Do you know that in July 2013 after over 50 peaceful Morsi supporters were massacre in Egypt, Charlie Hebdo published a savage front page with the caption: “The Qur’an is sh*t, it doesn’t stop bullets,”

They made mockery of the Qur’an and those violently murdered by the Pharaoh of Egypt, little did they know that their lives would equally be violently and lawlessly taken.

When Maurice Sinet wrote a collumn in Charlie Hebdo in 2009 suggesting that the Son of Nicolas Sarkozy- Jean Sarkozy, intended to convert to Judaism for financial reasons, he was dismissed from the Magazine and charged for “inciting racial hatred”.

It wasn’t a joke nor was it free speech when Charlie Hebdo went “anti-semitic”, but slandering Islam, making caricatures with offensive captions of the Prophet of Islam is free speech. May God punish bad people.

If not for Islam, one would have praised the shooters. But Islam would not allow us support bad actions. However, it suffice to say, as we have often repeated, that their bad actions where provoked by the bigots of Charlie Hebdo.

And as Muslims, we are under no obligation to make apology for the actions of the brothers. Anytime a Christian breaks the law, we don’t condemn Christianity and we don’t demand that Christians make apologies for the actions because that would be idiotic. But whenever a Muslim does something wrong, Islam and the rest of the Muslim world is put on trial.

Hitler killed allegedly, 6 million Jews and millions of others, nobody ever mention the fact that he was a Christian who defended his action with Christianity. Milosevic and Mladic killed over a hundred thousand Muslims in Bosnia, nobody blamed Christianity. Joseph Kony Lord Resistant Army have killed hundreds of thousands, kidnap thousands of children and use them as sex toys and soldiers and raped over three hundred thousand momen, men and children. Nobody call Christianity to question over that. Christians, or people who go by the title, where responsible for the Transatlantic Slave Trade that saw over 180 million black Africans taken from Africa to the “new world”, of which 88% of them where either killed or thrown into the Atlantic ocean to drown. “Christians” were also responsible for killing over twenty million Aboriginals in Australian and a hundred million Indians in North America.

The list is actually endless.

Concerning the current trend of Islamophobia in the world, since the advent of the Prophet (SAW) – Islam, Muslims and everything that we hold dear have always been under attack. Even before any confrontation with the Christian power, the Papacy ordered that the prophet of Islam be killed and his head brought to Europe. Then there was the Crusades and Inquisitions were hundreds of thousands of Muslims were killed and in some cases cannibalized. Every allegation they used in justifying their atrocities then, is what they are using today. They always find reasons to justify their bigotry and hate, if not Charlie Hebdo, it will be something else, that is just how they are.

This will most likely continue till the end of time. So we all have to brace ourselves and stop living in the illusion that one day they will come to respect your religion, stop insulting our Prophet, invade our land, and unjustly prosecute us. And above all, they will never stop in their attempt to force their perverted way of life down our throats.

Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri
Originally written 11/01/15


3 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo: WHY MUSLIMS WON’T APOLOGISE

  1. ‘May God punish bad people.’.. fair statement, but why go shooting them yourself as if the god is impotent. you betrayed your endorsement of this evil and the rest by adherents of your faith. Your desire and pleasure in seeing ‘bad people’ punished is same that drive your less hypocritical brethren in boko haram & co. Hate is evil, love your neighbor as yourself. Don’t repay evil with evil, vengeance is of the lord or the laws of the land. This is the truth and the truth can set you free. Regards

    • There is a hidden endorsement in the post? You probably ddnt get the gist o brother. Let me put it this way. In this situation, there are THREE sides to the story. The side of the shooters, the side of Charlie Hebdo and associates, and the side of those who do not belong to either of the aforementioned sides. That is where we stand. And the post is about why we do NOT stand with Charlie Hebdo. We might not carry arms against him but we are NOT with him either.

      ‘Don’t repay evil with evil, vengeance is of the lord or the laws of the land. This is the truth and the truth can set you free.’

      This is your (christian) ideology and as we are muslims, u do not expect us to leave our laws and practise yours. We believe in ‘repaying a transgression with a transgression BUT compulsorily with equal measure, BUT know that to be patient and leave judgement to Allah is the best’.
      Yes, we could choose to retaliate or choose to be patient. All within set rules and guidelines. No hypocrisy.

    • If you have never opened the Qur’an with a subjective mind, never open that your horrendously stinking mouth to cast aspersion upon the peaceful religion of Islam.

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