Let me start by saying that I don’t like this government, I am not a fan of it and I will not sit back and keep quiet while it seeks to turn Nigerians on each other just to make sure that bin the midst of the chaos that will follow, it will maintain its hold on power at the centre.

Nigeria is a multi-religious state split nearly equally between Muslims and Christians who apart from several minor incidents over the years have lived in relative peace. Over the years we have had a list of leaders in which no particular religious group can be said to have dominated: The First President of this nation was Nnamdi Azikiwe who was a Christian while his Prime-Minister was a Muslim(Sir Tafawa Balewa), General Ironsi who succeeded that regime was a Christian and Gen Yakubu Gowon who replaced him was also a Christian. Gen Murtala Muhammad became the first Muslim Head of State followed by Gen Obasanjo a Yoruba Christian. After that era came in Shehu Shagari a Muslim who was overthrown by Gen Buhari another Muslim who was also removed in turn by Gen Babangida another Muslim that was later forced to transfer power to Ernest Shonekan a Christian. The Interim National Government was overthrown by Gen Abacha a Muslim who after his death was succeeded by Gen Abdusalami Abubakar. After the military relinquished power in 1999 the next President was Gen Obasanjo who came in for his second spell in power still a Christian, at the end of his tenure he handed over to Umaru ‘YarAdua a Muslim who after his death was succeded by Good luck Jonathan a Christian.

My hatred of Good luck Jonathan and his confused advisers began when he watched and said nothing as his Liar-In-Chief Liebaran Maku organized a so called Good Governance Tour and went round the country coordinating a monumental waste of government funds. I remember when Liebaran Maku went to Edo State and demanded N250million as honorarium and expenses for him and his 125man entourage who came with him on his Good Governance Tour. Governor Oshiomole refused and said he didn’t put Good Governance Tour in his budget and he wouldn’t waste the meager resources of his state to cater to the greed of Maku. This would later lead to bad blood between the Presidency and Edo State.

My hate which began with this event only intensified when the President began his tradition of making policy statements in churches. He began this when he first said that he had Boko Haram in his cabinet in the Senate etc and he made this statement while addressing his fellow Christians in a church. The majority of Muslims saw this statement as calling the whole Muslims in Nigeria Boko Haram or terrorists. We ignored this shot and kept quiet. So far he has left us baffled at his obvious hatred for Muslims. Recently he was at Church Of Christ In Nations Abuja, he declared that Nigeria will be saved from evil people in other words everyone that wasnt in church on Sunday was an evil person I.e the Muslims. After this policy statement he was commended by Rev Dachollom Datiri(The COCIN President) for imposing a state of emergency in the North-East that has killed thousands of innocent Muslims.

Mr President is edging close to a line that should he cross it will lead to a war that this country may not rise from. No Muslim ruler of this country has ever gone to make policy statements from the pulpit of a mosque. In fact should Buhari make a political statement in a mosque the Christian media will scream to the high heavens that Buhari wants to islamize Nigeria. We have been patient with the bias in this country towards the Christian faith against Islam but now the Muslim Ummah is now quietly saying that enough is enough. Mr President please listen before it is too late.

Favour Dignity


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