THE RELIGION OF THE LIBERAL – by Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

If you find a religion or custom that does not support that a human life be taken under any circumstance then you have found a religion or a custom that has hypocrisy as one of its pillars. Let me say it loud and clear; there are instances where a person should be killed. All of those who are angry at this point are the same people who want our President to “get rid of Boko Haram”, so I am asking how exactly? By sending them roasted yams and saying “dem no dey play with una?” and then everybody laughs and happy ending? No, by killing them. This is exactly why everyone who is not a hypocrite understands when the scriptures make reference to killing and fighting….because there are people to be fought and killed. Simple and short.

A lot of people think extremists are people who take religion too far. A lot of people are mistaking. Extremists are those who take CERTAIN ASPECTS of religion too far and this is why if a religion approves of killing in certain justified instances and criticises the killing of the innocents, the extremist will kill both guilty and innocents and use the permissibility of killing the guilty as excuse. You would have thought that if he takes religion to the extreme he will extremely kill the guilty and also extremely not kill the innocent because both instructions are from the same religion. But no, he is only interested in the part of the religion that makes him happy and he goes to extreme in it while being liberal in the other aspects. The fact of the matter is that you must be liberal on some grounds to be extreme on others.

Hence, another group, of equally dangerous people, who look so similar to the first group described, are the liberalist. Just like the extremist, they go to extreme in some aspects of religion and they ignore the other aspects. A liberalist believes that man should be free and left with his desires and they line up one sided religious quotations for this claim and at the same time ignore other religious quotations that emphasises that man cannot be absolutely free and there should be limits even to his thoughts and questions. A liberalist invokes good intention for every evil he commits, the same way an extremist bombs a market place and says he is trying to weaken the morale of the government forces fighting his group.

Now you may think oh I see your point but at least liberalists don’t murder people in their millions. Well, you are wrong. In the history of the world no group of “extremists” have murdered people in their MILLIONS and no group of extremists have invaded another country, liberalists have. When extremists kill children they at least give excuses no matter how unacceptable, when liberalists kill children they say “it was worth it”; in the word of Magdalene Albright the former US Secretary of State responding to the systematic murder of half a million children in Iraq. It is just not true that “extremists” have been more violent than liberalist.

A liberalist is the brother of an extremist. Both of them believe you can interpret the scriptures the way you want it. Both of them believe taking actions in matters of public affairs is the right of every individual. Both of them believe in fighting for their rights through civil disobedience; to the extremist it is called Jihad and Crusade even when it is not. To the liberalist it is called protests, revolution, uprising, and freedom fighting. These are one and the same people though seeming with different agenda; same method, same thinking. Let us take the Muslim world for example.

While extremists like the present Boko Haram group have gone mad killing any living thing that is not from their group, liberalist took to the streets in the madness of worse proportion that was called the Arab Spring. While Boko Haram killed at most 14-15 thousand people in 6 years, the liberalist Arab Spring took the life of over 300,000 people in one year, but don’t talk about it. Also do not talk about the obvious flaws of democracy. Your freedom of speech will forsake you.

Liberalism is freedom to do what you want including interpreting the scriptures the way you please, extremism is just an act of liberalism. Liberalism is the world’s disease not religion.

As a Muslim who realises that Islam is not leftist or rightist, extreme or liberal, all about peace or all about violent, I have learnt a number of things from the religion which will benefit both the extremist and liberalist. I have learnt that Islam is not to be taken in half but to be viewed in whole and who best to do this but the scholar of the religion? This is why any Muslim who is worth his salt is not a public commentator on Boko Haram because he knows that from the orderliness of the religion is that not everyone speaks in public, he is not a basher of the government neither does he try to fight them because he knows the beloved Prophet of Islam prohibited us from bashing the leader in public and instructed us to advise them in private, and he is most definitely not a materialist who thinks if he fights he has to kill innocents to weaken his enemies else he will lose neither is he a materialist who thinks that he has to play along with the time for life to be easy or for people to be attracted to the religion.

A true Muslim puts his trust in Allah and affords what is forbidden from killing the innocents to cutting the beards to suicide bombing to shaking hands with women to unorganized participation in evil systems to rebellion against constituted authorities to insulting the leader in public, he does not rationalize the Qur’an and Sunnah as does the extremist and liberalist; the former to support his anger and bitterness and the latter to support his desires.

A true Muslim takes Islam as it is and with true Muslims the world will find example of what balance truly means.

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri


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