State of Emergency: Matters Arising

96E22E1E-DEBF-4C34-8637-6CCF5BC74F90_mw1024_n_sWhen State of Emergency was declared in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, some of us were apprehensive because we fear that the State of Emergency will be a cover for the Joint Task Force (JTF) to continue their atrocities against Muslims under the pretense of fighting Boko Haram, as was the case in Baga and other places.

Those who take delight when Muslim bloods are spilled celebrated the declaration without taking into account the concern we raised. To them the declaration marked the end of Boko Haram and even if thousands of innocent Nigerians were killed in the process, this meant nothing to them, in as much as the killed are Muslims.

Hundreds have been killed according to reports from Borno. Bodies are regularly deposited in hospitals with evidence of torture and executions by military personnel without explanation. The military still operates detention centres where “suspects” are tortured, starved to death and the lucky ones get executed.

The Nigeria army has showed that their bravery is only to beat up civilians, torture and executed defenseless people. They have shown that their gallantry and valor is to burn down people houses and shoot up civilian neighbourhoods. When it comes to facing the real bad guys they are chickens. See what is being done to them in Borno. They are not even safe in the barracks anymore. What a shame.

nigeria-president-declares-state-of-emergencyYou cannot win a war against evil if you are evil yourself, any such victory is temporary and cannot last. The Nigeria Army is an institution that has been taken over by evil doers; people that are heartless and wicked that will throw a child into a burning fire, merciless people that will shoot at women and elderly people without remorse. They are not better than the insurgence they are fighting, if anything they are worse.

Worst still, Mr. President, who is very much aware of the problem between the criminal entity of Israel and the rest of the Muslim world decided to invite Israelis to help confront the Boko Haram insurgency, the same Israelis that have been condemned by all known reputable Human Rights bodies, world over, for war crimes in Gaza and Lebanon against Muslims. It is this same people our very “clever” President chose to invite to solve a problem that has its roots in the excesses of security officers and has exacerbated due to the same factor.

Anyway, my advice to those in Abuja and to the JTF themselves is that, this war can only “truely” be won when JTF stop conducting themselves like a crazed fundamentalist militia and start acting like professionals, until then…

Twitter handler @naijainfoman
Safar, 25, 1435AH
December 28, 2013CE


One thought on “State of Emergency: Matters Arising

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