Between Christians’ Intolerance and Muslims’ Extremism

The Christian boy called me ISIL, Boko Haram, “arrogant Muslim” and many other colourful names because I said Islam prohibits shaking hands with opposite sex. He demanded that I leave facebook and stop using products produced by non-Muslims because I dare say Islam forbids Muslims from shaking hands with the opposite sex. I’m still trying to see the connection.

If you’re trying to understand the logic of some of our Christian brothers and friends, please don’t. For a people that share a belief that God Almighty become man to get himself killed so that he CAN forgive us our sins, I doubt if you can appeal to logic with them.

Even when we insisted that this matter is purely an Islamic matter that involves the conduct of Muslims, they just keep coming with their illogical opinions in a matter that does not concern them.

As for Muslims, many have lost their senses in the past few days. To counter the Hadith and salafs, some are now quoting some “America Muslim scholars” in other to make halal what Allah has made Haram hundreds of years ago.

After a brother made a post quoting evidences from Islamic sources that prohibit shaking of hands with the opposite sex, another “supposed Muslim” made a list of items we must not do since we insist shaking hands with the opposite sex is haram. Among the things the “olodo” listed is that we must not use airplanes to travel for hajj. The name of the game is: find the connection.

When we talk about a Muslim’s public action that is contrary to Islamic teachings, they start mumbling nonsense like “Nigeria is a secular state”, “Muslims and Christians voted Buhari”, “Buhari will be a President for both Muslims and Christians” bla bla blah. If this is the argument, then it would have also been acceptable if the said photo was Buhari drinking “Gulder Ultimate Beer”.

One major problem with today’s “ordinary Muslim” is his inability to maintain a middle course in his affair. Fanaticism and liberalism are both “extremism”. The sunnah must not be exaggerated and either must it be watered down for any reason.

This is meant to be an admonition, we are free to take or not take it. We can even get angry if we so desire.

Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri


One thought on “Between Christians’ Intolerance and Muslims’ Extremism

  1. We have problems with people who find it difficult to tolerate others’ religious views. Islaam has clearly defined rules and regulations and it is a Religion that enjoins good and forbids evil. I clearly don’t know the problems of those who have spewed rants over the past few days- We will never compromise and we fear not the blame of the blamers!

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