Sultan of Sokoto

Sultan of Sokoto

For a long time now, many Muslims have been condemning the activities of Boko Haram.our internet pages are full of verses and Hadiths of our prophet against killing of innocent souls. Our Christian friends would say “why are the Muslim leaders not condemning their activities?”

Muslims leadership in Nigeria came out with many press release and denounced them publicly. Our christian friends still insist we are not condemning BH.

Emirs in the North, Muslim Scholars all over the country, all spoke on friday mosques, on radio, on Tv, on the print Media. Many got killed in the process, yet our christian brothers keep saying “Muslims are behind it that is why they keep quite.”

We thought they were saying that because our voice was not loud enough. We kept condemning on…we raised our voice higher and Saudi scholars passed fatwah to denounce BH and their activities and also dissociate their activities from Islam. our Christian brothers said “why are Muslims not talking if it is not their agenda?”

We quickly raised our voice more higher and Al-azhar Islamic university of Cairo spoke against the insurgency in a clear condemnatory tone. Christian insisted we had not spoken against them.

Muslims all over the world joined us in that condemnation of the BH. Christian said “If they it is not a Muslim agenda to Islamise Nigeria, why are Muslim not condemning it?”

All Islamic organisations in Europe and America wrote an open letter to Shekau and told him he is not part of us. Our Christian brothers said “We know it is Muslims agenda, that is why they are not talking”.

Now organisation of Islamic countries spoke and denied any affiliation between Boko Haram and Islam. Then we thought we have finally convinced our Christian brothers and sisters that Islam is against what BH is doing and that they don’t represent Islam in a single ramification. We thought our voice is finally heard.

Then our Christians friend would take us by surprise! They turned the table against us! They said “How can Muslims be saying Boko Haram are not part of them?” They say we cannot speak against BH that they are not doing their evils for Islam, because as far as they are concerned they are doing it for Islam.!

Even if we agree to that position that they are doing it for Islam, does it mean our Christian brothers will leave us alone? No, they will still keep attacking our religion based on the new position they are suggesting we have to take. That is why we are innocently asking our Christian brothers and sisters that what exactly do they want us to say concerning BH? To accept them as part of us or to deny them based on what Islam teaches. What do they want us to say concerning BH for them to leave Islam and we peace-loving Muslims alone?

Hypocrisy%20GaugeOur dear Christian brothers and sisters, Christianity has produced most notorious terrorists the world has ever known, Hitler alone as a case study was a devout catholic from childhood. He massacred over 6million Jews by incinerating them alive!

When Hitler was doing that, the Vatican under Pope Pius XI had mistaken him for a God-sent avenger of the murder of Christ by the Jews. The Vatican kept celebrating hitler’s birthday when he was terrorising the world. Till Hitler died, He was never ex-communicated as a catholic member, not even a posthumous ex-communication.

My dear christians, the recent attempt by christian apologists to turn hitler into an atheist has woefully failed because historical facts availabe are so numerous and at the same time stubborn to yield to any form of distortion. The modern scholar simply describe hitler as a “catholic with non catholic mission”. By further scholarly detailing, Hilter is now described “non-christian”, not by virtue of his religious association but by virtue of his violation of the doctrine of christianity.

Fast-forwarded to this decade, Joseph Kony is universally accepted to be a christian terrorist who had dissented from the teachings of the church by treading the extremist lane. Joseph Koney has vehemently opposed to any form of democratic government in Uganda and seeks to establish what He has persistently described as THEOCRATIC government based on the BIBLICAL TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Kony conscripts kidnapped children into his army, massacres, bomb public places, rape and all the same thing Shekau-led BH has been doing here. He is on the wanted list of America and other nations worldwide. Today, Kony is at large with heavy bounty on his head.

Christian would tell us Kony is outside of Christianity by his history of terrorism, we are saying we agree with you since you have set criteria to accept somebody as part of your religion. As you have those criteria to deny any one professing your faith as non-Christian. We also have criteria to know a man who is outside Islam and I think it is only fair if you allow us use our own criteria based on our Qur’an and teachings of Islam. I think that is a fair game.

I only tried to make things clear and strike a bargain of understanding between us. I apologise if you feel offended by any choice of words I have made in this write up. Thanks.

Abdul Azeez Debimpe



  1. I feel very reluctant to dismiss any of the points made and I’m sure many years of close observations and research prompted the writer to pen this article, I can’t agree less with the points made. I personally see Nigerian Christians especially the “good, born again Christians” as the most fanatical in the world, thoroughly misunderstanding and very much close minded..These words aren’t to denigrate them but to allow them see how close minded they have been and possibly change their thinking and this noxious perception. May they take heed!

  2. This is a nice piece. However don’t mess a good piece up with apologies, because there’s no need to apologize when you are telling the truth, especially to dunderheads. They’ll not be offended anyway, because they cannot see beyond the level they are. Nigerian Christians, especially the born-against denominations, are the most intolerant of worshipers in the world. They are so scared of the truth of Islam that they plan daily to destroy Islam using any means. I’m not talking from the corner of my mouth, I’m speaking facts which are available to me and are at the same time observable. For example, many years ago while I was an undergrad in Nigeria, my room mate was a born-against student pastor who was the 1st student to own a computer in the room, if not the whole Faculty of Engineering. This 1st Class student was very well mannered and would always refer to me as Alfa knowing fully well my religious devotion. He would smile easily and always ready to assist. Always giving the impression that he was comfortable with you. Unbeknownst to me, this same fanatic was planning on destroying Islam and Muslims in a close by community through deceptions, lies, distortions, bribery and any means. I learnt all this when he mistakenly forgot to lock/shut down his PC and went off to a meeting. Being new to computers myself,I did not know what to do with the debilitating info I was reading on the PC screen. The info was very detailed on steps and methods to use in the village, to destroy Islam in the minds of the villagers and baptize them. The painful part was that the school’s Christian organization under the leadership of a Catholic Church was aware of it and was bankrolling the cost! It was appalling to read the level of hatred and intolerance from these so called Christians.

  3. So, you see, it doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll never be OK with you until you abandon your faith and follow theirs. They belief there’s a war between Islam and Christianity and they must win for Christ at all cost. Muslims should heed the warning of the Quran and the Prophet about these kinds of people that show and say one thing but mean the opposite. We should no longer be apologetic because this means we are acknowledging our wrongs. How many times has a parent been sentenced for the crime of his/her child? Even if the parent did not train the child properly? Muslim and Islam cannot be held responsible for the atrocities of a few misguided pretenders. Islamic teachings on all aspects of life are out there for all to see, a truth seeker can see that without bias Islam has no hand in terrorism, else, every religion, ideology, culture and civilization is a terrorist and responsible for terror activities all over the world. As for me, I no longer owe nobody any explanations or apologies except those that approach me or the issues with common sense.

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