boko Haraam is to prove that America is involved in this war. Knowing this, I could not help but wonder what America’s reasons were that justified it taking such a unilateral action that is guaranteed to make such groups like Al-Qaeda and Mujao re-enforce and support Boko Haraam.

The US government has said many times that although Boko Haraam and Al-Qaeda In The Islamic Maghrib [AQIM] have had contacts, these contacts have been informal and have not led to any concretization of relations, but that is about to change now because America has now declared Boko Haraam and Shekau a target and enemy by placing a bounty on Shekau’s head

While AQIM was formed specifically to wage an armed campaign to establish an Islamic State in Algeria, later evolving into an affiliate of Al-Qaeda Worldwide, Boko Haraam or Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah only took up arms following the killings of its members by the Nigerian Police Force in Maiduguri while they were going to bury the bodies of another set of Sheikh Muhammad Yusuuf’s followers killed earlier by the same Police Force.

They resorted to waging an armed campaign after Sheikh Muhammad Yusuuf was murdered by policemen extra-judicially and no one was held accountable for his murder and the murders of hundreds of other civilians in Maiduguri, Potiskum and Bauchi during the 2009 crisis, despite the fact that in some cases Al-Jazeera captured policemen and soldiers in videos in the act, as they brutally murdered helpless civilians.

It is even more surprising that Shekau, who has not attacked the US or US interests and neither has he killed US citizens, has the highest bounty of $7m or N1.1bn on his head, while sworn enemies of the US, Mukhtar Bel Mukhtar and Abu Yahya Al-Hammam have $5m and $3m on their heads.

What is America’s interest in the Boko Haraam considering that its bounty may end up helping Boko Haraam evolve from being a militant organization with local ambitions to becoming a member of the global anti-American ‘islamist’ campaign?

The answer may lie in the global struggle between America and a rising China, and between America and a defiant Iran. Nigeria is one of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, we have a Muslim population somewhere above 75 million persons, and in today’s geo-political scene we are increasingly becoming an important and strategic country that any great power must try to control or at least influence the political climate.

Since the discovery of oil in this country, America and other western countries have dominated the sector, treating us poorly and have gradually destroyed our environment and economy, in addition to their sponsorship of human rights abuses and their shortchanging the government of essential revenue. Now China’s oil corporations and other Chinese corporations are gradually expanding their influence and reach to encompass and envelope Nigeria, a situation that is definitely not favourable to the American interests.

America has a strategic petroleum reserve[STR] of 180 days while China with a larger population and military has a STR of 18-20 days, a situation that China seeks to remedy by taking a more major role in the global oil industry.
This will definitely lead to conflicts and confrontations between Chinese and American oil and gas firms as each side struggles to buy up the world’s oil. Today, the US and its allies control the Nigerian economy and oil industry, and recently, Chinese industries have managed to edge out western nations in the manufacturing of consumer goods for Nigerian consumption.

Nigerian-TroopsToday, Nigeria is a weak country with a very weak military and political establishment that cannot help but be unable to defy America even when it needs to. This lack of military and political strength has been deliberately encouraged by the US and its allies, the UK and France, so as to keep Nigeria dependent on them, and to keep their corporations in business [see Wikileaks cables].

Because of that dependence, Nigeria has had no choice but to rely on western goodwill for the tenuous peace that we have in this country. It is a known fact that America and the UK especially have played a role in every political crisis that has faced this country from independence till date, for example the British government supported the Nigerian government during the devastating civil war, while France supported the Biafran government. The Dimka coup was initiated from London, Buhari’s coup was sponsored by American businessmen, and after Buhari and Idiagbon came into power and turned against the sponsors, the CIA backed the Banbangida coup that saw Buhari thrown out.

Gen Banbangida devalued the Naira and implemented the disastrous SAP policy, not because Nigeria needed it but because he was under intense American and IMF pressure to implement it, despite the fact that US and the IMF were aware that SAP was a very risky policy with more chances of failure than success.

The June 12 election was annulled because the US and Britain did not relish the thought of an Abiola presidency and it is on record that Abiola was allegedly poisoned by suspected CIA operatives.
More recently during the Yar’Adua succession crisis, then Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan was reported to have solicited US government support through then US Ambassador Robin Sanders in his bid to step into the power vacuum as Acting-President [see Wikileaks diplomatic cable releases].

This American hegemony over Nigeria, will definitely fall should China succeed in obtaining a secure foothold in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, for whereas the US cannot help meddling in the affairs of sovereign states in the name of human rights, democracy and anti-terrorism. China prefers to leave each nation to sort out its internal affairs while doing ‘legitimate’ business with all and sundry.

The case of Sudan and Iran where America has placed sanctions on them because they have refused to become subordinate to American control, while China irrespective of their local politics conducts uninterrupted business with them, provides a clear example of America’s love of hegemony and control over other nations. America knows that should China succeed in securing such a foothold like in Iran, Nigeria would be able to develop economically and advance technologically and militarily to the point of becoming a regional and continental power.

Thus to derail Nigeria, it was necessary that a security crisis be encouraged and allowed to blossom until today our major preoccupation is putting an end to this Boko Haraam challenge, so much so that we have no choice but to rely on America thereby putting ourselves more firmly in American control, and thus shutting out China from obtaining that foothold that it dearly wants.

