War on Terror: Implications for Nigeria Muslims

Muhammad Nazeef Yunus

Muhammad Nazeef Yunus

Have you met Dr. Muhammad Nazeef Yunus? He is an Islamic scholar who doubles as an assistant lecturer in Kogi State University, teaching Arabic and Islamic studies. He is the latest victim of SSS trumped up charges. The people at DSS are accusing him of recruiting and coordinating a Boko Haram “terror cell” in Kogi State. The evidence against him is alleged confessions of some individuals who claimed he recruited them for terror activities.

After reading the reports of the confession yesterday, one was left to wonder, what could have induced this “confessions” from the alleged accomplices? People just don’t give evidence against themselves and their “spiritual leader” who allegedly recruited and indoctrinated them. What’s the essence of indoctrination when the brainwashed subjects would easily rat on the indoctrinator?

Somebody jokingly suggested that perhaps they were injected with “truth serum”. Just in case you don’t know what a “truth serum” is, according to wikipedia, it is a colloquial name for any of a range of psychoactive medications used to obtain information from subjects who are unable or unwilling to provide it otherwise. The theory was that they were injected with a psychoactive substance that made them rat their supposed leader. So why wasn’t the university Don injected with the truth serum? That way he can tell on himself, his recruits and those he reports to.

But the truth is that there was no “truth serum” at play here and I never really considered that as a theory behind the confession. The only way the DSS could have possibly elicited the so called confessions from those suspects were either through torture, threat or some other criminal and illegal means and hence such confession cannot be relied upon.

.I have no interest in quoting verbatim the reported allege confessions of the suspects, but I can tell you that there were so conveniently tailored around the Dr. Yunus. He is said to have sent one to Sambisa “terrorist” for terrorist training. Then they said he gave one two AK47 and rounds of ammunitions for safe keeping. They also said he recruited and indoctrinated two students who came to him seeking admission into Kogi State University. Then tortoise told the birds that his name is now “all of you”, so when they got to heaven he eat all the food given to “all of you”. So the birds, in anger, took back their feathers and tortoise broke his back while attempting to fly back to earth by himself. That’s how he ended up with broken shell. Only intellectually handicap people believe in such fictitious tails.

Dr. Yunus have denied the said allegation saying that he had repeated preached against the activities of Boko Haram and that he was being framed:

My Islamic preaching had always been against the activities of the Boko Haram sects, but I was shocked when the other suspects insisted that I was a member and the one that recruited them into the sect. I have never been a member of Boko Haram for one minute in my life, I even preach against them,”

Sheikh Alhassan Said, a renowned Islamic scholar also corroborated the Doctor’s statement:

Sheikh Muhammad Nazeef (Yunus) is in the forefront in preaching against Boko Haram ideology in Jos… I and Nazeef have organised several sensitisation lectures against the sect in Jos and Bukuru. We have been living with Nazeef for over 15 years and we have never seen any sign or act that could suggest any association with Boko Haram. No one has ever witnessed him preach violence. He has nothing to do with Boko Haram. To us, we believe strongly that Sheikh Nazeef is not a member of Boko Haram. We are calling on all the security agencies in the country to fear the Almighty God in discharging their duties according to the laws of the land and not incriminate Sheikh Nazif or any innocent citizen.”

The wife of the Islamic preacher, Hajiya Sa’adatu Shuaibu also insisted that the security agents lied about her husband, confirming that her husband has been preaching that Boko Haram ideology is anti-Islam, and is not the path of Allah.

Haven practiced law for some years now, I know how security agents in Nigeria secure confessions. When they tell you that investigation is ongoing and they expect a breakthrough soon, know that they have somebody in their custody that is being tortured and they are hoping that soon the suspect would break and admit to all that they want him to. The only investigation they do is to arrest people and torture them.

I know of an accused that unintentionally killed his half brother in a fight in Benin. He surrendered himself when his younger sister was unlawfully arrested by police when they could not find him. The Police refused to accept his version of the incident, insisting that he murdered is half brother in cold blood. Rather than conduct investigation, as we see the “Oyibo” people do on tv, they proceeded to torture this accused person for days until he agreed to signed a “confessional statement” they prepared for him and so tailored along the story the police officers imagined happened. The signed confessional statement implicated two other persons in his neighbourhood who had nothing to do with the issue. One of those implicated was a neighbour whom he had a long standing family dispute with, the other was his elder’s brother friend.

The first one was arrested base on the allege confession made against him and because he suffered an accident few months before and just undergone surgery to repair his broken legs they could not place him inside the cell like the others, so he was handcuffed to an office table for twenty one days or more at the Edo State Police Headquarters. Despite his condition, the officers routinely beat him and kick his broken legs. This accused who is a devoted catholic, from a very responsible home and whose elder brother was a Roman Catholic Priest knew nothing of the crime that he was accused of. In spite of the torture he insisted on his innocence. After spending over twenty one (21) days handcuffed under a table, he was arraigned for murder, was remanded and subsequently granted bail on medical ground base on the damage further done to his legs while in Police custody

As for the other alleged confessed accomplice, he was not that lucky. In the police attempt to get a confession from him they did not hold back in inflicting as much pain as possible on him. They hung him, beat him continuously for hours with sticks, baton and other objects. They gave his helplessly suspended body flying kicks. He suffered this treatment for days with little food. The beating was so severe that even his cellmates advised him to just admit to whatever the police suggested and that the truth will come out when the guy that falsely implicates him tells the court what actually happened. He still refused to confess to a crime he did not commit until he was made to witness the extra-judicial execution of an alleged armed robbery suspects and was told that if he kept on insisting on his innocence he will end up like the said armed robbery suspect. So he confessed to the crime, implicating himself, the 1st accused person and the one with the broken leg. A police officer wrote the said “confessional statement” and he was made to sign it. He and the first accused person are still languishing in Oko Prisons, Benin City awaiting trial for almost two years now. Bail as been denied and all attempts to enforce his right have failed like every other thing in the country.

