Alleged to have demanded N20,000.00 as "protection" fee from a club owner

Maliki- Alleged to have demanded N20,000.00 as “protection” fee from a club owner

Maleke Moye Idowu, Musician and Comedian popularly referred to as Maliki has been linked to extortion, vandalism and looting of a Club House, AsoTime Groove, in Benin City.

Maleke Moye Idowu who is also the Executive Director to Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Entertainment was indicted in a petition to the office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police Zone 5 for not only extortion and looting but also for threat to life, malicious damage, assault and belonging to a confraternity. He is also alleged to have severally perverse police investigation of the matter.

Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu is alleged to have visited the popular drinking spot and night club along Ihama Road, G.R.A. Benin City sometime in April 2016 demanding for the sum of N 200,000.00 monthly as “protection fee” payable to him and his syndicate. He threatened to shut down the clubhouse with the state machinery and even went as far as threatening to kill the Manager and owner of the business, one Mr. Kelvin Joshua, claiming that he was a member of a popular and dangerous confraternity. Himself and his goons were said to have left after consuming drinks worth of N 16,800.00 without paying and with a warning that they would come back and wreck havoc on the place if his demand is not complied with.

As promised, on the 26th day of June, 2016 Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu and thugs armed with knives and cutlasses in about eight (8) vehicles invaded the business premises of the said Mr. Kelvin Joshua at about 2am and violently assaulted the customers and staff, destroyed two plasma TV sets, refrigerators, chairs, bottles and carted away other valuable items including expensive drinks.

On getting hold of this petition, we took steps to verify this claim from petty traders around the premises of the night club, they confirmed the incident and even said Maliki visited the venue the previous night (25th day of June, 2016) to make trouble.

During the attack, the owner of the club, Mr. Kelvin Joshua, was said to have hidden himself inside his office which had an iron door which they said Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu and his “boys” tried unsuccessfully to force open. While in hiding, Mr. Kelvin Joshua, made several calls to the State Police Headquarters intimating them of the violent attack on his business premises and apparent threat to life.

The petition further disclose that police officers from Aideyan Police Station came to knock on the door of Mr. Kelvin Joshua office where he was still hiding saying that the said Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu had lodged a complaint of being assaulted by people in his business premises. The said Mr. Kelvin Joshua then gave statement as to what happened at the Aideyan Police Station.


In what was described as a bizarre development, Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu aka Maliki used his influence to transfer the matter from Aideyan Police Station to the state Police Headquarters, where Mr. Kelvin Joshua, four of his customers, three of his workers including his security guards have since been in detention for about 10 days now.

The Police have refused to grant the eight of them administrative bail and has failed to charge the matter to court. Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu have used his relationship with the Comrade Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, to perverse the investigation and media narrative. He is alleged to be working hand-in-gloves with the police and has in the presence of police officers, and without any admonition whatsoever, made open threats to harm Mr. Joshua who is now wrongly being taunted as the villain in the matter.

Mr. Kelvin Joshua has since given detailed statement to the police and the police have visited the scene of the crime to see for themselves the extensive havoc wrecked on his business premises. Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu demand for “protection fee”, assault of customers and staff, malicious damage of the business premises of the said Mr. Kelvin Joshua are all serious criminal offences that the Police ought to take seriously.

Mr. Kelvin also confirmed to us that he is being pressured to agree to pay the illegal “protection fee” before he would be put on bail and that if he does not he would be taken before a Magistrate court on a charge of attempted murder of Mr. Idowu aka Maliki and that being that magistrate Court does not have the jurisdiction to sit on a matter of such nature, he would be remanded in prison custody for at least a month before the High Court can hear his application for bail.

So that you understand; the Edo State Police Command is holding Mr. Kelvin Joshua illegally for 10 days and he is being threatened, or better put, blackmailed to pay Maliki the illegal protection fee, otherwise a false charge of attempted murder will be brought against him. Not just that, this charge will be purposely given to a wrong court so that the court will decline jurisdiction and Mr. Kelvin Joshua will be sent to prison awaiting trial.


  1. That Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu visited the business premises of Mr. Kelvin Joshua to demand for “protection fee” on the 25th day of June, 2016.
  2. That the said Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu returned with thugs at about 2am on the 26th day of July, 2016 and all hell was let loose.
  3. That the clubhouse was vandalised, looted and customers where chased away.
  4. That the owner of the club, Mr. Kelvin Joshua, locked himself inside his office during the confrontation and refused to open the iron door despite attempt by the intruders to break the door.
  5. That he remained in his office, locked inside, until the police officers from Aideyan Police Station came and asked him to open the door.
  6. That the owner of the club, along with three workers and four customers have been in police custody for over ten days at the instance of Mr. Maleke Moye Idowu.
  7. That the police have the power to grant the eight arrested persons or alternatively charge the matter to a competent court of jurisdiction but failed to do so.

It is surprising that the Comrade Governor, Adams Oshiomhole and the Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chris Ezike, would allow this illegality and abuse of power to happen right under their nose. The detention of the eight persons arrested is without justification, unconstitutional and illegal in all respect.


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