about naijainfoman

Naija info man is an independent writer, legal practitioner and a social activist who specializes in Nigeria and foreign affair base issues. For years he has written on human right issues in Nigeria, corruption, religious morals, Sharia/Islam, Nigeria politics etc. His articles and analysis has appeared on several online and daily prints. He believes in the sanctity of the human life and holds that governments should live up to their duties and responsibilities. He also believes in fairness, equity and justice and that we all have the right to be heard irrespective of race and religious inclination.

He loves decent, truthful, peaceful, knowledgeable and God conscious people and dislike liars, Oppression, Zionistism, Imperialism, Murderers, Racists and hypocrites.

He hopes to be an influential activist for world peace and security. To live and die in the path of Truth, Humanity, Justice, Peace and Equality and his end game is to die in the state of submissions to God Almighty and be resurrected as a Muslim…



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      • I’d be glad should Allah pacify your heart (and mine too) so we could understnd each other in this discussion. Having read this article:”A muslim open letter to Ayo….” being the first i will ever read from this forum, I conclude that part of man’s ordeal is what he lacks knowledge of. I hope/pray that after this discussion either you or i (or both of us) learns new thing which will pacify our hearts God’s willing.
        Firstly, while i am a muslim, (al hamdulilahi) i condemn the killings of a fellow mankind-be it a muslim or christian. I also condemn it either as a fresh attack or a reprisal/vengeance attack,EXCEPT as ordained in Shariah and where un-biased revelation is available to show that someone who i to be killed has himslef killed a soul. This should be the normal ideology of a muslim who admits that he himslef may have left other important part of the deen and always looking forward to being more pious. Boko Haram is in itself a threat to the peaceful gospel that Islam preaches. As you said in the writings that 200 memebers of the “once peaceful group were killed”-that is Boko Hram,, then i will ask: what does it profit muslims to have groups/sects when prophet (SAW) has guided us on these sectuarian issues? By mere opining that “Western Education is a sin”, I will again ask you that what is the peaceful mindset in such a notion? Do the boko haram also feel that muslims were among those in the UN building bombed by them? (at least they claimed responsiblity for that) What information have you to conclude that Jos crisis was not an ethnic crisis which only metamorphosed to religious issues? In fact, It is only Allah who will forgiv

      • Asalamu Alaykum wa-Rahmatullah wa-Barakatuhu

        There are several published articles on the origin, activities and crackdown of Boko Haram on this blog. All the issues you raised have been addressed, including how and why the group turned violent.

        Another thing to note is that their name was never Boko Haram, it is people that called them that. And having an ideology that is radical and different from the norm does not warrant a death sentence.

        If you have not, please read “WHO ARE THE BOKO HARAMS” its in three parts and “Boko Haram, Media and Government: Three Sides of the Same Coin”. These article addressed their history and the reason it turned violent.

      • @naijainfoman. rufai a moslem have soken it all,but in your charismatic manner have defended the boko haram sect. what will ever make a good moslem turn to the kind of violence boko haram is perpertuating in the north- does vegence no longer rest with God?

        as one who beleive in the ideals of boko to be haram, i will suggest that u shed all the boko u had eailer in your like as a christain and start from the begining, but going by this blog u re still used to employs those tins seen as haram in your day to day life.

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  39. This is great! You should have publishing firm or an electronic medium. I could report for you! Well done sir!

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  51. Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell and
    gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear.

    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this
    is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

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  55. Allah ya saka maka da Alkhairi.JZK. U ve said enough brother may God Almighty reward u abundantly

  56. Salam Alaekum to All, I am really happy to enlightening our Muslims Brother and Sister, first of all we must take deep look to root of the Muslims problem by this we will then find solution to it, without that we will still remaining second citizen in Nigeria which is not proper because Nigeria is for all, but we Muslims we were in deeply sleeping, we took everything as a simple thing which is a great mistake and cause us many valuable things, we are not a coward but we are peaceful people according to our religion.
    What is our root problem?
    1- The Arabs in general is a major problem of Muslims and the Gulf states in particular, because they were Muslims root, and look at them today what was happening among of them, you will understand what am saying if you are following news.
    2- If we Nigerian Muslims especially in Southwest want to live as first class citizen in our own country like North did and be able to practice our religion successfully and has their equal right like Christian we must Unite both Muslims North and Southwest, but is very hard to unite because is like Arab proverb says that ( Arabs have agreed to disagree )
    The bitter truth is that our Northerner Muslim People is Nigerian Muslim problem, because they respect and regard their Language more than Islam or anything else, I swear to Almighty Allah i don’t hate anyone but it’s bitter truth because they they put their language in the first class and wish to make it as Nigerian first Language which is not possible because Nigeria is for all, for Example if you are a Muslim and need Hausa’s Muslim help in anyway or another you will have to understand their language and if you lark Hausa language believe me you wont get that help or assistant, beside if a well known Christian which understand Hausa’s language S-HE immediately will become their brother and will get everything S-HE needs from them immediately is that Islam which prophet Mohamed peace be upon him tell us about or to practice? or Quran tell us about? Muslim Brothers are brotherhood.

    let us ask our self does we need to write about Muslims equal right about National Conference where are those Nigerian Muslim leaders both Hausa Yoruba and minority Igbo peoples? like Aree Muslim of Yoruba Land Alhaji Abdul Azeez Arisekola Alao and others to fight for our right, what is the purpose of their post? they were most civilized people in our community, our Muslims fore fathers did a lot of Jihad for Islam during their life time, but our present elders were afraid of Jew and Christian because of their interest which join them together.
    I am sure the Allah’s time is coming for us we Muslims.
    Adiatu Yakubu

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