2013814143730501230_8The latest development in Egyptian crisis is highly terrible and traumatic. Yesterday’s (wednesday August 15th, 2013) experience was a dangerous dimension to the six (6) weeks old turmoil. The  action of the military leadership yesterday in Egypt was a massacre. It was a cruel and wicked mission. The incident was not unexpected as I had raised an alarm in a recent post where I said:

“..Rebellion is one of the worst offences in sight of Allah. Muslims have been warned sufficiently in the Quran and Sunnah against this evil. I feel bad when people of other religions think Islam commands violence because some Muslims chose to be violent. Right from the beginning of the rebellion against Hosni Mubarak uptil today, only God knows the number of Egyptians that have been killed so far. The crisis in the Arab world today is a clear indication that the Arabs are ordinarily violent in nature. It was the message of Muhammad, sollaLohu ‘alaihi wasallam that gave them a taste of what peace is all about. As long as the Egyptian Muslims neglect the Islamic solution to their problems, they may not get out of this mess. God would not change a people except they are ready for a change. It is laughable to even hear some people talk about “peaceful protest”. This is unknown to the shari’ah. The phrase “peaceful protest” is a combination of two opposite words. A Muslim should either chose to be peaceful and have peace or chose to protest and face violence. So, there is nothing like peaceful protest in Islam. What we have is admonition. Protest is protest, whichever way you look at it. Revolting against any constituted authority in whatever manner is unislamic. What you call peaceful protest can lead to anything you can’t imagine. In the name of protest, Muslim brothers and sisters are already killing themselves in Misrah…”

The Muslim Brotherhood as a group have consistently disgarded juristic opinions that may be helpful to them. Islamic scholars of repute in Al-Azhar University have been advising the troubling parties to embrace peace and dialogue in the resolution of their differences. Looking at the phrase “Muslim Brotherhood”, one would think that they ought to have known what to do in this kind of situation. Islamic brotherhood must be based on the dictates of the shari’ah. Muslim brotherhood should be built upon forbidance of evil and encouragement of goodness. And above all, when the Muslims are faced with any difficulty, it must be directed to Allah (i.e the Quran) and His Messenger, sollaLohu alaihi wasallam (i.e Sunnah) for necessary solutions. The Quran says:

“O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you. If ye differ in ‘anything among yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if ye do believe in Allah and the Last Day: That is best, and most suitable for final determination” (Q4: 59)

The insistence of the Muslim Brotherhood to continue to protest and remain in the Nasr City Square in the face of the looming danger is dangerous, unrepentant and unislamic. If the protest had been against a civilian government, it may be a different scenario. It is more catastrophe as the protest is against a military authority that by nature doesn’t value human life. And that is why they had the gut to kill their own people mercilessly yesterday.

Let us note that is not unacceptable under the Islamic law to battle a kufr leadership in a given society if it makes the practice of the shari’ah difficult for us. But this is only permissible if the Muslim community have the means to fight the kufr leadership without causing more harm to the society. Many of those proclaiming jihad and dangerous public demonstrations today are either ignorant of the relevant provisions of the shari’ah or suffering from self desire and senseless emotional reactions.

Taking the Nigerian case of Boko Haram as a typical example; can we say they have the means to battle the injustice of the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without engaging in suicide bombing, killing of innocent souls (including Muslims, women, children etc), destroying Mosques, Churches and Masts? Presently in Egypt, while the military keep using tear gasses, guns, bombs and nuclear weapons, the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood are using stones. Where is the power to confront an unjust government in this instances?

We have always maintained the fact that the shari’ah can never be properly institutionalized through a means other than the shari’ah itself. Mursi and his party attempted to introduce the shar’iah tenets through a democracy and it failed. Shari’ah can never be entrenched through any other means not sanctioned by the shari’ah itself. For us to have a shari’ah compliant society, we must make the exemplary personality of the Prophet, sollaLohu alaihi wasallam our symbol.

Flipping through the history of how the Prophet, sollaLohu alaihi wasallam established a model of an Islamic state, it would be discovered that he didn’t fight the kufr leadership he met in Makkah at the initial stage of his prophethood because he had no power to do so. He waited until he was empowered and instructed by Allah, subhahu wata’ala to fight those who drove them out of their homes and establish the religion of Allah.

