BIAFRA: The oldest slang of fraud By D-one Ayekooto

I once asked a colleague what Biafra means, he simply told me “I don’t know“.. I guessed he did not know really…….so I dug further; “since you’re Igbo, you are suppose to know now??“…….”I don’t think it is Igbo, it is like a Southern Nigeria Language“, he replied.

Southern Nigeria language I’m from the South, I don’t know the meaning…“,, I queried. “Southern Nigeria apart from Yoruba…“…..he replied. “Southern Nigeria apart from Yoruba and Igbo because you are Igbo and you said you don’t know the meaning too, Could it be Urhobo, Ijaw, Ukwani, Isoko, Ika, Calabar, etc??…“, I asked. Then he became angry(trust a man boxed into a corner)….. “What is the meaning of Nigeria too??, What does Oduduwa mean? What is the meaning Arewa? Or is it only Biafra that has no meaning??“, he fumed!!!

I then decided to look for trouble……..I replied him and said “Nigeria is an abbreviation of River Niger Area……that is the river that links south and north….. GEJ promised to build a befitting bridge on it but he ended up leaving us un-linked………Oduduwa is the name of one of the ancestors of Yoruba people, it means the ‘sermon that brought about good conduct’, Arewa in Hausa means North and Arewa in Yoruba means beauty…… tell me What is the meaning of Biafra….
LOL………..He looked at me somehow……the way a poor man will look at a billionaire jeep rider who splashed dirty water on his cloth……

To a more important thing……….Biafra became popular in Nigeria during a ‘do me I do you’ fight among some young military officers in the 60’s. The fight ended up producing a leader from one of the groups but the leader of the other group wanted power for himself just like his counterpart, so he dragged his entire race to his selfish fight and demanded that his people wanted Biafra, a name that no one understands!!!!!

That was the the beginning of his end! The other guy quickly took the advantage by saying that he believed in one Nigeria, so that he can use the resources of Nigeria to deal with his competitor! The other one who formed Biafra also looted all the government institutions in his region particularly CBN, where he stole every single currency in the vault. Therefore, Biafra war was majorly funded by stolen cash from the vault of CBN and its soldiers were fed by the stolen food meant for civilians..!!!!!! FRAUD!!!!!

Let me tell you something, if Ojukwu had become the Head of State after Ironsi, there will not be Biafra…….just like there was no Biafra when Ekwueme was VP, when Ebele was President, When Madueke was Oil Minister, When Iweala was Treasurer, When Anyim was Secretary and NCNC with NPC were ruling in the 60’s………….Biafra is FRAUD……..A toy gun on your head when an armed robber wanted to dispossess you of certain things!!!!

Biafra will defend any fraudster as long as he can also defend Biafra. No one mocked Biafra lately more than FFK. FFK told the whole world how he enjoyed some Biafra ladies especially their leader’s wife……the Biaframanians went wild and cursed FFK but the moment FFK declared his support for them and trapped another twenty something year old Biafran ‘Innocentie’, FFK became their lord and master in Biafra…….Go to FFK page, 80% of those who hailed the nuisance are Biafrans……….Fraud jam Fraud!!!!
Biafra praises anything fraudulent… GEJ…….Saraki worked against GEJ but today, Biafra has become Saraki’s friend not because Saraki is now GEJ friend but because Saraki is scuttling Buhari’s regime…….Buhari to them is like Gowon of 1967!!!!! Fraudulent Biafra.

Wike and Amaechi are two guys from Ikwere, Biafra adopts Wike and is fighting Amaechi…….not on principle but on fraudulent assessment of characters……… Amaechi supports APC but Biafra is PDP!!!! Okorocha and Ngige are hated in the vague dreamland of Biafra but a GEJ, Saraki and David Mark are very good children of their Biafra. Biafra is a fraudulent political toy gun!!!!!!

Immediately, Ojukwu came back from exile after the war, he joined NPN because Ekwueme was VP. Later he formed APGA, Biafra did not join APGA because Biafra wants Lagos and Abuja not some Awka or Owerri……Biafra hates Opposition, Biafra can die for Mainstream instead of living for Opposition…….that is why Biafra could not even hide its greed and still prefer to be DSP in an APC NASS…….Biafra loves the center!!!! How many votes did Ojukwu get when he contested for president Biafra voted for OBJ, Yaradua and GEJ but did not vote for Ojukwu……..Even Ojukwu eventually declared his support for PDP’s GEJ………APGA also did same…….Biafra means Lagos and Abuja or PH……..Biafra does not mean Aba or Umaiah!!!!! Biafra is a fraud.

Just like other fraudulent names all over the country, if anyone wants to leave the country, ask your senators to move the motion on the floor, tell your governors to stop collecting allocations……..and you can then take over the resources of the five states that bear Biafra…….and stop this collapsing when you are in opposition and waking up when you are in government!!!!! You had a choice during the election, live with your choice and stop ranting!!!!

God bless Nigeria.
D-one Ayekooto

naijainfoman nota bene

Wikipedia: Meaning of “Biafra” and location

Little is known about the literal meaning of the word Biafra. The word Biafra most likely derives from the subgroup Biafar or Biafada of the Tenda ethnic group who reside primarily in Guinea-Bissau. Manuel Álvares (1526–1583), a Portuguese Jesuit educator, in his work Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone, writes about the “Biafar heathen” in chapter 13 of the same book. The word Biafar thus appears to have been a common word in the Portuguese language back in the 16th century.

Historical maps

Early modern maps of Africa from the 15th–19th centuries, drawn by European cartographers from accounts written by explorers and travellers, reveal some information about Biafra:

The original word used by the European travellers was not Biafra but Biafara, Biafar and sometimes also Biafares.

The exact original region of Biafra is not restricted to Eastern Nigeria alone. According to the maps, the European travellers used the word Biafara to describe the entire region east of River Niger going down to the Mount Cameroon region, thus including Cameroon and a large area around Gabon. The word Biafara also appears on maps from the 18th century in the area around Gambia.

French map of the Gulf of Guinea from 1849
Maps indicating the word Biafara (sometimes also Biafares or Biafar) with corresponding year:


Maps from the 19th century indicating Biafra as the region around today’s Cameroon


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