Nigeria Education

Nigeria Education

The education system is so poor to the extent that the present generation of youths should not even think of meeting up with the past intellectuals this country had produced, talkmore of beating them.
Reading culture among the youths is dead and buried in the depth of the Atlantic Ocean.

The internet is a tool that aids fast learning, understanding and practice. But in Nigeria it is widely used towards the negative sides. Instead of reading inspiring books and journals that contains numerous intellectual benefits, we prefer to chat on frivolous issues like football, music, movies, rumours etc.

Many students only read to pass in school and not prepared to use what they have learned to uplift the society. So, what is the hope of marching the people of the past? Things are just getting worse on daily basis. As far as education sector is concerned, the present government has scored nothing but zero in the year under review.

The rate of plagiarism and intellectual fraud is also very high in the academic circle and no one is ready to legislate on this dangerous virus that can bring down the whole education sector completely. If our lecturers cannot create ideas on their own in their various fields, what do we expect from the students they are training.

One fundamental problem confronting researches and innovations among the Dons is lack of proper funding. The Federal Government must now wear the cap of sincerity if the education system must thrive in the nearest future. But the University lecturers must now sit up, put on their thinking caps and drive the education sector towards the appropriate path.

Ibn Abdallah As-sudaisiy

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  1. This seems to be a global problem, and such a depressing one. I see young people all around me playing idiotic games on their mobile phones, instead of reading improving books. I just hope there is an intelligent minority somewhere to safeguard the future…

  2. I agree with a lot of the points raised by the author of this article. It’s disheartening to see that, globally, education is no longer geared towards producing solid intellectuals, great thinkers and nation builders. There are so many factors to mention as being responsible for this problem. The root of the problem itself had been planted a long time ago, we just didn’t take note of it. Today, we see the fruit of the plant and we now know for sure that modern western education is geared towards man’s enslavement to man and to many invincible gods like desire, want, materialism, hate. It’s a gigantic project of deception of unequal accuracy in its target that the world has ever seen. The truth is we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, the plan is just unfolding.
    In the meantime, while getting education, Islamic education should made as important as western education so that people can be well rounded, can think independently, can challenge falsehood and recognize deception and be bold to stand up for the truth without creating chaos and confusion.
    If anyone is confused about the meaning my writing, please do not be sad over it, it was written deliberately.

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