People accuse me of many things. But one thing they never accuse me of is corruption. They never accuse me of mediocrity, or of lying. People accuse me of many things. I have led this country and I have a record.

We were not perfect, but we were effective; we solved problems, and we made Nigerians proud.

In our government, we fought corruption, we stabilised the naira, and we shut down insurgencies.

We shouldn’t forget so soon that there was Maitatsine ravaging the north east and we dealt with it. We also overran the Chadian rebels.

We rebuilt industries, Nigerians queued up and treated each other with respect; Nigerians took pride in our reputation for discipline. The world admired us. We were proud to be Nigerians.

Because they can’t attack our record, they accuse me falsely of ethnic jingoism; they accuse me falsely of religious fundamentalism.

Because they cannot attack our record, they accuse us falsely of calling for election violence – when we have only insisted on peace.

Even as Head of State, we never imposed Shariah. All my running mates have been either Igbo or Yoruba and always Christian.

I have and will continue to condemn those who burn God’s places of worship, be they churches or mosques and wish God’s judgment upon them. As your President, their punishment won’t stop there, we will also ensure Boko Haram and other such elements, are found, are arrested and face the full wrath of the law as punishment for their crimes against our country.

My dear friends, this is very important to note: It doesn’t matter if you are Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Hausa, Idoma, Efik, Ekwere, Urhobo, Igala and, no, it does not matter if you are Christian, Muslim, animist or atheist: we need a new direction under a new leadership.

The task ahead will be challenging and daunting, but it is surmountable. This is what leadership is about. My only desire is to prove to you that Nigeria can truly work. Allow me prove to you that in your lifetime, you can be proud of this country.

Let me make you this promise today: We will protect your children. We will protect your wealth. We will make this country work again.

This is why I am running for the office of the president of Nigeria.

This is my promise.”

– Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR)


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