Dear Mr. Shakabula by Prof. Yusuf Dankofa

Dear Mr. Shakabula,

I herein acknowledged the receipt of your letter and also seek your forgiveness for making my reply viral. You know,some of us in the academia can be very overbearing.

I have perused the said letter and without any equivocation reject your organisation’s offer to award or if I may use your exact words ‘confer on me a distinguished merit award for being meritorious’. I do not understand what you meant by saying that I am meritorious and I also question why being meritorious should attract garlands for me.

If indeed I am meritorious, am I not being paid for that?Didn’t my employers in my schedule of duty anticipate that I would fulfil my duties diligently under the oath of my office?

Why is that in Nigeria we like to over rate the elites and undervalue the down trodden. If you are to give an award, why not Mal. Usman, our departmental messenger who is constantly overworked and underpaid by the system, yet end up with poor work evaluation?

If indeed,you’re interested in rewarding those who have done extra ordinary feats,I think Mal. Ilya the departmental driver,who has spent over 25 years driving us to all the nooks and corners of this country in the rickety departmental bus should have caught your fancy for this purpose. Mal. Ilya has remained dedicated and contented with his meagre salary unlike the overrated elites who draw fabulous salaries for sitting in their air conditioned offices for only 5 hours a day.

Mal.Ilya does not have closing hours,he does not have a sensible overtime emolument and when we are outside jurisdiction, Mall.Ilya does not have the luxury of sleeping in a hotel. He spends the night in his rickety vehicle and if not that God appreciates the commitment of Mal. llya,by giving him divine protection,Mal.Ilya would long have been dead due to the effects of ravaging mosquitoes.

If your organisation can not spot people like Mal. Ilya and shortlist them for such honours,then you people are culpable in the distortions that down play the elevation of real patriots in Nigeria.

Overtime you have spent unnecessary time promoting our leaders by conferring unto them undeserved honours. How can ministers and governors be constantly honoured when they are heavily paid with tax payers money. If a Governor plants a tree,you people will write a book in his honour. Let him pay salaries of workers, he will be rewarded with a Ph.D. If the governor marry second wife nko,you guys will decorate him and the second with national awards. Let him build 3 blocks of classroom in any local area,he will be rewarded as the Waziri of that locality.

The question may then be asked, why clapping for someone who has been mandated by law to provide such community services bearing in mind that under the principle of public accountability, he should be taken to task if he fails to deliver?

Capitalism no doubt in context and forms continues to antagonise the poor even when it is clear that the commitment of the poor to nation building far out performs that of the rich. When ever soldiers come out of any war successful, the generals would be rewarded with so many medals and garlands while the nurses,the drivers and other non visible members of the force would be excluded, forgetting the fact that that victory may not have occurred without those who performed the above services on the battlefield. That is the nature of capitalism,it downplays any heroic effort of the lower class and project the antics of the elites as epic.

Therefore Mr Shakabula,I will advice that you start recognising the role of Adamu the cleaner,who has been cleaning my office and others in the department for the past 25 years without which I may not have gotten the peace of mind and the composure to sit in the office and engage in research. The same Adamu after cleaning our offices will move to the library and make it dust free including all the lavatories. Mr Adamu lives on N15k a month with 4 children and one wife,he has never stolen public fund nor accepted public fund as a gift unlike our shameless elites whom you always accord extra ordinary feats upon.

Mr Adamu a honest labourer has not gotten your fancy. Why? Why does capitalism shamelessly promotes an exclusionist agenda against honest men that are economically disadvantaged?

Mr Shakabula, I will only accept your medal of honour if you can provide answers to my questions, why and why have you refused to recognised the good works of madam Rebecca the female labourer who sweeps our streets everyday for pittance and unjustly promote the man that embezzles public funds or that man that capitalism has conferred upon an undue advantage..!!

Prof. Yusuf Dankofa


3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Shakabula by Prof. Yusuf Dankofa

  1. sir indeed am not only euphoriated but also deeply circumvent with ur torturing reply to the shakabula. infact if every distinguished elites will have ur thought and logical but systematise thinking toward every public dealings am sure our dear nation I.e bleeding to death will surely rescued even at the mouth of death. I’m pleased thanks.

    • We need more thinkers in Nigeria like -Professor Yusuf Dankofa…to help us reject the burning desire for self-aggrandizement that has enslaved our mind as a culture. To reject the British induced notion of having more “Lords” (in our case) more chiefs or/ in-short more title holders than subjects.

  2. As rightly stated by the learned professor of law, its people like MR. SHAKABULA that make the unpopular elite popular by exagerrating on what by the law of the land made compulsory for them because of some benefits forgetting the larger masses out there struggling day and night just to put something on the table for his family to feed on, I said something because majority of them if opporturned would never take such. These are the people when they still essentials are sentenced to death or put in for life imprisonment while the Oga there will be decorated. I believe we need more people like prof. Dankofa in the society to help us wash the euro-centrism thought of the people and to trigger the activism of the promising youth to come.

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