Economy Recession is not the problem of Airlines in Nigeria. Not at all!

Those Aviation managers need to be thrown to jail. They’re crooks and are always looking for avenue to rob government. OBJ bailed them, Jonathan also bailed them spending billions on those private opportunists! Even when they’re bailed out, it doesn’t reflect on their exorbitant fares. Nigeria Flight Fares are one of the highest in the world.

In any of their ticket, you will see them itemising the fees e.g VAT, FAAN etc but they remit nothing to the government. Infact, FAAN always issues a separate sticker to monitor the number of tickets sold, yet they still own them. They evade taxes that were clearly stated in the ticket, taxes already paid for by passengers? ????

And they talk of unavailability of aviation fuel. I laugh at times. These guys will buy fuel but will never pay back. Their huge debt was responsible for the unavailability of fuel. Fuel suppliers cannot meet their obligations to their creditors and staff. So they packed up. And now same guys are looking for bailout and already, due to unending noise from the gullible lots, even PMB may soon bail them out as usual!!!!

To run accountable government in Nigeria is surely an almost impossible task. Aviation industry cannot continue like this. The recklessness is unbearable and criminal!

Let them merge. Let us 3 airlines that are trustworthy and sensible and not many that will sick our treasury to death!

~ Ayekooto Akindele


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