For us to know that it was Allah Who proclaimed jihad and assisted the Prophet and his followers, in Suratul Ahzaab, Allah said;

“O you who believe Remember Allah’s Favour to you, when there came against you hosts, and We sent against them a wind and forces that you saw not [i.e. troops of angels during the battle of Al-Ahzab (the Confederates)]. And Allah is Ever All-Seer of what you do. When they came upon you from above you and from below you, and when the eyes grew wild and the hearts reached to the throats, and you were harbouring doubts about Allah. There, the believers were tried and shaken with a mighty shaking” (Q33:9-10)

If we want the kind of assistance Allah rendered the Prophet, sollaLohu alaihi wasallam and his followers, we must be ready to obey Allah and follow the footsteps of His Messenger. If we continue to flout God’s laws, how can victory come our way? Abu Hurairah, rodhiyaLohu ‘anh narrates that the Prophet, sollaLohu alaihi wasallam said:

Only the ruler (government) is a protecting shield. People fight behind him and get protection through him. So, if he commands to fear God and to maintain justice, he will have the reward for that. If he commands for something else, it will be his responsibility (i.e. you should not revolt against him).” See Sahih Muslim, Kitabul Imaara; Hadith 1841

In a more relevant hadith, Salmah Ibn Yazeed, rodhiyaLohu anh asked Allah’s Apostle:

O Allah’s Apostle! What is your opinion if rulers are imposed on us who ask for their rights but refuse to give us ours? What do you command?” He (the Prophet) turned his face. He asked him again but he turned his face again. He asked twice or thrice, then Ash’ath Ibn Qais, rodhiyaLohu anha pulled him. He (the Prophet) said: “Listen and obey (the ruler). Whatever they carry is their responsibility and whatever you carry is your responsibility.” See Sahih Muslim; Kitabul Imaara; Hadith 1843

In another Hadith, Hudhaifah Ibn Yaman, rodhiyaLohu anh said that he asked the Prophet:

“O Allah’s Prophet! We were in an era of evil. Then Allah blessed us with virtue. Now we are in the epoch of bliss. Will there be any evil after this bliss?” He replied: “Yes.” I asked: “Will there be any good after that malign?” He replied: “Yes.” I asked: “Will there be any malevolence after that virtuousness?” He said: “Yes.” I asked: “What sort of evil that would be?” He replied: “After me, there will be some rulers who will not follow the guidance provided by me. They will not follow my path. Soon men among them will become rulers who will have a satanic heart in human body.” He said that I asked: “What should I do? O Allah’s Prophet! If I live in that time?” He said: “Listen and follow the ruler even if he whips you on your back and takes your money. Listen and obey. See Sahih Muslim; Kitabul Imaara; Hadith 1847

From what we have been seeing in the media since the beginning of the crisis, there is clear indication that the Egyptian Military Junta with its Kangaroo interim government and the unrepentant protesting Islamic Brotherhood are determined to turn Egypt to another Syria. This is why the international community must rise against anything that could lead to civil war in Egypt.

In a recent development, the interim Vice President, Muhammad Al-baradei had no other choice than to resign his position yesterday. He doesn’t want a situation whereby he would later be held responsible for an official decision he did not support. On the other hand, AbdulFatah Al-Sisi believed and was bold enough to state that his decision and political calculation is still the best for Egypt.
It is not surprising that the Barack Obama led government of the United States and other foreign diplomats are still playing their hypocritical roles in the ongoing crisis. The US and its allies have failed to call the activities of the Egyptian military regime what it was.

The process that led to the removal of Muhammad Mursi was a coup, no doubt. The US keep giving the military fake directives that they know would never be implemented. One of such directives is lifting the Emergency Rule early declared by the military regime. There are clear circumstantial evidences for a reasonable man to believe that the US was instrumental to Mursi’s dethrownment. One keep wondering the kind of democracy the US teaching the rest of the world. It seems the kind of democracy designed for the West is different from the ones designed for the remaining parts of the world. This also shows that democracy is inherently deceiful, devilish and hypocritical.

Before the US could claim to be democratic in the present circumstance, they ought to have declared in clear terms that the action of the Egyptian military amounts to a coup. They ought to have insisted that a democratically elected President cannot be removed except through a democratic means. That is a basic democratic principle that is known to all and sundry.

Therefore, the stance of the White House in the crisis has been cunny and indulging. It is as if the United States has a hidden agenda as far as leadership in Egypt is concerned. Prominent among the likely US’s hidden agenda is the Israeli interest. Based on a verifiable report made available to me by a brother, although the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his ministers not to make any statements regarding the Egyptian army’s overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi, the elite Zionist security viewed this measure as a reduction of the negative effects of the Arab revolutions. The term “seminal act” has been used repetitively in Israeli descriptions of the act carried out by the Egyptian Defence Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi when he deposed President Mursi, to suggest that this step constitutes a turning point of a new era in which “Israel” is liberated from any of the sources of threat arising from the Arab Spring.

The US and its allies equally believe that the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule and the consequent conflict between the supporters and opposition, as well as the increased sectarian polarisation between Sunnis and Shiites, will lower the priority of the Arab-Israeli conflict within the general Arab conflict, making it nothing but an insignificant detail. This will greatly allow for “Israel’s” achievement of its goals with the least amount of resistance from the Arab World.

Similarly, is an undisputed fact in “Israel” that the fall of Mursi was a serious blow to “Hamas” whose strategic environment greatly improved after the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood, due to their ideological and organizational link. General Ron Tira – who was appointed to sensitive positions in the Military Intelligence Directorate in the past- expects that the “coup against Morsi will contribute to preventing “Hamas” from aggravating “Israel” in the future. However, most of the observers in “Israel” find it unlikely that Mursi’s fall will encourage “Israel” to attack “Hamas” without strong grounds because it realises that such behaviour would give Arab public opinion the chance to intervene in a manner that would spoil the coup against Mursi.

