Since the debate on ‘early marriage’ (though we muslims just call it marriage) started, I have been wanting to write on it in time but was not able to, due to the deteriorating health condition of a cousin, who I had been with at a hospital. Nevertheless, my keen attention has been aptly on the reasons those liberal Muslims especially, are giving as to why this aspect of prophetic Sunnah is impracticable in this generation and why some of them even declare it as unislamic. Not so much on their capacity to ever convince me but to see a paradigm where I can offer them a proposal, acceptance of which will mean that their argument was well intentioned but put in a wrong perspective, and discarding of which will expose their hypocracy.

Their major concern was on the right of the girl child which they said can be abuse as it has serially been- that in order for this Sunnah to be practiced and therefore the abuse of the girl child’s right be protected, ground must to be cleared for it to thrive in such a way as to reflect the exact practice of the Prophet SAW and that the full package of early marriage should be carry along, not just the age. Interesting! But how the ground will be cleared and what are the packages? we don’t know and they didn’t tell us, but our proposal has the best answer to these questions and has the best of package. Follow me

Others faulted early marriage on the ground that it causes VVF especially in the North, defending their point with figures of only Allah knows where they have gotten them from- no wonder, former Central Bank governor, Charles Soludo, in one of his articles in his ThisDay backpage Column, warns us against believing in any figure projected by any Nigerian institutions. They also argue that the girls are abandoned by their husbands and only few, very few indeed out of many recover from the illness. That the girls lack proper education to take care of themselves should they find themselves in this predicament. But they seem not provide any differentiation as to what causes the VVF- is it early sexual exposure or early marriage by itself? The kind of social trauma the girls evidently had to pass through, is it only early marriage that causes it or more by other Nigerian factors? They may not have the right answers to these or cannot give the difference as required or may attempt to give but further miss the point, our proposal has in it all of these. Be patient. In this vein, VFF is not caused by early marriage many female doctors argued! My mother gave birth to her first child at 11 and so were her mates and non suffered VVF. Why?

The most silly of all the reasons appears in the writing of one of them, trying to attribute incessant divorce, domestic violence, poverty, illiteracy and other social problems in the North to early marriage. All of these to early marriage for Allah’s sake!? Another must unjust reason along this line of argument was advocated by no other person than a demon of all time, Femi Fani Kayode- adding Boko Haram to the list of those problems ’caused by early marriage’ in the North. Non of these out-of-point reasons need countering but for those who seem to reason with them and are muslims for that matter, should read blow our proposal, which contains a better option of course. But before then, a study in our area following this debate shows that marriages among graduates crash more than they did among other category. Did they care to please read a report by is it Hisba or a social government research agency about incessant divorce in Kano which led to mass wedding? Or did they ask Mallam Daurawa, its chairman, about it?

I can also see them trying to counsel us on what shari’ah should be- going to all extent as to bend some clauses in it to suit their understanding as if it is a must that every clause of Islamic Shari’ah must equal to their understanding. No way you can ever understand Islamic shari’ah by employing common logic or secular thinking. If it should be so, let’s now use logic to say that any woman who reaches the age of 30 and still a single will not get married at all because she can be monopaused at anytime? So we can deprive her on health ground? As this may sound so irrational to you, so yours is to us!


All the problems they have been giving, non is as a result of early marriage but of lack of shari’ah implementation. If
shari’ah is being implemented
there will be few cases, very few indeed, of men beating up their wives, nor there will be wife pouring acid on her husband. No man will abandon his wife on health ground and if it happens they must separate there will be an arrangement in which she will not be trapped in the avoidable social trouma you (we) so much concern about. There will be free access to health care such that maternal and child mortality will be eradicated. Other Nigerian factors will be taken care of to make VVF a thing of the past. There will be free education for all, such that there will be no time she can’t go to school. There will be job for all regardless of gender as we start seeing in Kano. The economy will be revitalised. Poverty will become history. In fact,There will be general socio-economic and political justice.

So why don’t you (we) advocate for Shari’ah implementation rather than making unnaccessary comments that bring Islam, Muslims and even the prophet SAW to ridicule? This is why some think you are either being brainwashed or sponsored. Don’t you think the many problems we are facing today are as a result of us abandoning Islamic way of life?

Here is our proposal to you liberals, I hereby move

Baba Bala Katsina




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