I stabled upon this article on Music about a year ago, I hope you find it interesting as I did. I could however not locate the source and I also had to give it a new title to get the message across

If you”really” look at music you will see it for what it really is, just look at the fans.

Rap, for example, makes people violent, arrogant, disrespectful to women and it promotes material poison and ignorance. most rap fans think they are gangsters and thugs and they are happy about it whether the black, white, brown or yellow kids. how can promoting criminality and anti social behaviours be any good to people or the society?

Pop and RnB music promotes promiscuity and slut-ism, its just sex and nakedness, eroticism and looseness. why is it that most pop stars end up being humiliated, become drug junkies and alcoholics, and in some cases commit suicide? they are agents used to corrupt societies especially little girls, which makes them adopt a certain morals and values that cannot keep a family together, and the consequences of that is the break of the family institution, and what follows is the destruction of a society. when countries become ugly at their core, the pop singers are partly responsible. when was the last time you saw or heard any decent pop music? okay, then ask yourself which pop music you know that’s not promoting eroticism? pop stars end up miserable because its karma and nemesis catching up to them after all the corruption they caused and spread.

Metal and Rock music promotes godlessness, ungodliness, satanism, sex, drugs, alcoholism and paganism. These poisons destroy people’s lives and communities, it also promotes suicide and self hate. How are any of these good for people or societies? these genres of music influences youths to get involved with black magic, witch craft and occultism which takes them further away from God but closer to the devils.

Fans of techno, house and electronic music are heavy into drugs especially speed, cocaine, heroin, crack and all kinds of pills. alcohol as well. When they are under the influence it is easy for them to get raped, drive drunk and even kill people. They get themselves involved in orgies and unprotected sex, getting them exposed to all sorts of life threatening diseases. A dangerous lifestyle that could destroy lives in a matter of minutes.

Music may seem harmless, but its playing with fire. Example rap fans will beat or even shoot a person and thinks its cool because rap music tells them its so. Pop and RnB fans are slutty and promiscuous but they think its freedom, a liberation, cool and trendy because the pop artists they look up to tell them its so. Rock, metal, electronic and house fans abuse drugs and alcohol and are most times depressed and suicidal, but they think its cool because the bands tell them its so. When your kid ends up in jail for shooting somebody or becomes a stripper, prostitute, porn actress or a whore, gets STD or AIDS, keeps having abortion or overdoses on drugs and dies, you will never relate it to the music you thought was harmless when you allowed them to listen to it.

If music is so great why is the business and life style causing the misery and deaths of the artists themselves. Elvis overdosed on drugs and died, Whitney Houston abused drugs and alcohol till she died. Micheal Jackson abused drugs and was miserable till he got killed. 2pac got shot and murdered, as well as B.I.G, Big L and Jam Master J because of the lifestyle they led which they promoted through their music. DMX and many rappers have spent years in jail trying to keep it real to the life style they promote in their music. Amy Winehouse abused drugs till she was found dead alone. Maria Carey attempted to commit suicide, D12’s Proof got murdered, Obie Trice got shot, Young Buck was a substance abuser and Britney Spears was humiliated publicly. Many, many more examples. Most people that get involved in this music regret doing it, they only chase it because of the money and the fame, even though they know its not making them happy at all. Celebrity is ugly, what you see on tv is not the reality. This business actually makes them sell their souls to the devil then it kills them. The occult are very much involved with it, and they use subliminal messages to brain wash people into accepting a Godless morality.

The music people listen to makes them act in ways they should not. Music is an expression and a reflection of a society, so when you find 2 million people locked up in American jails, more teen strippers and porn girls on the increase, the increase of teenage mothers, dead beat daddy’s, AIDS victims, high rise of thieves, murderers, pimps and armed robbers, all highly immoral and anti social actions, tell that society their music is reflecting them when that music is promoted to keep those negative forces well placed in those societies and in the people’s heads and hearts. a theoretical definition of music is not the same as what music actually does to people in reality. Not all music sends out negative messages but most of them do, why risk putting your hand into a whole when there is a big chance a snake might strike it? Music alters your natural composition because it influences you without you even noticing. How many people even think about the lyrics of KISS or Gaga for example, or Snoop or Eminem for example? and what about the subliminal messages it drops in our subconscious, which makes us react to it in our daily lives but we don’t understand or even notice? And what about the fake promise it gives the fans. They worship it and believe music will fill the emptiness in their hearts and souls, but in the end they will realize it has not done so and that whole within is still empty.

Observe and see, those lucky enough to escape that lifestyle and find Allah live the most fulfilling lives. Look at Bad Boys Loon or 2pacs Outlaws especially Mutah Napoleon. They found peace in their hearts not because of any material they bought even though they could afford everything, but from believing in the one and only God which comes for free.

See things the way they really are. Fire is fire no matter how its masked. As for the Muslims music can make us hypocrites, you cannot have the love of music and the Qur’an at the same time in your heart, its impossible. Music is what the shaitan uses to get to people’s hearts, the Qur’an is what Allah uses to get to the believers hearts.


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