Another area that calls for critical attention is the position of the Saudi Arabia in the crisis. The Saudi government did not hide its happiness over Muhammad Mursi’s removal. The United Arab Emirates also backed Mursi’s removal. According to reports, since the removal of Mursi, the UAE has donated up to $3B dollars to the Egyptian military regime.

Saudi’s King Abdallah issued a public endorsement of the coup just two hours after General AbdulFattah Al-Sisi announced President Mohammad Mursi had been deposed and the constitution suspended. The King’s congratulatory message was addressed to the new interim President appointed by the army, Adly Mahmud Mansour. The Saudis were the first foreign government to back the takeover publicly. The King followed the message up with a phone call to General Sisi which the Kingdom also made public.

It should be noted that General Sisi is well known in Riyadh where he served as military attaché before being promoted to be chief of Egyptian military intelligence. There are widespread rumors in the Middle East that Saudi intelligence provided funding and support for the downfall of Mursi’s government and encouraged the growing popular opposition to his government.

According to Bruce Riedel, a Director of The Intelligence Project, Saudi government is reported to have promised Sisi that they would replace any military or economic aid cut off by Washington in the aftermath of the regime change (as they did in Pakistan in 1998 when that country tested nuclear weapons and Washington cut aid). The Kingdom has a long history of covertly funding regime change around the world and the head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar, is a master of intrigue. It is difficult to evaluate how much is real in these rumors, as is usually the case, but the Kingdom’s unhappiness with developments in Egypt since 2011 is very clear.

One of the most suspected reason for Saudi’s stance was that the Kingdom were appalled at the downfall of Hosni Mubarak in 2011; Mubarak had been a longtime friend of the Saudis, who sent two divisions of troops to defend the Kingdom in 1990 from Saddam Hussein.

It would be recalled that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were even more dismayed when President Obama called for Mubarak to step down, which they saw as a betrayal of an American ally with ominous implications for themselves. They were shocked that the Egyptian revolution set in motion revolutions across the Arab world calling for democracy. Abdallah responded in part with over a $100 billion in payoffs to the Saudi people to ensure stability at home. It should also be noted that last year in Bahrain, the Saudis intervened with force to put down a revolution against a fellow monarchy with the active military assistance of the United Arab Emirates, which is also rumored to have worked with Saudi intelligence in Egypt.

The Kingdom and the UAE are both vocal opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere in part for its backing of Iraq back in the 1990s. Today Riyadh and Abu Dhabi see the Brotherhood as a dangerously subversive and popular enemy. The Saudis have also moved to back up other endangered monarchies like Jordan. In Yemen they have tried to guide the revolution away from dangerous waters and towards keeping a pro-Saudi government in office.

However, in Syria, the Saudis have backed the revolution against Bashar Al assad, but they are not eager for him to be replaced by a democratic reformist regime. They would prefer a new strongman in Damascus, but one who is a Sunni Arab who will tilt the country toward Saudi Arabia and away from Iran. In the Syrian case, Bandar and Saudi intelligence are deeply involved in providing arms and money to the Sunni opposition.

Riyadh’s backing for the coup in Cairo puts it somewhat at odds with it’s rich little neighbour, Qatar which has been Mursi’s biggest backer, providing some $8 billion in aid since the 2011 revolution. The Saudis always see the Qataris as meddlesome interlopers playing a role over their appropriate place in Arab politics, so a little humiliation for Doha is an added benefit of the coup. But even the Qataris are reported to have become more and more fed up with Mursi. The Saudis and their gulf allies now have the opportunity of course to actually help the Egyptian people with generous aid and subsidized energy to help the country get back on its feet and, even better, to prosper.

General Sisi will need to demonstrate quickly that he can address Egypt’s enormous economic challenges better than Mursi. The general undoubtedly has already made his needs known. Now we will discover if the royals are ready to put the big bucks behind helping Egypt. They will certainly not condition any aid on a rapid return to democracy and free and fair elections. They would prefer General Sisi have a long run as Egypt’s next pharaoh.

Looking at the present situation in Egypt, one can infer that Egyptians still have a long way to go in ensuring political stability. One wonders what would be the mood of Hosni Mubarak and members of his regime now. After their government was brought down through a violent revolution, Egyptians still do not have rest of mind. So, what was the essence of the revolution in the first place?
Rebellion and violent protest are great evils we must run away from. In Egypt, Muslims are already killing their fellow Muslims because of power. We must not fail to understand that all powers belongs to God? He gives it to whomever He wishes. May Allah deliver Egypt from this difficult situation.

Ibn Abdallah As-sudaisiy
This article was sent in on the 16th of August 2013, few days after the massacre of anti-coup protesters in Egypt by the Egyptian Military headed by Pharaoh himself, General Sisi.   

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