The Paranoia of Oritsejafor’s CAN

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

What exactly is wrong with the Christian Association of Nigeria “CAN” today? Their verbal hostility and paranoia keeps escalate every passing day. It is like an army of demons have ceased its leadership.

Everyday that passes, they invent something silly and sinister to accused Muslims of. This time they are accusing Justice Kutigi of religious bias because he appointed a catholic Bishop (Felix Ajakaiye) to co-chair the committee on religion. Their argument is that only a CAN delegates should represent Christians and Kutigi is bias against Christians for appointing a Bishop instead of their anointed trouble marker. If a Bishop is not eligible to speak for Christians, who then can?

In a National Conference where about 70% of delegates are Christians, CAN is still screaming Islamic bias. If CAN could scream blue murder because of membership of a sub-committee, I am sure they would have gone to war had it been the delegation of Muslims where even up to 40%.

Blackmail is a typical Oritsejafor’s CAN MO.

Few weeks ago, CAN accused Vice President Sambo of wanting to Islamise Nigeria because he chaired a meeting where it was RECOMMENDED that cattle grazing route be created for Fulani herdsmen to prevent future crisis with farmers. He said it was a grand plan to create Islamic emirates across southern Nigeria. He uncovered this grand “evil” design from just a recommendation.

The following week, the same CAN accused the Sultan and NSCIA Leaders of attempting to polarise the country across religious line and undermine the National Conference because the Muslim Leaders complained to the President that Muslims are not fairly represented in the conference.

Tomorrow is another week, I wonder who they will blackmail.

Oritsejafor should stop giving us the impression that CAN is being run from a beer parlour. And he should be admonished and reminded that CAN is suppose to be a religious body and we expect a certain level of decency from them.

We admonish Oritsejafor to stop causing problems with his uneducated accusations that lacks merits. Jesus Christ taught tolerance, humility and goodness and he wasn’t the type that goes to the market place to shout like Oritsejafor and co are doing today with their series of unfounded accusations.

Twitter handler @naijainfoman

26 April, 2014 Saturday 26 Jumada Al-Akhirah, 1435

One thought on “The Paranoia of Oritsejafor’s CAN

  1. Oritsejafor and CAN’s behavior is nothing new in Nigeria. CAN was created for exactly this reason; to run down Islam and Muslims in Nigeria using any means possible. This is what CAN lives for and thrives upon. And they have been true to their mission ever since inception. Thus, one should not be alarmed or surprised by this accusations. Many more of such negative actions against Islam and Muslims will come. What is important is for Muslims in Nigeria,and all over the world, to realize their predicament and find non violent but intellectual solutions very fast. Muslims should also know that they cannot save Islam, they can only try to correct the misgivings surrounding them. The Owner of Islam has been living up to His promise that He’ll protect the religion. Whatever effort any one makes for or against Islam is for their own account on the Day of Reckoning. In other words, CAN and its likes will continue to do their mission but Muslims should not make themselves scapegoats for evildoers.

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