Bodies of victims of JTF 2009 in Maiduguri

Bodies of victims of JTF 2009 in Maiduguri

With Nigeria gradually sliding deeper into a Pakistani Taliban-style insurgency, we are becoming weaker and on the way to becoming an unsecure state halfway to becoming a failed state, which may then necessitate us asking for the US to put its boots on the ground to combat this insurgency. This is what the US wants, for once their forces are on the ground, Nigeria will lose all real independence except in name as anyone critical of this planned occupation will be deemed a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer and would be then be kept confined in a Guantanamo-style prison locally or rendition to a CIA blacksite abroad.

Already, the US is spending an estimated $150m to expand its embassy here, it has sent surveillance drones to be based in Niger, and there have already been talks of sending armed Predator drones to be used against the Boko Haraam.
To justify putting drones over our skies and placing US soldiers inside our territory, it is necessary that the Boko Haraam formally affiliates with Al-Qaeda Worldwide, and with this $7m bounty on Shekau’s head, expect that very soon, foreign fighters from all over the world would try to enter Nigeria to join the Boko Haraam, and once that occurs, America will simply turn Nigeria into another Pakistan with drone strikes and another Afghanistan with boots on the ground.

I end this with one question; who benefits from a Nigeria at war?




  1. usa is never interested in peace but petrodollar and insecurity, instability and war is their surest path to aggrandize petrodallar and plunder nations’ wealth… Ask urself everywhere u.s mercinaries went do they ever attain peace? Iraq is unstable and insecured since NATO us-led invasion, same with pak, afghan, yemen, somalia, libya, mali, sudan etc, since their veitnam invasion it took this state more than 3 decades to witnes goodness… If usa killers are allowed into nigeria, innocent people will die enmass, women and children will die, they wil cause the crisis to spill all over the states and they will take nigeria and africa 50years backward… Mark my words

  2. well you can take ur assumptions to any level , if u state that america just like all western states is the most hated country in the islamic world i will accept but dont generalise it, but in my dear country nigeria we love them.boko haram attacked the UN headquaters and killed foriegners they are already global, shekau called on global jihadists to join him in killing nigerians before the bounty was proclaimed. in answering your question who will benefit: well i think the muslim world will benefit as it will then give them the oppurtunity to implement sharia to the other halve of nigeria by then we must have gone to our various tents.

  3. So when you make these bogus claims about America gaining more from Boko Haram; what about the fate of Christians and moderate muslims that are killed daily from the BH onslaught in Kano, Yobe, Adamawa, Suleja etc? Are you suggesting that the carnage continues? Moreover why will you prefer a China with hideous human rights record in their country?

  4. Chibuzo, your sentimism has beclouded your sense of reasoning. Continue loving your enemies. Open your eyes n see what America and your other “friends” are doing to our dear country.

  5. This is the writing of a deluded sick mind. It is the work of a middle of the road ideologue blinded by hatred and confused with religious bigotry. i feel sorry for anyone who can take this kind of writing serious. it is a waste of time to even read it….

  6. If you people have no regard for your live, how will a foreigner have regard for it? Boko haram have no regard for the lives of Nigerians, they kill innocent people, students, children, youth copers, business men and women, the old and young, is that not war already? our elders have become weak and powerless, they are secured by private security. with all their experiences as retired military Generals, what have they done to this menace of boko. people are suffering, solution is what Nigerians need not criticism. thank you.

  7. This article is arrant nonsense. If Muslim countries hate America, they are welcome but to generalize that all third world countries also hate America is a fallacy.
    So you are now the advocate of China? So China is now better than America? So the fact that China goes about pursuing its business even when the host country is boiling is a positive commentary?
    I am ashamed of whoever wrote this article.

    • How is America better than China? China minds their business, America lies to invade countries and kill millions of people. America sold weapons to two different countries at war with each other during the course of the same war. Only an immoral and evil government can do that. America CIA combat missions have killed millions of people in the past few decades.

      So what are you talking about. Any intelligent person in the third world hates America policies, only fools and ignorant people blindly supports America.

  8. I do not agree that the June 12 election was annulled because the U.S. and Britain did not relish an Abiola presidency. It was annulled for only ONE reason: Babangida did not want to step down and cede power to anyone. Even if Bashir Tofa had won, Babangida would still have annulled the election. The many election postponements, cancellations, and shifting of dates, from Local Government level to the Presidential, were all acts of an ambitious megalomaniac reluctant to step down. The universal condemnation trailing the June 12 annulment was a shock to him, and eventually forced him to “step aside”.

  9. you can decide to choose what to hate, let us find solution to Nigeria problems. Nigerians know too much about other countries but nothing about their own business. what do we do to bring solution to Nigeria, beggars in the streets, aged men and women are suffering out there, youths have turned to criminals, but you are there fighting for other countries, what is your business? your too know is killing you, mind your problems anybody can hate anything.

  10. I am just speechless. My suspicions all along have just been confirmed..We do not have credible leaders who will act. Wisely on this Info. God help us.

  11. the article no doubt is well written with sound argument, which ever way, one is entitled to his own opinion, whatever the interest of US is in Nigeria, ask yourself if it is better to live under the siege of that devilish group boko haram, or under the control of US, to me, i even prefer that the west come back and colonize us again, think of it, since after independence what have we achieving in ruling ourselves, we continously head the pathway of deterioration in all spheres. i am convinced that for the bounty on boko h. leader there is nothing tied to it, afterall, terrorism is an international crime irrespective of where it happens

  12. This is one of the daftest article i ever read online. This is an opinion of a sinking man, tied with hatred and so much religious bigotry.

    Ask yourself, how did we get into this mess. Is it not your moslem elders such as Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, etc that got us into this situation.

    Infoman… please the world is already full with so much hatred. We don’t need more of your one sided and helpless article.

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