The DSS on their own part are worse; they hardly allow a lawyer access to their suspects. After keeping Dr. Yunus in their custody longer than the constitution permits, they quickly paraded him as a criminal, in other to denigrate his reputation after a court have given an order to bring him before it. If the police could go this far to prove a murder, if they can execute robbery suspects right inside a police state headquarters, what do you think they can do to a terrorist suspect? Worse still, how far do you think the DSS will go in dealing with a suspected “Muslim terrorist” in their war on terror?

The DSS spokeswoman, Marilyn Ogar, was quick to remind us all that “the war on terror is still on”. In the western intelligent community and among Muslims, especially those living in the west knows that the “war on terror” is actually “war on Islam”.  It is a global effort and DSS are just playing their part. Ogar use of the word was not a coincident.

Some Nigerians may be stupid enough to buy the cock and bull stories from DSS, but some of us are not. They want us to believe that a Muslim that is known to have openly and repeatedly spoken against Boko Haram is a Boko Haram member. Such hypocrisy may exist elsewhere, but not among Muslims. Nobody is under obligation to speak against Boko Haram, if the man was a member, they is no point in him speaking against them.

Any one of us in the Muslim community could be the next victim of DSS if they start to feel uncomfortable with any of us. Every Muslim that promotes Islam can be tag a Boko Haram member or a Boko Haram sponsor. Mr. Jibrin Echocho, a Muslim philanthropy and a former Governorship aspirant who was dropped because some Christians accused him of having an agenda to Islamise Kogi State is currently being blackmail with a concocted security report allegedly linking him Boko Haram.

In this their war there are rules, they are immoral and evil, they can cook up stories about you in a moment notice, defame you character with lies and false data, compare to other things they can do to you, to assassinate you will be like mercy. Anyone of us could be their next victim.

In this so called war on terror, they invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims, bombed museums and universities, destroying ancient artefacts and books and the key intelligence that was used to justify the war was based on fabrication, wishful thinking and lies. Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

In this so called war on terror, they kill civilians, including women and children. In Falluja they used depleted uranium on a civilian population, they killed Muslim women in Baga and throw their children into burning flames. They slaughter and starve prisoners to death in their barracks and Police stations. In their “war on terror”, they arrest thousands of Muslims around the world under the pretence of fighting al Qadae, Boko Haram or whatever and they kept them incommunicado and indefinitely without trial.

In this their declared war on Islam and Muslim they use unmanned drones to bomb Islamic schools, marriage parties and funeral procession in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere. In Haditha, they shot up and blown up twenty four Muslims, including a 76 year old man, women and children, in the bedclothes as they slept.

In this their war on terror, propaganda is just as lethal like their guns and missiles. A random Taliban fighter shot a child, a Muslim child in Pakistan, Alhamdullillah she lived. Fourteen years old Abeer al-Janabi, was not so fortunate, she was gang-raped by five American soldiers, who then shot her and her family in the head, then set fire to their corpses. Guess which story the media repeatedly tells?

These agents of Satan (DSS, CIA, MOSSAD and others) are worse than the evils they created and pretend to be fighting. Be rest assured that their aim is to dismantle Islam and do to Islam what they did to Christianity centuries ago. Until we abandon the values of our faith and accept the perversion and satanic culture of secularism, they will keep creating reasons to kill us, rape our children, bomb our schools, assassinate and imprison our leaders and scholars.

Our response to the agents of Satan must be within the confines of Islam, there is no room for extremism. We must stick to the core values of Islam; justice, goodness, compassion, neighbourliness, truthfulness and piety. These despicable people are not our teachers and we must not emulate them. Indiscriminate killings, killing of women and children, bombing places of worship etc are not the ways in which we should respond. As Muslims, we must remember that sovereignty lies with Allah alone and only Allah gives victory. In the Battle of Yarmouk, after just 40,000 Muslims defeated 400,000 Byzantine soldiers, a General in the Byzantine army described the Muslims as “…a people who stand in prayer all night, fast during the day, keep to their covenants, command what is good and forbid what is wrong and they are just…”

O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah, as witness to fair dealings, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: this is next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do”. Qur’an 5:8

We must be Muslims in the true sense of the word, be patient and hold firmly to the rope of Allah in piety. Allah will most definitely give us victory eventually if we are steadfast.

Twitter handler @naijainfoman
Muharram 20, 1435AH
November 23, 2013CE


11 thoughts on “War on Terror: Implications for Nigeria Muslims

  1. May Allah give him the boldness to pass this hard trial…They can only framed muslims but they cannot stop islam from spreading…

  2. Allah will see him through inshallah. This is a conspiracy design to disgrace and dismantle any serious muslim who do not accept secularity into his way of life.

  3. this is barbaric, man inhumanity to man. Only Allah will vindicate the Muslims in this life. Our dear claim they have security whereas we don’t. we continue to dehumanize the innocent citizen while d real criminal are out there stealing with pen yet the police are doing nothing about them. Judgement of God await us all. He who wage war against Muslim are waging war against Allah. their end is near.

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