BE MORE EDUCATED THAN A CLICHE (A Small Advice for Professor Pius Adesanmi) by Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

It has come to my notice that a certain Professor Pius Adesanmi is angry. He is angry with people who say General Buhari shaking the hand of a strange woman is wrong. These people are Muslims, General Buhari is a Muslim, and they are saying as Muslims, we should not do this, but the Professor of English is angry. He is so angry he calls these Muslims “lunatic”, “extremist”, “Potential ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qadae”, “fundamentalist”, you can finish up the list without reading the article. It is full of the usual barking when a person cannot marshall points but is lucky that his opponent is a Muslim who he can easily blackmail.

After yelling out these and many more escape-the-point vapid bore, the Professor goes ahead to suggest what should happen to people for simply criticizing an handshake. The Professor believes that those who criticize this handshake should “be on a terrorist watch list”, they should also “be put on a no-fly list”, and all of them should be put under watch.

Before you crucify the Professor for sounding like a Terry G with some small level of education, I must be fair to him by also letting you know his write up was not all mumbo jumbo. At some point he attempted to discuss the issue with a point….sadly he failed

The point he raised was that ‘this same Buhari campaigned as Okechukwu in the East, amassed Chieftaincy titles in the South West, and dressed like a Niger Deltan’, but the Professor of the language of our slave masters did not tell us how this changes the fact that Buhari was and still is a Muslim.

Even more disheartening is for a man of his “learning” to assume people are robbed off their religion once they associate with Igbos. How does he not know there are Muslims who are Igbos? How does he not know that wearing Niger Deltan attire does not take from your being Muslim? I am a Muslim, I am Urhobo from Delta State, and it get’s worse; one of the names relatives gave me is Okechukwu.

Our dear Professor, we assumed you were more educated than the narrow minded cliche of “Muslim North” and “Christian South”. How interesting that you expected Buhari’s rapport with the South to mean he has to be both Muslim and Christian. If the issue raised against the handshake was with regards to Fulani culture then maybe bringing out the fact that Buhari got support from everywhere would have been relevant, but we speak of religion and you give us examples with tribes and regions? How low, how uneducated

For a man who teaches abroad maybe you should ask about your highly praised environment. When Obama shook hands with Hugo Chavez at the Summit of Americas in April 2009, a lot of American criticized it. His handshakes with Vladimir Putin, Moammar Gaddafi, among others were also criticized and criticism of handshake is not a thing that started today, it should not offend Professor Pius Adesamni when Muslims do it except he is the intolerant bigot he likes to call others

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri (follow @Faruqish on twitter)


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